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Improve Your Health With Gundry MD Supplements – 2021 Product Reviews

Gundry MD

Top Gundry MD Products

  • Created by a doctor
  • Various skincare products and supplements
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Great customer reviews

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Gundry MD Supplements

  • Founded in 2/13/2014
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Located at 9465 Wilshire Blvd #300, Beverly Hills, CA 90212-2624

Medical Benefits

  • Boosts Energy
  • Improve digestions
  • Helps with weight loss

About Gundry MD Products

Gundry MD is a company founded by Dr. Steven Gundry, a former heart surgeon, and writer of “The Plant Paradox”, a book that promotes better health amongst its readers as well as being an amalgamation of Dr. Gundry’s years of medical experience as a heart surgeon and cardiologist.

Aside from this, the products of Gundry MD have been concocted by medical professionals as well as by Dr. Steven Gundry Himself. All of their supplements are designed to provide numerous health benefits to people like giving them more energy, improving arterial blood flow for the heart, aiding digestion, and many more!

Top Gundry MD Supplements & Skincare Products (February. 2021)

Quick Look Into Gundry MD Products 

Weight loss  

  • TriTrim — Suppress sugars, Blocks fat, Reduces unhealthy cravings
  • Gundry MD MCT Wellness — Boosts metabolism, Helps burn fats, Gives more energy


  • Energy Renew — Promotes all-day wakefulness, Defends you from free radicals
  • Total Restore  — Promotes good digestion, Reduces fatigue, boost energy
  • Proplant Complete Shake – Strengthens body, Helps lose weight, Helps provide more energy 

Digestive support 

  • Lectin Shield — Shields you from Lectins, Promotes regular bathroom visits
  • Prebiothrive — Reliable prebiotics, Balances Gut Flora
  • Olive Oil —  Good for the heart, Promotes good digestion, Rich-polyphenol

Overall health support

  • Bio Complete 3 — Tons of healthy benefits, Boost energy, Helps burn fats
  • Vital Reds — Concentrated Polyphenol Blend, Quick-Dissolve, Helps Skin Glow
  • Primal Plants — Supports heart health, Boost skin Health, Promotes overall health

Best Seller Gundry MD Products of 2021

Gundry MD Olive Oil

Gundry MD Olive Oil

The company isn’t limited to just Dr. Gundry supplements but also cooking products as well like the Gundry MD Olive Oil. This plant-based supplement contains ingredients that promote a healthy body like promoting blood flow and a healthier heart. It is highly advised that you use this product if you plan on cooking healthy food.

Being supercharged with polyphenols, Polyphenol Olive Oil can help improve one’s immune system, help worn-out muscles, and make the skin softer and more hydrated. Now you can enjoy cooking healthy foods without worries with Dy Gundry’s special Olive Oil!

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Gundry MD Bio complete 3

Gundry MD Bio Complete 3

If you’re having problems with your gut and want a product that can naturally help you with it, then Bio complete 3 is a suitable choice. It contains tons of prebiotics and postbiotics that help support a healthy gut and a better immune system.

Aside from this, it can dramatically help remove digestive issues, help remove belly fat and excess weight. It also gives the consumer more energy as well as it helps them get through a tiring day of work. Lastly, the product comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. We also have an insight into ingredients of Bio Complete 3 that can help with gut health you can read below.

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Gundry MD Total restore

Gundry MD Total Restore

Total restore is a product that gives its users multiple benefits. It contains natural ingredients that include L-Glutamine, Licorice root extract, and Grapefruit Seeds Extract that helps give natural energy to the user as well as improve overall health.

Aside from this, the product itself is very delicious thanks to natural flavoring as well like Organic Blueberry, Organic Cranberry, and so much more! The product itself also helps with digestive problems like bloating. Total Restore can also help reduce weight and improve a person’s mood as well. 

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Gundry MD Vital Reds

Gundry MD Vital Reds

Vital Reds is one of their best products when it comes to having healthier skin, more energy, and better overall health.  The product contains natural ingredients and is completely lectin-free.  

What makes Gundry MD Vital Reds so amazing is its polyphenol blend made out of 34 different types of superfruits like Aronia Berries, Grape Seed Extracts, Apple Pectin, and so much more!

Aside from this, the product can also help its users lose weight as well as it contains metabolic enhancing plant ingredients like Green Tea Extract and Bitter Melon Extract. 

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Gundry MD Energy Renew

Gundry MD Energy Renew

If you’re having a hard time keeping up with work and doing your daily tasks like you used to, then Energy Renew might be a good food supplement to take. As the name implies, this Gundry MD food supplement is a great choice.

It’s made out of ingredients that naturally boosts one’s energy and improves your overall health. It contains D-Ribose, N-Acetyl L-Carnitine, and a blend of polyphenols continuing different fruits and plant-based extracts like Goji, Pomegranate, Amia Jabuticaba, Hibiscus Flower Extract, and many more!

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Gundry MD Primal Plants

Gundry MD Primal Plants

Based on customers’ feedback and our experience, Primal Plants is probably one of their best products. It’s generally good for the people and a lot of people like it and it helps not only with dietary issues but also helps support your overall health as well.

This health supplement is one of the best examples of Dr. Steven Gundry’s book, the “plant paradox” as it contains tons of healthy plant-based ingredients that support digestion, give you more energy, enhance metabolism, and give you healthy-looking skin. It’s an amazing all in one package!

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Gundry MD TriTrim

Gundry MD TriTrim

If the reason why you’re going on a diet is to reduce weight and live a much healthier life, then TriTrim (Read on for more details) might be one of the few supplements that can help you in your endeavors. With this product, you might be able to see changes within your body in a few months.

