10:30pm Friday 10 July 2020

Study uses Facebook to survey LGBTI people about police

Dr Angela Dwyer, from QUT’s School of Justice, specialises in research on LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) people and justice issues. She is leading the study with Dr Matthew Ball from QUT, Dr Christine Bond from Griffith University, and Associate Professor Murray Lee and Associate Professor Thomas Crofts from the University of Sydney.

Her previous research on policing and LGBT young people has found that many are still experiencing harassment from police, despite police officers having received sexuality and gender diversity training.

“We are doing this research because we need to know more about how LGBTI people see the police and how they have contact with LGBTI police liaison officers,” Dr Dwyer said.

“LGBTI police liaison officers understand the issues LGBTI people often face in relation to police and the justice system and advocate for them.

“But we have found that many LGBTI people don’t access police liaison officers. We are doing this survey and some interviews to find out about what stops LGBTI people from contacting police liaison officers.

“This is a really important study as it is the first in Australia to ask young LGBTI people about these issues. It is also the first to interview police liaison officers about these programs.

“The aim is to use the result to help improve policing for LGBTI people in the future.”

To take part, go to the survey link on a Facebook http://www.facebook.com/LGBTIpoliceliaisonsurvey?fref=ts or contact Dr Dwyer on 07 3138 7104.

It takes about 15 minutes to complete and the Facebook link leads to an anonymous survey site (https://survey.qut.edu.au/f/175214/5ab9/).

A separate opt-in site collects participants’ contact details (first name, email address, telephone number for those who want to take part in an interview and/or to go into the draw to win an iPod. A secure QUT website is used for this so that contact details are not linked to survey answers.

Media contact: Niki Widdowson, QUT media officer, 07 3138 2999 or [email protected]

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