A Guide to All-Natural Makeup


For decades, traditional chemical-laden makeup ruled the industry. Thankfully, natural makeup has made a breakthrough, offering products for eyes, lips, face, and more. If you’re looking to safely enhance your natural beauty, the best purchase you’ll ever make is all natural makeup. But making the switch can be daunting, especially if you’ve found products that provide the coverage or colors that make you look flawless.

The good news is that you’re likely to find a similar product that’s much less harmful to your skin and your body!

What is All-Natural Makeup?

Natural makeup products aren’t regulated.That means any company can slap on the “all-natural” tagline and run with it. The idea is that natural makeup only contains natural ingredients. Many times, these ingredients are also organic, adding even more benefit to making the switch.

But, since any company can brand themselves as being “natural,” it’s important to take the time to read the ingredients. There are some companies that label themselves as selling natural makeup, only for those products to include toxic ingredients like lead, sulfates, parabens, and fragrance.

So why do you need to worry about these ingredients? Many of them are found in traditional makeup and have been linked to all sorts of issues.

Parabens increase the risk of reproductive toxicity and breast cancer because these elements mimic estrogen. Sulfates are a known skin irritant, as is fragrance, phthalates, and other common ingredients.

Before purchasing an all-natural product, do your due diligence.Take the time to read and research each of the ingredients. You’ll want to look for ingredients that use the highest amount of organic products. Aim for 100% organic for a truly safe product.

Know Which Ingredients to Look for

Obviously, if you’ve never used natural makeup before, you may be completely unaware of which ingredients you should be looking for. Commonly used and safe ingredients include:

  • Natural clays
  • Cacao
  • Aloe vera
  • Essential oils
  • Beeswax

Of course, this is a small list of hundreds of natural ingredients that can be used. It’s best to thoroughly research any ingredients that you’re unsure of. Then you’ll have peace of mind that everything you’re applying to your face is entirely safe. This is especially important with lipsticks, glosses, and eye products, as those tend to make their way into our eyes and mouths.

If you’re unsure of where to look, checking the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website is a great place to start. Here you’ll find safety scores for every product you can imagine.

Making the Switch

Switching to natural makeup is a detox for your skin. If you’ve ever undergone a dietary detox, you know all about the toxins and harmful bacteria that your body gets rid of. Once you start to use natural makeup, expect a similar process to occur.

You may experience breakouts during the first few weeks, but don’t be alarmed! This is your skin getting rid of the years of toxins that you’ve put onto it. Don’t be quick to stop using your new makeup! Your skin takes about a month to regenerate. Give the makeup at least a month or two so that you can see and experience the true benefits.

To aid the detox process, you may want to consider switching to natural skincare products as well. Using an all-natural cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliator will also help to draw out impurities in your skin.

Switch Item-by-Item

Switching to an all-natural makeup regimen doesn’t mean you have to throw out your entire existing makeup collection. In fact, it’s best to start with one item at a time so that you can gradually replace every product. You may want to start with something small like mascara and eyeliner. This way the rest of your face will look flawless as you test different natural eye products to find the one that provides the best coverage and long-lasting wear.

Going item-by-item is also much easier on your wallet. Natural makeup can be quite pricey. So it’s best to purchase a single item at a time, that way your switch won’t cripple you until your next paycheck.

After enough trial and error, you’ll hopefully find a few brands that offer exactly what you’re looking for.


Switching to a natural makeup brand can be scary. But, after finding the products that help you achieve the look you want, you can relax knowing that the products you’re using aren’t harming your body!



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