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Bio Complete 3 – Save 33% on GundryMD Product

Gundry MD Product

bio complete 3

  • Promotes Gut Health
  • Contains Bacillus Coagulans
  • Free Shipping
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Discounts when bulk buying
  • Made by a professional Doctor

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Bio Complete 3

  • Made by Dr. Steven Gundry
  • Dr. Gundry is a seasoned heart surgeon
  • Gundry MS started in 2014

Medical Benefits

  • Helps reduce fatigue
  • Promotes stomach health
  • Contains tons of dietary fibers

What is Gundry MD bio complete 3?

Gundry MD Bio Complete 3 is a product created by Dr. Steven Gundry — the founder of Gundry MD. Gundry MD aims to help achieve human longevity and health through the unique philosophy and mindset of Dr. Steven Gundry.

Gundry MD is famous for its numerous products like Total Restore that can deal with leaky gut; Active Advantage, a product known for its antioxidant blend, and many more!

The product that we will be looking at today is Dr. Gundry MD Bio Complete 3 which is a unique blend of probiotics containing short-chain fatty acids, dietary fiber, and other food products that can help boost butyrate and help improve the gut lining.

What We Like About Gundry MD Bio Complete 3?

What fascinating us is that the product itself is effective as what it is advertised to do. The product contains ingredients known to help promote gut health and they are relatively safe with little concerning side effects.

Asides from this, Gundry MD has a very professional and easy-to-use website detailing all you need to know about the product. They also accept PayPal purchases which makes it very convenient for people without credit cards or debit cards to purchase the product.

And even though the product itself isn’t very cheap and affordable, the company goes out of its way to make sure that every bottle you purchase is worth it. They have a 90-day money-back guarantee on their products which reassures customers that they are buying something worth it. 

Lastly, we have to give praise to their customer support team. Not only do they help promote a healthy diet with Bio Complete 3 dietary supplements but the team behind the product is very reliable as well. The customer support team is very responsive and you can tell that they are doing their best to please their customers. 

Overall, Gundry Bio Complete 3 is an amazing product for better gut health and better health in general. The benefits that Gundry MD is simply too hard to ignore especially with their reliable customer support team, money-back guarantees, and free shipping.

Bio Complete 3 Ingredient Reviews – How can they Support Gut Health

Bio Complete 3 contains different ingredients ideal for promoting human health. Taking Bio Complete 3 with these ingredients is good for you which explains why a lot of people recommend taking the supplement as a part of your daily diet.

The supplement is made up of 3 main ingredients namely:

  • Tributyrin,
  • Bacillus Coagulans
  • Sunfiber

All of these ingredients are known for their quality and purity and they’re very effective as a dietary supplement.

Tributyrin (CoreBiome™ 1000 mg)

Tributyrin for one is known to be extremely good for the immune system as it is known to protect immune response as well as reducing oxidative stress[1]. It is a product of butyric acid which may be good for the gut lining as well.

Butyric acid is a well-known molecule[2] often associated with irritable bowel syndrome and relief from other gastric symptoms leading to an overall good gut or healthy gut. And although the molecule is widely known for its benefits and used in a lot of gut supplements, it still needs more research as it shows a lot of potential and properties not yet discovered.

A recent study[3] shows that tributyrin’s effect on the gut bacteria and blood metabolites on weaned piglets shows that it is very capable of increasing antimicrobial resistance to gut bacteria and it is effective in promoting gut health as well. The weaned piglets showed major improvements in the digestion of protein and led to overall better growth performance. 

There was also a higher concentration of insulin, glucose, and HDL fraction which suggests that tributyrin might have a regulatory effect as we. And as such the supplementation of tributyrin shows a lot of beneficial effects at least when it comes to weaning piglets.

Additionally CoreBiome™, Tributyrin is a form of Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) which is famous for its anti-inflammatory effects in CBD oil, and relevancy in dealing with inflammatory bowel disease.

Bacillus Coagulans (16 mg)

Bacillus Coagulans is a type of bacteria firstly isolated from spoiled milk[4]. The bacteria have probiotic effects which make them good in promoting better gut health. This probiotic drug has shown a lot of potential[5] in treating various gastrointestinal diseases like diarrhea which is one of the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, and many more. Bacillus Coagulans also gains its reputation for maintaining homeostasis of microbiota which helps aid digestion and promotes better gut health every day. 

It only contains 16 mg of probiotic bacteria but it’s more than enough in helping your immune system out every day.

Sunfiber (200 mg)

According to the website of Sunfiber itself, Sunfiber is the world’s most researched fiber and the plant has a lot of health benefits it can offer making it one of the more sought out dietary supplements that help make a difference in your health.

The site claims that the plant offers[6] health benefits like:

Being the most researched fiber, Sunfiber has tons of studies backing it up. One of the more prominent studies[7] involving it shows repeated consumption of Sunfiber affects gut microbes, fecal characteristics, and one’s digestive health. Results showed that as a dietary supplement, Sunfiber helps normalize stool consistency and improve overall gut health.

Lastly, Sunfiber may not directly reduce your belly fat but its ability to reduce cravings for unhealthy and healthy food alike is a good way to help with weight loss in general. 

Other ingredients

Asides from the main ingredients in Bio Complete 3, there are also minor ingredients that provide other health benefits like magnesium stearate, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, and many more ingredients needed for a good diet.

Does Bio Complete 3 Really Work?