Gundry MD TriTrim might be a little more expensive compared to other supplements on their website but this is because it’s made out of high-quality ingredients and compounds that block fat, carbs, and sugars. It also helps you from craving unhealthy food which is good for people planning to go on a diet.

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Gundry MD Lectin Shield

Gundry MD Lectin Shield

If you want a healthier gut and fewer digestive problems with the food that you eat, then it may be a good idea to take Lectin Shield. As the name implies, the supplement itself can help shield you from the harmful effects of Lectin which is a protein known for interfering with digestion as well as bringing other negative side-effects to the body.

Gundry MD Lectin Shield review also show its unique blend of compounds that can help remove lectins from affecting your health. It ensures that you can follow a proper and uninterrupted healthy diet that’s good for your body.

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Gundry MD Prebiothrive

Gundry MD Prebiothrive

Up next on this list, we have Prebiothrive (Read our full review). The formula concocted by the Surgeon Medical doctor, Steven Gundry himself. As a customer of this supplement, you’ll be pleased to know that this is a prebiotic made with good ingredients that can boost your health.

Created with ingredients like flaxseed, guar gum,  galacto-oligosaccharides, and many more! Expect Gundry MD Prebiothrive to give you reduced bowel discomforts, a balanced gut microbiome, and more energy to go from day to day. It’s one of the best prebiotics that Gundry MD has and it’s understandable since Dr. Steven Gundry himself made this formula.

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Gundry MD Proplant Complete Shake

Gundry MD Proplant Complete Shake

Proplant Complete Shake is a very delicious supplement ideal to be taken after a hard workout session. It contains multiple vitamins and minerals that will supplement your nutrition as well as multiple health benefits that Gundry MD products are known for.

Expect to get stronger muscles, a better mood, and a much easier time losing and managing your weight. Overall, Gundry MD Proplant Complete Shake is a product worth trying out.

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Gundry MD MCT Wellness

Gundry MD MCT Wellness

MCT Wellness is an amazing product especially for people who want to burn fat over time. If your diet is not working out for you, trying out this unique blend of caprylic acid might be a good idea.

As one of Dr.Gundry’s special formula, this supplement may help you live a thinner and more positive life. The powerful medium-chain triglycerides in the formula will quickly help burn fat as well as help their minds stay focused as well. And just like with other Steven Gundry supplements, it also boosts overall energy levels as well.

What We Like About Gundry MD?

Aside from providing amazing health benefits to their customers, there are a lot of positive things we have to say about Gundry MD. First of all, is the value of their products, their supplements are being sold at reasonable prices but the price can drop significantly thanks to the numerous discounts and coupon codes that they offer. 

Unlike some supplements out there, Gundry MD prioritizes using natural ingredients for their products. Their food supplements are mostly derived from fruits, vegetables, and various plant extracts. 

90-day money-back guarantee

A lot of Dr. Gundry reviews mention their 90-day money-back guarantee feature which shows confidence in the quality of their items.  This not only creates trust between consumer and consumer but also shows how capable they are as a company.

Easy-to-use Website

It’s also good to know that Gundry MD has an amazing website. The layout is easy to understand and you can read everything you need to know about the company and its items from there. It also helps that their pages are very organized and they even have pictures of some of the ingredients themselves!

Customer reviews

Lastly, we have to comment on Gundry MD for their honesty as well. Unlike some supplements out there, they don’t claim to be this wonderdrug or super supplement that will solve all your problems. They mention on each of their products that each individual is unique and as such, every person will react differently to their products.  

Their supplements aren’t the solution to everything and they make it as clear as day to their customers. Their transparency for this makes them more trustworthy and reliable in our eyes.

What We Don’t Like About Gundry MD?

With all the praise we are giving Gundry MD, you’d think that it was the perfect company selling us miracle cures and supplements. However, despite all of this, Gundry MD still has some flaws worth taking note of. 

One of the most noteworthy flaws about the product is the lack of lab results on the website itself. Their website might be amazing but it does not show us any lab tests for the product itself. They may be transparent about their products not working for everyone but we wish they’d be more transparent in sharing with us the proof on why these products will work in the first place.

Another thing to be wary of is that most Gundry MDs products aren’t approved by the FDA, which is normal for the supplement industry. This makes them less trustworthy as a company which is why a lot of people think that they are a sham and they’re selling us watered-down vitamins. 

Final Thought

Overall, Gundry MD is an amazing company that claims to improve its customer’s overall health. A lot of customer reviews and testimonials show that their products work and provide noticeable results.  But their lack of lab results and transparency might be something to take note of when planning to buy Gundry MD products.

Their products are generally safe and they are usually made out of natural ingredients that are known to improve one’s health. Most of their supplements help boost energy, improve mood, and aid in digestion. So keep this in mind if you’re having health problems like fatigue or indigestion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 Foods Dr.Gundry says to avoid?

Although they may seem healthy at first dr. Gundry advises people to avoid fruit, cereal, and milk products

Is Steven Gundry a real doctor?

Yes. Dr. Gundry is a former cardiologist and heart surgeon.

What supplements does Dr.Gundry recommend?

Dr. Gundry advises people to take vitamin D3 and long-chain omega-3 fats.

Where can I buy Gundry MD Products?

Best place to buy Gundry MD products is only through their Wellness Ambassadors website. Click on the link above to buy your favorite one.

What is newest Gundry MD Products

In 2020, Gundry MD introduces 2 products: Bio Complete 3 and Tritrim

Does Gundry MD total restore work?

Total Restore contains natural ingredients that include L-Glutamine, Licorice root extract, and Grapefruit Seeds Extract that helps with digestion, energy, as well as improve overall health.

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