09:53am Tuesday 07 April 2020

New research into psychology of alcohol consumption

PhD researcher Kris Tulloch from Macquarie’s Department of Psychology says that for some people, trying to reduce or stop drinking altogether can be very difficult, with many making several attempts to quit.

“A lot of the time, making the decision to quit is one that can be made very logically – there’s a lot of knowledge on what the long-term effects of too much alcohol can do to a person,” she says.

“But staying sober when in the heat of the moment when you really, really crave a drink isn’t necessarily that straightforward. So I’m investigating the thought process people experience in relation to their cravings.”

Tulloch says that research is pointing to a relationship between the evaluations people make about their cravings and their chances of staying sober, with this being a factor in up to 60% of cases of relapse.

“No-one’s directly measured this though, so we’re starting by investigating what sorts of thoughts people have about their cravings for alcohol,” she adds.

Tulloch’s research is currently open for people who are trying to cut down their drinking and are experiencing cravings for alcohol. Participants simply need to complete a 30-minute online survey. The survey will include questions of how much and how often you drink, what sorts of thought you have about your cravings, and how you feel about certain physical experiences. To participate, follow the link below.

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