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Why Are Women More Vulnerable to Substance Abuse During Their Premenstrual Week?

Understanding how cycling hormone levels can affect substance abuse in women is the focus of a provocative interview featured on the newly launched Academy of Women’s Health website.

Elena Volfson, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, provides expert insights on how and why fluctuating estrogen and progesterone levels throughout women’s menstrual cycles increase their risk for cravings and drug and alcohol abuse. The interview “Women and Substance Abuse: Surprising Gender-related Vulnerabilities” is available on the website’s health blog, the MP Post. It discusses the use of available anti-craving medications to treat and prevent relapse of addiction and the importance of taking into account the timing of a woman’s menstrual cycle to maximize the effectiveness of substance abuse therapy.

The MP Post provides timely updates on diseases and conditions that are prevalent among women to help physicians and other healthcare providers optimize patient outcomes. The first dozen clinically relevant interviews in the MP Post are available on the Academy website.

The Academy of Women’s Health and its official publication, Journal of Women’s Health, along with the Annual Congress on Women’s Health, have access to some of the world’s most eminent researchers and clinicians presenting the most up-to-date management strategies and clinical pearls in the MP Post. Recent posts include Lori Mosca, MD, MPH, PhD, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, on racial and ethnic disparities in heart disease; Deborah Friedman, MD, MPH, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, on migraine diagnosis and management; David Gardner, MD, Virginia Commonwealth University, on dilemmas in thyroid disease; Amy S. Oxentenko, MD, Mayo Clinic, on GI disorders; Lee Shulman, MD, Northwestern University, on controversies in genetic testing; Barbara Yawn, MD, Olmsted Medical Center, on shingles and PHN; and Patricia A. Robertson, MD, University of California, San Francisco, on best practices in lesbian health.

Mitzi Perdue, MP Post Correspondent, who interviewed Dr. Volfson for the current post on substance abuse, is the author of more than 1600 newspaper and magazine articles on health, science, food, agriculture, and the environment and is currently Editor-at-Large for Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers.

“Although substance abuse is less common in women, there are important gender differences in illness characteristics that have implications for treatment,” says Susan G. Kornstein, MD, President of the Academy and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Women’s Health, Executive Director of the Virginia Commonwealth University Institute for Women’s Health, Richmond, VA.


About the Academy
Academy of Women’s Health is an interdisciplinary, international association of physicians, nurses, and other health professionals who work across the broad field of women’s health, providing its members with up-to-date advances and options in clinical care that will enable the best outcomes for their women patients. The Academy’s focus includes the dissemination of translational research and evidence-based practices for disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for women across the lifespan.

About the Journal
Journal of Women’s Health, published monthly, is a core multidisciplinary journal dedicated to the diseases and conditions that hold greater risk for or are more prevalent among women, as well as diseases that present differently in women. The Journal covers the latest advances and clinical applications of new diagnostic procedures and therapeutic protocols for the prevention and management of women’s healthcare issues. Tables of content and a sample issue may be viewed on the Journal of Women’s Health website. Journal of Women’s Health is the Official Journal of the Academy of Women’s Health.

About the Publisher
Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers is a privately held, fully integrated media company known for establishing authoritative peer-reviewed journals in many promising areas of science and biomedical research, including Breastfeeding Medicine, Population Health Management, Thyroid, and Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders. Its biotechnology trade magazine, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), was the first in its field and is today the industry’s most widely read publication worldwide. A complete list of the firm’s 70 journals, books, and newsmagazines is available on the Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers website.

Contact: Karla Shepard Rubinger, Executive Director, Academy of Women’s Health, (914) 740-2100, ex. 2153, awh@academyofwomenshealth.org

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