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Researchers hope film sparks school dialogue on marijuana use

A new film based on a UBC research project will soon be used as an educational resource by the Vancouver School Board and beyond to get high school students talking about marijuana use.

The short film, entitled CYCLES, stems from research conducted by UBC nursing professor Joy Johnson and project director, Barbara Moffat, in conversation with 80 youth in three communities in B.C. over the span of several years.

According to Johnson, rather than preaching about the harms of marijuana, the film focuses on helping young people reflect on the choices that they make.

“Over five years ago, I was conducting research on tobacco use among young people in B.C. high schools and we often received feedback like, ‘Why are you asking about tobacco? Marijuana is much easier to get a hold of and used more often. No one asks us about marijuana.’”

The interactive film follows the story of a teenage couple being confronted with decisions to make about marijuana use and explores the role marijuana plays in their lives. Many of the film’s scenes pause and the viewer is asked what they would do in the same scenario. Curricular materials, to accompany the film, are also being developed.

“Resource materials in public health, including those on marijuana, are largely dominated by the adult voice,” says Moffat. “The inclusion of the youth voice, as occurs in CYCLES, is essential for balanced dialogue about marijuana to occur.”

An evening screening of the film will take place on October 3 for a select audience, including members of the VSB and Vancouver Coastal Health. A panel discussion will follow. Media are invited to attend. Please see the backgrounder for more information and to RSVP.

Prof. Joy Johnson and Ms. Barbara Moffat are available for interviews on Oct. 3.

Joy Johnson is available from 11 AM – 1 PM and can be reached at 604.827.4020 or 604.328.8049

Barbara Moffat is available from 11 AM – 3 PM and can be reached at 604.250.2957 or 604.822.0514

For a copy of the film, contact Barbara Moffat at barb.moffat@nursing.ubc.ca


Film screening

When: Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013, 7 PM – 9 PM

Where: The Royal Bank Cinema, Chan Centre, 6265 Crescent Road (directions)

To RSVP, please e-mail Barbara Moffat at barb.moffat@nursing.ubc.ca

Additional quotes

Art Steinmann, Vancouver School Board, Manager, Substance Abuse Prevention

“There is a real need for realistic, well balanced films that promote dialogue with youth about this topic.”

Steinmann is available for interviews on Oct. 3 at 604.713.5233 or 604.790.4507

Ed Osghian, Producer, Director, Co-writer and Editor of CYCLES

“Cycles is a very unique film and unlike anything that was produced before for in-classroom education purposes. This film is directly trying to compete for students’ attention using the same high production values and storytelling they expect to see on Netflix or cable TV.”

“This is not the film that preaches or even telling kids not to do it. This film is trying to engage the audience to think past those simplistic terms and follow a story about the teenager who, after meeting a new girl, is forced to examine his priorities. And the results of that examination will surprise many.”

Ed Osghian is available for interviews on Oct. 3 with a 15-minute notice at 604.727.2657

About the film 

The film was produced by Eyecue Creative for the UBC School of Nursing in partnership with the SACY (School Age Children and Youth) programme and the Vancouver School Board.

To learn more about the film, visit: http://www.cyclesfilm.com/ 

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