How To Find The Best Online Therapy For Gender Dysphoria In 2022

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Gender dysphoria is no fun. This is because you will mostly be struggling with your gender identity[1] and at times you are overwhelmed on how to handle things. This can also apply to a transgender who might still feel confused about gender identification. 

If you have been feeling this way, you may want to consider getting an online gender therapist. Many online gender therapy sessions can help you learn more about your sex and how best to deal with gender dysphoria. 

Since the sessions are online, you can always experience many benefits. This includes having private chats with a therapist, paying less compared to face-to-face counseling, and more. This guide helps you to learn more about online gender therapist services and how they can be beneficial to you.

best Online Therapy for Gender Dysphoria in (December. 2022)

  • Online-Therapy.comBest for Mental Health
  • Talkspace – Best response time
  • Pride Counseling – Editor’s choice
  • Doctor on Demand – Best Emergency Mental Health Service

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Editor’s Choice

Pride Counseling

Pride Counseling

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  • Take good care of your mental health
  • Resolve gender problems
  • Anonymity can be maintained where necessary

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Best Online therapy for Gender Dysphoria: Pride Counseling

Gender dysphoria should always be taken seriously. That is why Pride Counseling offers the services of registered therapists to help you deal with any gender issues you might be having. Do not be afraid to speak your mind as you can ask anything including sex identification. 

Any good gender therapist on the platform will be willing to schedule better times for different individuals. This is understandable because the platform can have clients from different parts of the world. As such, therapists can also take care of various clients based on their time zones. 

One of the biggest benefits of online therapy would be the privacy you get. That is also something Pride Counseling offers. Those who have experience with the platform claim they have never had their private conversations with therapists leaked. This should generally boost your feelings knowing that your experiences will not be shared with everyone. 

In case you feel that the current therapist is not helping you much or rather your issues are not adequately addressed, you can switch to other therapists on the platform. This should make your sessions feel worth the time. Anyone who is transgender or LGBT would want to feel a sense of security and a therapist plays a huge role in such a case. 

It does not always have to be expensive to talk about your gender issues. That is what Pride Counseling offers. This is because you can now pay a weekly subscription of $60 to $90 (billed every 4 weeks) and get unlimited messaging with a therapist. That is a bargain compared to asking questions to a conventional therapist in an office. You would have to pay a lot more for such an experience. 

When should you use Pride Counseling? 

Gender dysphoria is not something to brush off lightly. When you start to notice the symptoms of gender dysphoria, it is best to consult a gender therapist for counseling. The therapist will help you learn more about transitioning, sex identification, inter-person relationships, and more. 

Another good reason to consider using Pride Counseling is when you have to take good care of your mental health as a person. Sometimes the societal pressures on gender issues can easily lead to mental health concerns and can drive someone to harm their body. When it gets to such a point, seek the help of a gender specialist to learn more. 

Sometimes you may find dealing with gender questions is not easy and you need an individual or community that understands it all. That is how you would end up considering Pride Counseling to help resolve your health and other gender problems you may be dealing with. 

When it seems other therapy services are too expensive, online therapy such as Pride Counseling can be good for you. This is because you do not always have to pay exorbitant fees to get the help that you deserve. 


  • You gain access to registered therapists
  • Anonymity can be maintained where necessary
  • You can easily change therapists
  • The online service is more affordable even for mental health care
  • Most websites and apps are easy to use 
  • You get unlimited messaging with therapists


  • Your insurance cover may not cover such costs 
  • Some platforms may not be secure
  • Some have no control over the therapists they choose

How to find a good online gender therapy near me?

If you are feeling the discomfort of being another gender you are right now, it might be time to seek the help of gender therapists or transgender therapists online. So, what is the process on how to find a gender therapist? Here are a few tips. 

  • The first thing is you have to do research. Proper research will help you learn more about the therapist or company so that you only use the top-rated companies only. 
  • You also have to look at support groups mostly dealing with LGBT issues. You can be sure that someone might have had the same experience and shared the contact of the best online gender therapist
  • Inquire more about the qualifications of gender identity or transgender therapist. If the therapist is willing to share certifications, it gives you more confidence in the service. 
  • Reputation is also important. Do not just pick the first therapist you come across. Look at what other people say about the therapist before making up your mind. 
  • What is the cost? Do you get value for the money? Understandably, therapy can be expensive. But always make sure you are getting value for money. That is where reading more reviews on the therapist can help.

What to ask when you meet a gender counselor?

Let us say you have been matched with a gender dysphoria therapist. What would you ask on the platform? 

One of the biggest questions is that you should ask the gender therapist about their professional training. Talk more about their experience working with people having gender identity issues. 

This part helps you know if the therapist has all the important training to help you deal with your mental health, feelings, or any more sex questions you might have on transgender. 

Below are some other sample questions to keep in mind when you meet your gender therapist. 

  • What is the process and approach to helping someone with gender-based conflictions?
  • How many sessions do I need to help me talk about my feelings, life, health, or anything on gender dysphoria?
  • Am I supposed to commit to a certain number of sessions per week to get better?
  • What is your success rate with people who experience gender dysphoria? Are there any reviews about your services?
  • Are there any LGBT resources you can give me in my area or community?

So, the questions are likely to differ from person to person. What is important is that you are open when seeking counseling. This helps a lot in ensuring you can get the help that you need. 

How does Pride Counseling work? 

online gender therapist

If you think you have gender dysphoria[2], but you are not sure how best to get help, you may want to consider Pride Counseling[3]

Pride Counseling is an online platform where you can get gender therapy in case you are experiencing gender dysphoria or gender identity issues. Since the platform is centered around counseling the LGBT community, you should have all the questions on sex among other things answered here. 

