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How to Find Online Black Friday Deals 2023

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black friday deals

It’s that time of year again, the holiday shopping season!

Are you looking forward to it as much as we are? This season delivers great savings from all major retailers across the world. November has Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts that most consumers are eager to jump on.

But this is not to mean that deals are only this season. In contrast, if you were diligent enough, you might have stumbled upon some early Black Friday deals that started a few weeks ago.

This article will provide you with some suggestions for locating online Black Friday deals in 2021.

Continue reading to learn how to get more for less.

Highlights: Coupon Statistics and Trends

Coupon deals have always piqued people’s interest. They are a great way to save quite a bit of cash you can spend elsewhere. So, if you have the opportunity to save money by using coupon codes and purchasing products at the lowest possible price, take advantage of it.

But first, when did couponing become popular?

Let’s take a look at the facts and figures surrounding promo codes.

Coca-Cola was the first corporation to issue coupons. That was in 1888, by the way. Since then, more and more prominent internet merchants have joined the trend, growing into a thriving sector. Now we have shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday to open up the holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s because of couponing and reduced prices.

Couponing statistics trends are so many, but we will take a look at some of them. If you would like to read more facts, visit Statista[1], Valassis[2], Juniper[3], and Balancing everything[4].

So, in a nutshell, here are some of the popular trends and statistics when it comes to online shopping deals linked to coupon deals.


  • In 2019, it was estimated that 95% of online shoppers used a coupon code at least once.
  • During the pandemic, almost half of Americans[5] were on the lookout for household coupon codes.
  • The projection of digital coupon redeeming by the year 2022 is to reach 91 billion dollars.
  • Slickdeals[6] was the most popular coupon codes site in 2020, amassing 100.37 million site visits.
  • In 2021, it is expected that 145.3 million US residents will use digital coupons.
  • On average, the total savings using coupon code sites is 3.6 billion dollars.


  1. As of May 2020, the most searched online best deals are on household deals at 46%, followed by restaurants at 41%, then groceries at 40%. Electronics, fashion, beauty, health, and pets goods followed, respectively.
  2. As per Juniper’s research, the total value of digital coupons was estimated to be 47 billion dollars in 2017. This same study projected that by 2022, this amount will reach 91 billion dollars. In just five years, that rise is about 93.61 percent.
  3. In the year 2015, people who used digital coupons were around 111.8 million. In 2016, this number got to 126 million in 2016, then 131 million in 2017. This trend has continued rising where 2020 recorded a remarkable 143.3 million US residents using coupons. By the end of 2021, the expected usage of digital coupons is projected to reach 145.3 million.
  4. People do save a lot on coupon codes. On average, the total savings stands at around 3.6 billion dollars—and on each food free-standing coupon, the savings are about 1.22 dollars. On a non-food free-standing coupon, the savings is about 2.29 dollars.
  5. Millenials do not usually use coupons, but in 2018, about 94 percent used them. Thirty percent of Gen Y use coupons.
  6. As of 2019 to the present, mail delivered coupons still remain the most popular.

As per these trends, this is certain: Online shopping deals linked to coupons are rising. Figures five years ago are almost doubling. So, we expect these numbers to keep rising as more and more major retailers get on board.

How to Find Online Black Friday Deals

The online Black Friday discounts are here!

And we’re sure the main question is where to look for them.

Relax as we’ll show you the best Black Friday discounts available online.

So, to obtain the finest deals, keep reading.

Brand Official Sites

Check the official website of the brand for Black Friday deals. Find out which stores are featuring promotions on your favorite items by visiting their websites directly. Additionally, check the tab marked “Sale” or “Promotions” on retail sites that are known to carry designer brands for discount prices.


CBDistillery is offering a 40% off sitewide discount to its valued customers. This is to provide all CBD users a chance to acquire great deals from Tuesday, November 24th, through Monday, November 29th.

This is the ideal opportunity to check out the brand’s new synergy collection, which is currently available on their website. Also, once on the site, you can spin a wheel of fate to win one of the following prizes:

  • A free product
  • BOGO (Buy one get one free)
  • 30% – 35 % off all or selected product
  • Free merch

Celebrate a calmer Black Friday 2021 sale with CBDistllery coupon!

Celebrate a calmer Black Friday 2021 sale from CBDistllery

Best Buy

Best Buy is also one of the early Black Friday deals offering sites. On this platform, you can get amazing deals on all electronics. You will also get a Black Friday Price Guarantee meaning that if the price of the item you bought drops lower than listed when November 26th gets here, you will get a refund of the difference.

Best Buy

Coupon Code Sites & Browser Extensions

Coupon code websites are genuinely lifesavers, and having the ability to install them on your browser via extensions makes online purchasing a snap.

There is a slew of coupon code websites and browser extensions available, but here are two of the most popular:


Honey is one of the best coupon code sites that offer an automatic application of listed coupon codes. You may apply the codes you get on numerous discounted, unlimited, and limited-time purchases from over 30k retailers.

