New skin aging study seeking healthy non-smoking adult white women

Study investigators will gather samples of healthy human skin from volunteers in various stages of aging.

“The ultimate outcome from this pilot study will be information that could guide future research and suggest new therapies for preventing, mitigating or treating skin pathologies,” said the study’s principal investigator, Somen Nandi, managing director for the Center of Excellence in Nutritional Genomics in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at UC Davis.

About the SAGE study

If a patient meets all study criteria, they will be asked to come in for two study visits.

  • First study visit:
    • Complete a health questionnaire and skin exam. Patients who meet all study criteria will be asked to return for a second visit.
  • Second study visit:
    • A research dermatologist at the UC Davis Department of Dermatology will perform a skin biopsy (the biopsy will be approximately 4-6 mm in size).

All study procedures are free and patients are not charged for their participation.

Patients will be compensated $25 for completion of the first visit and $50 for completion of the second visit.

If interested, contact the research study coordinators at 916-734-1267.

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