Understandably, individuals with gender identity issues might be scared to try out traditional gender therapy. That is why online therapy is available to help improve their privacy and feel like no one is judging them outright. 

As much as the counselors might not be in the LGBT community, they still understand what you go through and they are here to help you. Those who have tried the platform often claim that it helped them deal with depression and anxiety conditions. So, you too could be next to get the help you need. 

Methods used in Gender Counseling 

Before you can access counseling on the Price Counseling platform, first you have to fill a questionnaire. It is from the questionnaire that you can be matched with the best gender therapists. 

All you have to do now is pay for the service and start chatting with qualified therapists to help you deal with gender dysphoria. 

Your online therapy will be conducted either on the website through a browser or you can download the community app. These two platforms help you be in constant interaction with your counselor. 

The platform supports the use of video calls, phone, and live chats. You can always ask any questions you may have on LGBT, sex, or gender dysphoria in general. So, it is up to you to find the appropriate form of communicating with your counselor. Since they are all in the US, sometimes it can be hard for live sessions all the time for international clients. However, they are always happy to help. 

One thing you should know is that all the messages you have with your counselor about how to care for yourself, the body, or individual struggles will remain private. Also, the messages are stored in the chat room. This allows you to go back and re-read the messages to get a better understanding of the advice offered earlier. 

You also get unlimited messages to talk to your therapist about gender and other things you might be facing. However, the term unlimited does not mean your counselor will always be there 24/7 to respond. As such, you can always schedule sessions that can work great for you both. 

What is Gender Dysphoria? 

Gender dysphoria can be described as a feeling of discomfort in someone who wants to be identified as a different gender than the sex assigned when born. This can also make them feel their gender role is a mismatch. 

Previously, gender dysphoria was labeled as a gender identity disorder[4]. However, that has changed over time. Right now, the American Psychiatric Association classifies it under the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders[5] or DSM-5. This has made it possible for people to understand it better. It is why you can now search for a gender dysphoria therapist near me on Google and get one right away. 

Some people now have a better experience with gender dysphoria and their sessions and data have proven to be useful. Below, we look at the symptoms and causes of gender dysphoria to help you know when it is time to get a therapist for yourself. 

Symptoms of Gender Dysphoria

Symptoms of gender dysphoria can quickly change how you live your life. It is why you need to learn more about the symptoms and know when it is time to get counseling from gender therapists. 

Here are some of the things you may experience. Keep in mind they may vary from person to person. 

  • You can experience a feeling of difference between your assigned gender at birth with what you feel is the inner gender identity. This feeling of difference can last over six months. This is likely to lead to depression and anxiety in some individuals as they might be confused. 
  • Some are likely to experience the desire to get rid of their primary sex characteristics. This would mostly occur in young adolescents who are now starting to know more about themselves and having feelings about each other. This confusion would also make someone experience anxiety and depression. 
  • You would still want to be treated as the other gender than what you are when you were born. A good example is a man feeling that he should be treated as a woman. That might not always happen for most people.
  • Gender dysphoria might also lead to impairment or distress in some aspects of life. This includes socializing or even not handling your occupation better than before. 

Gender dysphoria mostly starts when you are young, but it will manifest itself when you are an adolescent and turning into an adult. Some might experience short periods of gender dysphoria then the absence of the condition. That is how some seek the help of a mental health professional thinking they might be going crazy. 

What Causes Gender dysphoria?

Gender identity counseling and transitioning can only work once you understand the causes of gender dysphoria. 

The exact causes are yet to be understood completely. However, they can all be linked to a few factors someone may experience in their body. These factors include genetics, hormonal changes during prenatal development, and sometimes environmental factors can also influence the development of gender dysphoria. 

A good example is when a parent is exposed to some chemicals that might disrupt the normal sex determination development, it can lead to such issues later in life. That is not all as it can still affect the well-being and health of children during early development. 

More research shows that there is a genetic link too to having gender dysphoria[6]. And it can be more prevalent in identical twins compared to fraternal twins. 

Normally, children are raised based on their physical anatomy. That is how we determine the sex of a child. This subsequently leads to how we raise them over the years. However, at some point during their adolescent stage, that is when some might feel a mismatch between how they are raised and their inner sex identity. That is when gender representation can become a problem. 

Final thought

Online gender therapy plays an important role in helping a person fully understand their gender identity and handle any gender dysphoria confusion that might come along. Since gender dysphoria can sometimes be overwhelming on your mental health, it is also good to seek the help of mental health professionals to handle your situation better. 

The best part about talking to a gender therapist online is that you will not have to worry so much about someone judging you all the time. You can also get counseling without worrying much about privacy issues. Sometimes you can also get a gender therapist online free. It all depends on how well you do your research. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a gender therapist cost?

The price depends on the company you choose. The average cost is $40 to $90 per week. It is best to do a comparison to get a good deal.

Does online therapy really work?

Some feel safe when using online therapy. And they also feel it works too. So, you can always try it out for the first month to see how it works out for you before concluding more about online therapy.

Is there any free online counseling?

It is possible to get free online counseling. The resources might be limited, but you can always get help online for free. With a quick search on Google, you can access several free resources.

How do I find a gender therapist?

You may have to do more research to understand what a good therapist entails. Also, ask your friends or join forums on LGBT to help learn more about the best gender therapists available.

Is gender therapy covered by insurance?

Not always. Most insurance companies do not cover gender therapy. So, inquire from your insurance company first.

Can you go to therapy for gender dysphoria?

Yes. Other than online therapy options, there are many other traditional therapy options too. This is for those who love a face-to-face therapy session.

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