Besides getting what is already on the first page of the site, you may also search brands of your choice to get the best Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals. Use this Honey browser extension[7] for easy access where you install Honey as part of your browser. Once you have it, it is easier to search and redeem these codes.

To use the voucher, simply add products to your cart as usual. You go to the checkout after you have finished adding things from your favorite stores.

The Honey browser’s icon will glow here, indicating where you may apply your coupon code. When you click on the button with the coupon code, the discount will be added directly to your order, and you may enjoy the lowest prices: paying less for more.


 Here is how the Honey browser extension looks like:



To get the latest deals on shops like Walmart, Target, and any other shop and brand, SlickDeals is the real deal. You get alerts, forums, RSS feeds, and so much more to get the lowest prices in the market. Would you mind starting with the Popular Deals page and getting your way to the rest of the site since it holds a lot?


SlickDeals also has a browser extension through this link: https://slickdeals.net/extension/. Using this link you may add the platform to your browser for easy access. If you want to get these deals first-hand, you ought to click on that link and get it asap.

Here is what you will get:


Affiliate Links

When yous search for things like “weight loss supplements” or “where can I buy CBD”, the results that come up are likely to include some affiliate links. You can click on these affiliate links and they will be directed to the merchant’s website where the product is sold (and probably at a discounted price)


If you are on the lookout for anything CBD, nutrition, and wellness, Healthcanal is the site to check out. As an affiliate site, they contain numerous content surrounding significant retailers in these industries. They offer exclusive deals in addition to the Black Friday sale. To get any coupon they offer, use this link https://www.healthcanal.com/coupon.


Try Coupon Codes (Randomly)

Sites such as Healthcanal also offer random coupons you may redeem for brands like CBDFx, CBDistillery, and so much more. These promo codes are often specific, meaning they come up during certain times of the year or for a particular event. The code usually specifies it, for instance, SUMMER, BLACKFRIDAY, SAVE, FACEBOOK, WELCOME, and TEST, to mention a few.

For example, Healthcanal provides purchases, content, and information to all visitors.

And here’s how it goes:

If you’re looking for the greatest CBD product for pain relief on the site.

As a result, you’ll come across an article on CBDistillery on the website.

You’ll read the review and notice that attractively stationed photographs of the product, as well as a call-to-action button encouraging you to grab the discount code, are highlighted in between the text.

You’ll be redirected to a page where you can acquire the promo code after hitting this button.

You’ll be taken to the brand’s main site from here, where you may take advantage of the code’s sales discounts in full at the checkout.

Excel at Google Search

Knowing how to use Google Search well allows you to find the right answer faster and more reliably than any other search engine. Coupon codes and deals, tips and tricks – Google Search can help you find it all. Here are a few operators that are helpful when searching for the best Black Friday deals or any kind of deals with Google Search.

*Google Search Operators do not generally have a long life period, thus you may find that one on this list does not work when you need it.

Regardless, these operators worked at one point or another:


This operator limits your search results to a specific website. For example, the query “site:healthcanal.com black Friday” will return results from this site only. This is helpful if you are looking for sites that specialize in Black Friday deals.


This operator limits your search results to a specific file type. For example, the query “filetype:xls black Friday” will return only Excel spreadsheets with the words “Black Friday” in them. This is helpful if you are looking for certain types of files that have Black Friday deals within them.


This operator limits your search results to pages whose title begins with the terms you specify. For example, the query “intitle:black Friday ” will return only pages containing both words in their titles.


This operator limits your search results to pages linked to the terms you specify as anchor text. For example, the query “inanchor:black friday deals” will return only pages whose links use those words in their anchor text. This is helpful if you are looking for websites that link to Black Friday deals sites and/or pages.

Exact phrase

This operator requires the exact phrase you specify. For example, the query “black Friday” will return results containing only instances of both words, in that specific order. This is helpful if you are looking for Black Friday deals containing words in a specific order.


This is the “OR” operator between keywords. For example, if you enter “black Friday OR cyber Monday”, all of your results will contain either the word black Friday or cyber Monday in them. This is helpful if you are looking for both words in their respective holidays’ context.


This is the “AND” operator between keywords. For example, if you enter “black Friday AND cyber Monday”, all of your results will contain both words in them.

These are but a few examples. You can find more on this site[8] and give them a try looking for Black Friday deals.

Also, here’s the simple Website address for Amazon coupon codes that you can take advantage of from Google Search.


Sign Up for Email Alerts

Last but not least, know of those email marketing emails you get inside your inbox that you never open? Well, those emails might contain a plethora of drop-down Black Friday deals you never anticipated. The codes are usually embedded in the email and are sometimes unique to you. That said, the next time you see a Spruce CBD, or CBDFx email in your inbox, open it; you might have a new promo code you may redeem this Black Friday!

