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Best Laser Hair Growth Devices 2023: 6 Laser Caps For Hair Loss

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  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance and clinically proven.
  • One of the best and most effective laser caps.
  • Financing option to help purchase the product.

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  • Affordable laser cap.
  • Clinically proven and approved by FDA.
  • Can be used with other treatments.



  • Simple to use and portable.
  • Time efficient.
  • Automatic shutoff with voice prompt.

For most of us, losing hair can be distressing. The good news is a laser hair growth cap helps mitigate this problem.

LLLT (Low-Level Laser Treatment) uses a  laser cap for hair growth to reverse or prevent hair loss in users. The available devices can come in the form of combs and caps (which tend to look like baseball caps or helmets). When one wears the cap and turns it on, it glows with a red light. Some of the best devices claim they can help the user gain fuller and thicker hair in just over 3 months.

With so many different devices available on the market, choosing the best laser hair growth device can be challenging. One has to go through a lot of research (which might take hours or days) to come up with a few choices. 

This is where this guide and product round-up comes in. We have thoroughly researched and compiled a list of the best laser caps for hair growth currently available.

Best Laser Caps For Hair Loss On The Market In (May. 2023)

  • Kiierr – Editor’s Choice
  • illumiflow – Best Warranty
  • Capillus – Automatic Sessions With Voice Alerts
  • iRestore – Most Affordable
  • HairMax – Most Reputable
  • Original LaserCap – Excellent Customer Service

What Is Laser Hair Growth? 

This therapeutic procedure utilizes low-level laser rays to stimulate the user’s hair follicles and scalp to encourage hair growth and reduce male and female baldness pattern hair loss. Low-level lasers offer the following benefits:

  • Extends the anagen[1] period – the growth phase of the user’s hair cycle. This means the user will have a longer anagen timeline than they would otherwise have without the treatment.
  • Excites follicles in telogen[2], the transition phase, enabling them to enter into this prime phase to improve hair growth and promote fuller and healthy hair strands.
  • Reduces the speed of catagen[3], the phase that causes hair follicles to transition from active to regression. This is especially important to individuals experiencing pattern hair loss early in life.

The FDA currently approves using laser combs, helmets, laser caps, and other laser growth devices to treat androgenic alopecia or pattern hair loss.

Who Should Use Laser Hair Growth Devices?

Laser hair growth caps can be used by anyone experiencing hair loss. They can be effective for individuals with androgenic alopecia to stimulate hair growth.

It is important to note that androgenic alopecia may present differently in females and males. For example, males with the condition will usually lose hair in areas close to their hairlines or the top of the head. On the other hand, hair loss in females will present as a wider parting of the center of the hair.

While much research still needs to be done to ascertain the effectiveness of laser hair caps, combs, and other laser hair growth devices, there are enough positive results to justify additional studies.

For instance, one review[4] indicated that low-level laser systems did improve hair regrowth, including in cases where individuals had pattern baldness. Another review[5] indicated that laser hair growth device users noted improved hair regrowth after prolonged usage. A recent scientific review[6] evaluating evidence from moderate and high-quality research studies indicated that hair growth laser helmet devices were effective for pattern baldness cases and are deemed safe.

How Do Laser Hair Regrowth Systems Work?

Laser hair regrowth devices are designed to treat hair loss and encourage hair growth by improving circulation in the scalp.

The devices emit red light, low-level laser light, which penetrates the scalp and is responsible for improving blood circulation, thereby stimulating hair follicles. The result is that the follicles transition to the growth phase, leading to new hair growth. The new hair grows out healthier and thicker with this laser light therapy treatment.

6 Best Laser Caps For Hair Loss To Buy In 2023

Kiierr Laser Cap


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See Kiierr Reviews

The Kiierr laser cap is among the most effective laser hair growth devices available today. Most users indicate positive results after using the product for seven months.

  • Uses Medical grade diodes.
  • Females and males can use it.
  • Clinically proven laser cap for hair growth.
  • FDA clearance certificate.
  • It can be used together with other hair loss treatments.
  • Prolonged usage before one can get noticeable results.
  • It is expensive.
  • Results may go away when one stops using the device.

