06:13am Friday 10 April 2020

You don’t need an excuse

In a survey of almost 1400 Victorians aged 16 years and over, it was found that the majority (61 per cent) of young people do not drink to get drunk.

But turning down another round can be tough, especially from a friend.

Whether it’s their shout or they’re shouting at you to keep up, it can be hard to say no. Suddenly we’re racking our brain for an excuse. Any excuse. Big ones, small ones (some as big as a snake).

But you shouldn’t need to. Truth is the majority of young Victorian drinkers don’t drink to get drunk. So next time you don’t feel like another drink, just remember – you don’t need an excuse.

Enters, the No Excuse Needed campaign brought to you by VicHealth and the State Government and challenges the pervasive alcohol culture in Victoria with the aim to empower young Victorians like yourselves to make responsible decisions about your drinking. By highlighting that most of us actually drink moderately, they hope to improve our drinking culture by reducing the broader acceptance of drunkenness in Victoria.

As you begin the next phase in your life, as you prepare for the future, think about why we make up excuses, as well as question if and why we put pressure on others to drink. You may be surprised to find that there are greater things you value and can achieve than drinking to oblivion.

Find out more by having a chat to the VicHealth guys who’ll be giving away water bottles at RUSU Welcome Bash or by visiting, www.noexcuseneeded.com.au.

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