Sign Up for Email Alerts

How to Get Freeship Every Time You Shop?

Getting your Black Friday sales items with free delivery may sound like a far-fetched thought, but it isn’t. Here are some tips on how to receive free delivery during your holiday shopping:

  • Use coupons codes that offer free shipping automatically.
  • Get your coupons from online coupon sites that provide free deliveries.
  • Purchase the minimal quantity to get free delivery.
  • Use a local store to get the shipment free.
  • Go for premium and membership programs that offer complimentary delivery as Amazon Prime.

As you can see, you can get free shipping. However, because you are obtaining it for free, you should expect some shipping delays. This is because most online stores will prioritize any paying client over one who uses a free delivery coupon code. But don’t worry, you’ll get your package eventually despite the shipping delays.

How to Get Cash Back Every Purchase?

You’d like to spend a little less whenever you go shopping, even during sales, right?

So, what if we told you that you could get some money back if you pay through a specific channel or on a specific website? Would you believe us if we told you?

You don’t have to worry about it because it’s true. Here’s how to collect cashback on every online purchase, even during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Shop Through Cash-back Websites

Cashback websites are a great way to save money on your online purchases. They work by forwarding customers to retailers such as Amazon, where they can make an additional purchase with no additional costs or fees involved in the process, but that’s not all!

By using a cashback website like Rakuten[10], you earn store credit which is then used towards future savings at any one of their partnered sites, including Target & Walmart, among others.

Here are five of the most popular cashback sites and the number of ways they offer you getting money back.

  • Swagbucks: 18 ways to earn gift cards and earn money, a $5 sign-up bonus, up to 10% cashback on online shopping
  • Shopkick: Instant promo code on sign-up, $5 on earning 25 kicks, earning more than $1 on each store or online shop visit
  • Rakuten: 40% cashback potential, $10 on signing up, six ways to earn your cashback
  • My Points: $10 bonus on sign-up and first purchase, earn $1 per survey, over ten ways to earn.
  • BeFrugal: 6 ways to get rewards, over 5000 stores to offer you rewards, six channels to cash out your rewards.

Here is an example of how Swagbucks and Rakuten interfaces look like:

Shop Through Cash-back Websites
Shop Through Cash-back Websites

Purchase by Credit Card

This second method is by using a credit card. To obtain cashback with a credit card, all you have to do is spend the cash on a qualifying purchase. When you use your cashback card to make a qualifying purchase, you’ll immediately receive a percentage back based on your card’s conditions.

If you’re looking for some extra cashback on your purchases, then this is the easiest way to get it. And here is how it works:

When you buy something with your cashback card, like new running shoes, for example, and spend $100 on it, then 1% of the cost will be given to you as soon as possible.

For this transaction, there is no waiting period, so if someone was purchasing items just before or after their statement due date, they could potentially get more than one bonus percentage point.

You can claim cashback benefits in various methods, the most popular is through a statement credit request. Suppose you have a linked bank account or pay with PayPal. In that case, you will be able to withdraw funds from your personalized balance immediately and even faster if the funds are provided via direct deposit.

This allows cardholders willing to put in some effort to earn reward points faster than others to avoid waiting for checks every month while others spend theirs right away.

Saving using this method seems like a far-fetched idea, but the following table highlights how much money you can save through estimates on rewards.

CategoriesSpendingRewards RateAnnual Rewards
Bills & Utilities$3007%$21
Food & Drink$150 per month3% for five months.
5% for three months
Groceries$400 per month6%$288
Health & Wellness$50 per month5%$2.50
Shopping$100 per month6%$6
Travel$1000 per year5%$50
Professional Services$80 per month3%$2.40
Personal$100 per month5%$5


After reading this article on how to find online coupons, it should now be a breeze to find the best Black Friday deals. And that’s just because we’ve mentioned various sites to keep an eye on and how they work. In 2021, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals present some of the best deals ever!

Through this piece, you now also know how to use manufacturer coupons online without breaking a sweat.

Now you can take full advantage of the many best black Friday deals available to you. With that, we wish you a wonderful time shopping until you drop!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Best Black Friday Deals Better before or after Black Friday?

Depending on the occasion, commodity, and season, online shopping bargains are accessible all year. When the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekends arrive, though, the bargains double tenfold. After the weekend, some large retailers continue to offer discounts until the new year begins. Deals are available before, during, and after the event, but the weekend is when the action really heats up.

Should I buy Health Supplements on Black Friday?

What’s to stop you? When it comes to Black Friday bargains, where people stock up for the year, health supplements are a coveted commodity. The only catch is that you must have faith in the supplier of the health supplements. Rather, inspect the containers for authenticity when you receive the item.

Do you Actually Save Money on Black Friday?

You certainly do. Collecting as many Black Friday Coupons as you can and redeeming them for the products you need to shop for is one approach to accomplishing it. The savings that build at the end of the season will undoubtedly surprise you.

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