10:20am Friday 21 February 2020

Too much alcohol over coffee

Five Bachelor of Arts (Acting for Screen and Stage) students appeared in five different scenarios, shot simultaneously in the short film, Moebius. It was filmed secretly in the café, Gloria Jeans Coffees on Saturday 23 July by a local creative team, Next In Line Films.  
A scene from the short film Moebius starring CSU acting students. Photo courtesy of CDAT.The scenarios included a mother and daughter arguing over excessive drinking, a couple breaking up over alcohol and a drug affected man stumbling through the café.
The film, which had the approval of the café operators, captures nine continuous loops of the same five scenarios as well as the reactions of customers which varied from ignoring the repetitive scenarios to becoming involved in the arguments.
The project was part of the Community Drug Action Team’s (CDAT) We’re Stronger Together campaign.
CDAT chairwoman Ms Jenny Atkinson said, “The behaviour of the customers and café employees were important to the project. Those customers who agreed to be interviewed at the end of the film expressed a variety of responses from amusement to empathy.
“Our subtle message from the film is that alcohol and drug abuse affects not just those involved in their consumption but those around them.
“This film is aimed at young people so they can consider that the consequences of consuming excessive amounts of alcohol or illicit drugs are felt by their own friends and family and also the wider community.”
First year acting student Mr Alex Packard from Canberra starred in Moebius as the man verbally abused by his girlfriend. He said, “It was a really interesting exercise to be involved in, particularly to observe the reactions of nearby members of the public. Some ignored the scenes and others intervened.”
The 5.25 minute film, which is named after an episode of the science fiction television series Stargate SK1, can be seen here. Moebius was shot and edited by Mr Damian Jenkins and Mr Steven Douglas from Next In Line Films. They both graduated from CSU in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts (Television Production).
The CDAT We’re Stronger Together campaign was launched in 2009. CDAT is funded by the NSW Government through Murrumbidgee Local Health Network in south-west NSW. Read more about CDAT here.
The Bachelor of Arts (Acting for Screen and Stage) is a three year program offered through the School of Communication and Creative Industries at CSU in Wagga Wagga. The Bachelor of Arts (Television Production) is also offered over three years at CSU in Wagga Wagga.


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