This is a tool for treating pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia). The Kiierr hair growth laser helmet looks like a normal baseball cap, with the major difference being that it has a medical-grade laser diode underneath. The diodes emit laser rays that penetrate the user’s scalp to promote hair regrowth, eliminate hair loss or keep it at a minimum.

The cap is lightweight, making it easy to carry with you and use. The user can utilize it anytime, anywhere –  at work, at home, in their car, or even while running errands.

On top of this, it is cleared by the FDA as a treatment for thinning hair and hair loss. The Kiierr laser cap comes in two varieties – one with 148 medical-grade laser diodes and the other with 272 diodes. While they are the same in function, the latter has more diodes and thus is larger, covers a bigger surface area, and is pricier.

illumiflow 272 Pro Laser Cap

The Illumiflow 272 Pro cap comes with an industry-best 5-year warranty speaks volumes of the manufacturer’s confidence in the product. Apart from its durability, the automatic shutoff with voice alerts makes it a device that those with disabilities can use.

  • 5-year warranty (the best available in the market).
  • FDA-approved and clinically proven.
  • One of the most durable laser caps on the market.
  • Effective in hair loss prevention and stimulation of new hair growth.
  • A fee of 5% is charged for all products returned.
  • Eye protection features and carrying cases cost extra.

With 272 medical-grade diodes on top of its durable design, the Illumiflow laser cap is among the best in today’s market. This is evident from the manufacturer providing a 5-year warranty to give the buyer peace of mind. It also comes with a 6-months satisfaction period.

The diodes in the cap are arranged to ensure optimal laser energy output to stimulate the scalp. This ensures that the laser cap provides noticeable and good results if used correctly.

The manufacturer has a solid foundation in the LLLT industry, leading to Illumiflow caps becoming the first to be approved by the FDA. Illumiflow Pro is also approved and clinically tested as a laser device for treating pattern baldness in both females and males.

Capillus One Laser Cap

The CapillusOne is not only approved by the FDA but is also comfortable to wear because of its LaserFlex technology to fit the wearer’s scalp. Treatment sessions using the cap only take 6 minutes.

  • It is FDA-approved.
  • Effective treatment for hair thinning and loss.
  • Promotes hair regrowth.
  • Time efficient; needs to be used for 6 minutes per session.
  • Allows automatic programming of sessions.
  • Expensive

The CapillusOne laser cap uses low-level laser therapy to treat hereditary alopecia and other forms of hair thinning and non-scarring hair loss problems. It is FDA approved to treat many hair problems and promote hair growth. The devices can also stop hair loss and stimulate the growth of new thick and healthy strands.

It is comfortable to wear because of the flexible LaserFlex that enables the cap to fit the wearer’s scalp. It also comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and a universal charging adapter making it a good device to use on the go. Furthermore, the treatment sessions require the user to wear the laser cap for only 6 minutes per day.

The cap comes with 112 medical-grade diodes and produces an energy output of 560mW to offer good scalp coverage.

While the cap is expensive compared to some on the market, the manufacturer offers financing options to make owning one affordable to people with low budgets.

iRestore Essential Laser Cap

The iRestore Essential laser cap for hair growth is FDA-approved and uses medical-grade laser diodes to help treat thinning and hair loss. It is not only affordable, but the manufacturer offers promotional, and discount offers to buyers.

  • FDA-approved to treat thinning and hair loss.
  • Occasional promotional and discount offers for buyers.
  • It can be used with other treatments such as vitamins, biotin supplements, and hair growth shampoo.
  • Comes with LEDs and 120 medical-grade laser diodes.
  • Not as comfortable to wear as other caps on the market.
  • Not as discreet as other caps.

iRestore is essential among the affordable FDA-approved laser hair growth devices. The laser cap promotes hair regrowth for females and males with pattern baldness. The cap is a good noninvasive, and safe option to promote hair growth.

The cap is made in GMP-certified facilities and is lightweight and hands-free to use.  Thus, it can be worn as you do other things around the house. It is also straightforward to operate. The cap has a better scalp coverage surface area than other devices, such as laser combs and brushes.

Apart from its sturdy, futuristic design, it comes with a full-year satisfaction guarantee, more than what most other cap manufacturers offer,  where the average satisfaction guarantee is six months. It also comes with a 1-year warranty which is standard for products in this market.

