Glen Cove Hospital Develops Substance Abuse Program for Teens

The extended program, known as the Enhanced Outpatient Program, includes individual and group therapy, as well as a weekly multi-family group. Drug testing is required and psychiatric services are also available on an as-needed basis.

The Enhanced Outpatient Program is geared towards 13 to 18 year-olds who have substance abuse difficulties along with behavioral and/or emotional problems. Adolescents who are eligible for the program generally have passing grades in school and are able to maintain a reasonable level of cooperation in their home, school and community. The program is held after school in the late afternoon or early evening, and open to students from all geographical areas. The average length of treatment is about six months.

With the incidence of heroin, cocaine, prescription pills, marijuana, alcohol, painkillers and stimulants on the rise on Long Island and nationwide, the Enhanced Outpatient Program adds a new level of care to meet the needs of adolescents with significant substance abuse problems, said Howard Riesel, LCSW, CASAC, coordinator of the Adolescent Services Unit.

“This program provides substance abuse treatment for teens who need more services than traditional outpatient care but is less intensive than a day program,” Mr. Riesel indicated. “The key to successful treatment outcomes is based on the consistent and collaborative efforts of adolescents, parents, therapists and physicians.”

Mr. Riesel noted that the program has a “family-like” atmosphere. “Adolescents respond to caring and supportive staff members, and at Glen Cove they are able to develop trusting relationships with adults.”

Mr. Riesel also added that families benefit from group sessions because it is a “shared experience between adolescents and parents and they are able to hear perspectives from other families with similar issues.”

The Adolescent Services Unit offers adolescents (ages 15 to 18) buprenorphine, a safe and effective medication used to combat opiate abuse. Adolescents must be involved in the Enhanced Outpatient Treatment program to receive prescriptions for this medication.

Part of Glen Cove’s campus, the Adolescent Services Unit is situated on several acres across the street from the main hospital.

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