Why do people from the UK travel to Poland for cosmetic surgery aboard?

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Despite Brexit and the confusion it brings, people of the UK are less insular and are increasingly aware of the benefits of accessing medical provision overseas. Poland has established close links with the UK over recent years and UK patients now seek cosmetic solutions to personal issues related to their health, self-image or lifestyle and embrace the benefits of travelling to Poland for elective cosmetic surgery.

There are many reasons to choose Poland in general and, more specifically, the clinic of Dr Adam Kalecinski in Wroclaw, Poland. Wroclaw is a thriving modern city with a historic past, beautiful architecture and a rich culture. The clinic itself is modern, well-appointed and close to the international airport. Dr Kalecinski himself has been providing excellent cosmetic surgery solutions for UK patients for over 15 years, with many patients visiting on recommendation.

Whilst the high quality of surgery and aftercare at Dr Kalecinski’s clinic is a primary reason for UK patients to visit, there is, of course, the consideration for many UK patients of price. We all like a bargain. This indeed, is an interesting consideration – especially when you factor in the potential inconvenience of travelling to Poland: booking travel, flights and accommodation alongside the necessary preparations for surgery. However, the majority of Dr Kalecinski’s patients are from the UK – so why are they traveling to Poland for cosmetic surgery abroad?

Dr Kalecinski is a very experienced and skilled cosmetic surgeon. If he worked in the UK, his prices would be triple those he charges in Poland. For example, with Dr Kalecinski, a tummy tuck costs £2550, whereas in the UK you would expect to pay £9000; a facelift is £2300 with Dr Kalecinski whereas in the UK it costs £9000 – £1200. So why is it such cheap surgery? It is because the surgeon owns his own clinic instead of hiring hospital space off large organisations, as often happens in the UK. UK patients see very quickly that they can get high quality surgery at much reduced cost. Flights are inexpensive and accommodation is offered by the clinic at discounted rates. UK based Patient Care Co-ordinators assist patients throughout the process, from enquiry through to aftercare.

Potential UK patients are astute customers. They research their options, they look at UK based provision and overseas clinics at various locations; they consider quality, convenience and price. Lots of people are considering plastic surgery abroad. Time and again, UK patients choose Dr Kalecinski because the combination of high quality, low price and excellent customer service cannot be matched anywhere else.




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