Is Bio Complete 3 Scam Comments Real?

Bio Complete 3 isn’t a scam but there are some customers who are not pleased with the product calling it a scam.  The comments are simply customer reviews who didn’t like how the company does things or weren’t impressed by the final product.

Does it work?

Well, yes. Asides from negative reviews, there are tons of positive reviews as well. A lot of customers commend them for their customer service, effective products, and other services.

Having a 90-day money-back guarantee on their products also helps strengthen the product’s reliability and effectiveness as they are confident enough that they will help you and make your life better.  


Bio Complete 3 is an amazing product with a lot of pros to it. Its most notable benefits are its effectiveness for gut health, the qualification of its creator Dr. Gundry, and the amazing ways you can save money like with its free shipping and money-back guarantee if you find the product unappealing or lacking. 

  • Free Shipping
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Good customer support
  • Created by a former cardiac surgeon
  • Good for gut health
  • Contains probiotics


  • Some ingredients like Tributyrin have not had proper human tests so far
  • Expensive

There might be cause for concern on one of its ingredients Tributyrin. There are studies[10] backing it up as an effective supplement for gut health but these studies are more or less focused on animal trials.

Our researchers also found little actual human trials and testing of Tributyrin as a supplement but it still underwent some clinical trials[11] on the case of solid tumors, particularly of Refractory Prostate Cancer. So take the studies done on animals with Tributyrin with a grain of salt because animal physiology and human physiology isn’t one to one. 

Safety & Side Effects

bio complete 3

Bio Complete 3

Why is it better?

  • Good for gut health
  • Contains probiotics
  • Help deal with gut microbiota
  • Promote intestinal health thanks to good gut bacteria
  • Reduces glucose levels

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The majority of the ingredients used in Bio Complete 3  are relatively safe and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Tributyrin is used as an ingredient[8] by multiple food manufacturers while Sunfiber meets the definition of dietary fiber as defined by the FDA.

Bacillus Coagulans on the other hand has tons of benefits but being a bacteria it might cause some negative side effects to those seriously ill or whose immune system has been compromised. 

Although there are some cases where some products contain probiotics containing other harmful microorganisms. Bacillus Coagulans being a form of probiotic carries this risk but generally, so expect some symptoms like digestive problems like stomach pains or adverse reactions like allergies. 

However, probiotics are known to have a history[9] of being safe and they generally bring more benefits than harm. 

Bio Complete 3 Customer’s Review

In order to have a better understanding of the product and whether it’s worth buying or not, it’s good to have an unbiased perspective on it. This is why we’ll be taking a look at various customer reviews.

1 Star Review

“This company does not deal in good faith. We placed our order yesterday…less than 24 hours later, I called at 7 am, pacific time. I asked to cancel the order and was told it was too late to stop the shipment. This means we will have to pay for shipping back the products. I cannot believe that less than 24 hours later, they are not able to cancel the order. Please do your homework and read all the negative reviews about this marketing company!!!”

3 Star Review

“I only gave 3 stars because it is difficult to tell whether it is helping or not. I am dealing with IBS, which is very painful, and how do I know what is helping and what is not? On the other hand, I am consistently losing weight without trying, so something is working in that regard. Of course, that could be because for a couple months I could not eat anything. 

I am on my second bottle, and I can say my appetite is getting better, and I am not as tired and worn out. It is the only probiotic I am taking, so maybe it is helping. Maybe I’ll have to come back and give it 5 stars. I can’t see any reason to give up on it at this point. It certainly is not making me any worse.”

5 Star Review

“My system is so incredibly sensitive to literally everything. I have tried other probiotics that have caused skin or stomach issues. Bio Complete 3 is different. Results manifested around the 1.5-month mark: 

  • My BMs became awesomely predictable (2x/day)
  • I had more energy–no more slogging up a flight of stairs
  • Far less bloat meant a trimmer midsection which had plagued me since my mid-40s
  • My skin looks amazing–clear and bright! I’ve been using Bio Complete 3 for over 4 months now. 

Paired with clean, lectin-free eating and exercise, I am looking and feeling the way I used to in my early 30s:) I absolutely love this product!”

All reviews are subjective but hopefully by seeing the reviews above you’ll have a better understanding of the good and bad things this product brings.

Final thought

Bio Complete 3 is an amazing product made by a professional and well-respected doctor. It manages to get decently high scores from its customers with the occasional 1 and 2-star reviews from customers who didn’t like the product or simply experienced poor customer service. 

Now whether you should buy or try out the product yourself, it’s up to you and how much you’re willing to spend on this effective yet expensive product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bio complete 3 Really Work?

Yes it does. A lot of customers praise it for its effectiveness and the ingredients that it is made with are known to promote gut health.

What are the side effects of bio complete 3?

Some people might experience allergic reactions to its ingredients as well as constipation and thirst.

How does Bio complete 3 work?

Bio complete 3 is made up of ingredients that promote gut health. It has Tributyrin which increases resistance to gut bacteria, Sunfiber which helps reduce hunger and bloating, and Bacillus Coagulans which helps deal with various gastrointestinal diseases.

Is Steven Gundry a real doctor?

Yes he is. Dr. Steven Gundry is a former cardiac surgeon, author, and the creator of Gundry MD.

Is Bio Complete 3 backed by a refund policy?

Yes. Gundry MD products including Bio Complete 3 have a  90 day 100% money-back guarantee.

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