Stay Home, Smoke Weed, Get Paid Up To $40,000 A Year!

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Get Paid to Smoke Weed

We have received an enormous amount of applications and we have choosen the best suitable candidates.
The recruitment program is now closed. Thank you for your efforts

Erik – Healthcanal

We have received more than 2000 applications and under the evaluation process. But don’t put pressure on yourself. There’s no deadline for this program, we’re still open to new applicants until further pending notice and find the right person for this job. Read our recruiter’s job application and we’re grateful to everyone who submits a resume and expresses interest in joining HealthCanal team.

Covid-19 has changed the world for the better and the worse. It has impacted a lot of people as more people are losing their job.

Fortunately for you, If you’re looking for a job where you’ll get paid to smoke weed every day, then you might be interested in the medical marijuana writer recruitment that we are offering. 

How to get $40,000 a year for smoking weed?

Our company, Health Canal is one of the best websites exploring general health topics, diseases, and even child health. Healthcanal is also known for its topics regarding CBD oil, cannabis, and the applications and uses of medical marijuana. With the US Farm Bill, hemp has been properly legalized into the country which helped introduce multiple cannabis products and even the applications of cannabis into medicine.

This is why we are looking for someone who is passionate and preferably experienced with the various marijuana products. All you need to do is staying at home, testing cannabis products, posting your thoughts on Healthcanal website, and getting paid every month. 

How to become a medical marijuana reviewer?

Start with some basic requirements

The job might sound easy but we do have some requirements and preferences for the people that we will be hiring. First of all, guys, we will need someone who are:

  • Having the guts and the know-how about marijuana products.
  • Having knowledge about wide ranges of cannabis, their source, methods of consuming them, proper dosage, etc. 
  • Can test on ranges of products like CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, vapes, edibles, and others.
  • Having experience in writing
  • Having any type of medical qualification, especially, in Nutrition & Mental Health is a plus point
  • Should either be an American or Canadian citizen
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Be physically healthy and free from conditions that might negatively affect you when you consume cannabis products.

How to test the products?

We would like someone who is honest about their opinions and give informative and constructive reviews about the products that we will be sending them. Your reviews should explain why a specific Marijuana product is bad and what the company can do to improve the said product.

The company will pay and send those products that you will be reviewing for free and we expect you to deliver a quality review. A good review will look like this:

For example, the reviewer unboxes the product and looks at the ingredients list. Make some comments about the source, the ingredients, and whether it’s good or not. Open the product and judge it based on the looks, the texture, and the taste. On your weed reviews and marijuana reviews, give constructive criticisms if the product is bad or explain in detail why you think the product is good.

So in conclusion, what you can do when testing a weed product might include:

  • Have general review on the look
  • Testing texture and smell
  • Describing the flavor
  • Explaining how the components work inside the product.

Sounds fascinating, huh?

What to expect?

Getting paid to smoke weed is a dream job for many but not everyone has got the guts to smoke weed on a daily basis. So if you think you got what it takes to smoke weed and live in a state where marijuana is legal like New York, then this job might be right for you.  

When taking this cannabis job, you can expect to be paid over $3000 a month to smoke, write, and review weed products. As a reviewer, you’ll be exposed to multiple vapes, edibles, and CBD products like CBD oil and CBD Gummies. Luckily for you, all of this will be provided for free.

You’ll be getting free cannabis products every month for you to review and analyze. As well as the samples of the latest products that our company can get your hands on. Aside from this, you’ll have the chance to join big cannabis events all over the country. And lastly, you can become a cannabis influencer with thousands of followers all over the world. 

This position seems easy but you’re going to do a lot of work and you’ll have your hands full with more than just reviewing. Additionally, you might consume cannabis products every day and get paid per month for it but it might not be a pleasant experience in the long run so make sure you are up to this task before applying. 

How does it work? 

We’ll be sending you products to test monthly and we expect you to write articles about the products we send you as well as post your findings on social media. We also expect a video review where you will be unboxing the product and test them out on the spot with your honest review. The money will be sent either as cash or through PayPal, whichever is more convenient for you. 

How to apply? 

Candidates qualified enough will have to fill in below application form, including these requirement

  • Your CV
  • Your social media accounts (maybe Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.) that can determine your viability as an influencer. 
  • A 100 words introduction on why you’re the perfect fit for this position.

Don’t forget to attach your resume at the end of the application and check the form carefully before submitting. 

Apply here

Note: Since it’s a continuous recruitment program, there is no specific deadline. We will follow the rule: ” First Come, First Served” and make an anouncement on this page and through emails once we find right candidates

Generate Terms & Conditions

  1. The promoter of this job is
  2. You are at least eighteen (18) years of age (or twenty-one (21) years of age, as applicable) and legal ability to enter into a binding contract.
  3. The applicant will be paid up to $3,000 monthly or $40,000 yearly depending on their experience and their capabilities.
  4. Qualified applicants are considered if they’re in the United States and Canada, where marijuana is legal, are eligible for the position.
  5. There’s no specific deadline and unlimited number of applicants. Successful applicants will be notified by mail and social media if any. Due to the extremely high volume of applications we receive, only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.
  6. The applicant agrees to the use of real name and image in any publicity material. They will provide true, accurate, current, and complete biological information about yourself in connection with the working process and will maintain and update it continuously and promptly to keep it accurate. 
  7. The applicant will not provide the review result and our product for any third party or use it to build a similar or competitive Website or Service.
  8. The applicant will not assist any third party with any prohibited conduct above.

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