HairMax PowerFlex 272 Cap

There have been many more clinical studies done on the effectiveness of this laser cap in treating hair loss than any other in the market. As such, the data available is more accurate than other caps.

  • Comfortable because it has PowerFlex, which adjusts the cap to fit the head of the user.
  • 272 medical-grade diodes.
  • Effective for preventing thinning and reversing hair loss.
  • Clinically proven and approved by the FDA.
  • Expensive.
  • The battery does not last long.

The laser cap has been designed and developed using the highest standards to ensure it is flexible, easy to use, and provides user comfort. It comes with 272 medical-grade laser diodes to ensure that it covers the entire scalp of the user. The diodes in the cap are deliberately spaced to stimulate all areas of the scalp and achieve the best laser energy output for optimal results.

The LaserFlex inserts not only provides comfort but also conceal the cap’s internal circuitry. It also keeps the diodes clean in addition to protecting them. Thorough cap cleaning is easy because it is lined with a waterproof silicone liner.

It offers the user an option between two laser treatments. One is a constant laser light treatment for 15 minutes, and the second is a pulsating laser treatment for 30 minutes. To get the best results, the user must use one of the two treatment options three times each week.

Original LaserCap

The LaserCap is FDA approved and clinically proven for treating hair loss and promoting new hair growth by using medical-grade laser diodes to stimulate the follicles. It produces prescription-strength laser light for optimal hair restoration.

  • Optimal hair growth results.
  • More medical-grade laser diodes than in other competing caps.
  • 1-year satisfaction period.
  • A limited lifetime warranty is stated on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Complicated purchase process.
  • Information on the warranty and its accuracy is not clear.
  • Expensive.

Perhaps one of the main factors enticing customers to the brand is the high level of intimate customer experience. This is something that caps laser cap manufacturers stand above so many in the market, especially all those mentioned above.

The cap has diodes arranged to provide prescription-strength laser waves to give the user optimal results.

Additionally, the cap comes with a satisfaction guarantee of one year and a limited lifetime warranty. However, it is important to note that the warranty will cover the first three years after purchase. Any repairs required afterward incur a nominal fee.

Benefits Of Lasers For Hair Loss

The main benefits of using lasers for hair loss treatment include:

  • Painless: – While other treatments might be painful, laser treatments have minimal discomfort, and pain is non-existent.
  • Noninvasive: – No incisions are required when using laser caps, and they do not leave scars or marks on the scalp.
  • Promoting Hair Regrowth: – The laser’s light waves from the diodes in the caps stimulate follicles to facilitate growth.
  • Preventing Hair Thinning and Loss: – Laser treatments stimulate the hair follicles and help prevent them from regressing hence helping to prevent thinning and hair loss.

How To Choose The Best Laser Hair Growth Product

Some of the factors a person should consider before buying any laser hair growth devices or products include:


The market is full of laser hair growth devices with varying price ranges. No matter a person’s budget, a good option is bound to be available.

Also, most device manufacturers offer financing options to help you purchase their products if you cannot afford to pay a one-time cash payment.


As is the case when purchasing any device, a warranty is very important. Compare the warranty of various devices on the market to choose the best. Also, ensure you read the terms of both the return policy and product warranties.

FDA Clearance And Clinical Studies

Any best laser hair growth device will have FDA clearance certificates and is clinically proven. This means that they are safe to be used, and there are studies and clinical trials providing claims that the manufacturer is making.

User Reviews And Feedback

Perhaps the single most important factor to consider is user reviews. In addition to feedback and reviews left on the manufacturer’s site, look for reviews on other third-party websites such as BBB and TrustPilot.

Final Thought

While many laser hair growth products are available on the market; one should be very careful about which one intends to buy. The best laser caps can effectively treat hair loss in both male and female users.

We hope the list above has at least given you information on the best devices and helped your search.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of laser hair growth treatment?

Most laser caps will require continuous usage. For most low-level laser therapy devices, results will be noticeable from around 3-7 months.

Is laser hair growth long-lasting?

No. For most devices, the results will disappear after one stops using the product. To maintain the results and promote additional growth, one should continue to use the device.

Do laser combs help in hair growth?

Yes. However, combs are not as effective as caps. Also, they require much more effort compared to caps which are hands-free.

Can you combine laser helmets with other hair loss products?

Yes. All the above products can safely be used with other hair loss treatments.

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