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A Survey Will Help UCR Clear the Air About Tobacco Use

Beginning Jan. 2, 2014, UCR will be a smoke-free campus.

Beginning Jan. 2, 2014, UCR will be a smoke-free campus.

All UC property will be designated as smoke/tobacco-free as of Jan. 2, 2014, part of a systemwide effort to make campuses safer and healthier.

The UCR Smoke/Tobacco-Free Policy Implementation Committee, chaired by Victor G. J. Rodgers, professor and chair of bioengineering and co-chaired by Julie Chobdee, Wellness Program coordinator, will use the results of this campus survey, sent to all students, staff and faculty on Dec. 3, to better understand our current status and determine the best approach for moving forward

“Our students, faculty and staff deserve a healthy place to live, work and learn,” Chancellor Timothy P. White wrote in the letter with the survey. “I look forward to your support in making health and well-being a priority.”

“As we begin to develop the UCR policy and implementation plans, we would like your input,” said Chobdee. “You are invited to take part in a survey to express your views related to tobacco use and second-hand smoke.”

Rodgers says that  “The campus survey results will help guide our efforts to create a policy that is tailored to our campus community. The committee is already addressing issues relating to cessation, communications/marketing, education/training, enforcement, environmental issues, policy development and management, and special considerations. The direction for enforcement will be predominantly education and awareness.”

The UCR Smoke/Tobacco-Free Policy Implementation Committee includes a cross-section of campus, including students, staff and faculty members.

Nationwide, more than 800 colleges and universities have adopted smoke/tobacco-free policies.

Complete the campus smoke/tobacco-free survey by Dec. 14 to be eligible for a $50 gift certificate to the UCR Campus Bookstore.

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