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Thermofight X Reviews 2023 – Does It Help With Weight Loss & Alternatives

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Product Brand

Thermofight X

  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Keto-friendly
  • Thermogenic
  • Side effects can be easily avoided







Thermofight X

  • Next-generation fat burner
  • Made from the US
  • Units in few other countries
  • Money-back guarantee available

Medical Benefits

  • Helps weight loss
  • Helps burn fat
  • Boost metabolism
  • Increases energy

About The Brand

Most people suffer from excessive weight gain due to improper diet. When they change their lifestyle, they still struggle to lose weight. The excess body fat just does not go away. That is where fat burner supplements come to the rescue.

The fat burner named ThermoFit X is one of the weight loss supplements that provide your body with thermogenesis — the process where the body produces enough heat to burn fat and calories effectively. Thus, it is also called a fat loss supplement. What does this supplement offer? What are the company’s claims? Find answers to these questions in our It Works ThermoFight X Review.

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  • Improve sleep quality
  • May cause dizziness, headache or constipation
  • Not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers
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  • Block carbs and fat absorption
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  • May vomit if used incorrectly
  • May experience diarrhea or stomachache

What is Thermofight X?

It Works is a US-based company that manufactures ThermoFight X. It was started by Mark Pentecost, whose experiences have inspired his weight loss goals. Its manufacturing units already expanded to countries like Canada and New Zealand.

You can buy products like It Works ThermoFight X from their website without becoming an active member. However, the company is open to Distributors as well, where one should pay $100.00 for startup capital. This is an excellent opportunity for loyal customers, significantly if you can gain money.

It Works ThermoFight X is a new weight loss formula known to burn fat, and of course, help you lose weight. It is considered the next-generation fat burner. There are various claims that It works ThermoFight X holds. One of which is guaranteed weight loss.

Does it work for weight loss?

It Works ThermoFight X claims that this supplement is an excellent fat burner and can help your weight loss. Specifically, it claims that you may lose weight by around 31 pounds within three months.

The process is done by thermogenesis, where body fat-burning occurs through the chosen ingredients like caffeine and green tea extract. Its ketosis effect is another helping hand to help you burn fat due to the faster ketone generation.

Thermofight X Ingredients Review – How does it work? 2023

We cannot find the specific amount of the ingredients in this formula’s product info. However, we were able to gather information about all the ingredients. It includes Vitamin B12, Chromium, Raspberry Ketones, and Calcium.

There are also specific blends, which the company used: Trikatu, Caffeine blend, Proprietary Green Tea Blend, and Proprietary Thermogenic Blend.

Thermofight X Ingredients Review

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12  [1]is just one of the many ingredients in this weight loss formula. It is also common in other weight loss supplements in the industry. It can help you burn fat and increase your energy levels. It also helps your red blood cells stay healthy.

But do you know that Vitamin B12 affects your nervous system as well? Yes, vitamin B12 provides you more strength through the conversion of food into energy. It also directs your system to boost the metabolism but makes you stay full until your body can remove all the excess body fat.


Chromium’s common effect decreases your appetite, making you have fewer sugar cravings. Another role is to speed up the production of insulin in our body, helping you lower your blood sugar levels. Specifically, it turns food into energy, producing the amount of insulin needed by everyone.

Furthermore, it also assists lipid metabolism, making it a good fat burner. It is used as part of diabetes treatment.

For most chromium supplements, they use Chromium picolinate, one of the forms of Chromium. In the case of It Works ThermoFight-X, they use chromium dinicotinate glycinate. This type of chromium is more focused on weight loss and fat-burning duties.

Since our body cannot produce Chromium on its own, consuming foods rich in the said mineral plus weight loss supplements like It works ThermoFight X supplement can provide you enough. Aside from weight loss and fat-burning effects, it also helps to govern circulatory glucose. As a result, it helps us be at a lower risk of developing stroke and heart disease.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones[2] are another beneficial ingredient to aid weight loss and burn fat. It is commonly found in different tea extract, a complement to the green tea extract. Aside from its helping hand for weight loss and burning fat, it also facilitates energy levels, making you feel less tired than usual.


Calcium [3]is one of the main It Works ThermoFight x ingredients that provide our body with enough nutrients. Although several studies suggest that taking Calcium from foods is the best way to absorb it properly, Calcium in weight loss supplements is still an acceptable way to aid Calcium deficiency.

But what does Calcium do in our body? It is naturally linked to our bone health. However, it can do other pretty and unique things. As such, it can regulate or direct the body in terms of storing fat. Then the body will break it down more effectively, eliminating them from the body.


Trikatu is a combination of two of the pepper contents and ginger. It is present in Proprietary Thermogenic Blend, a formula specific to It Works ThermoFight X.

This combination is traditionally used for health issues related to the gastrointestinal and digestive tract. Such ingredients help the stomach produce enzymes needed for digestive health and the immune system.

These three ingredients primarily cause Thermogenics, where your body temperature may increase to release body fat. Thus, these are great ingredients to help you burn calories and prevent unwanted weight gain.

Caffeine blend

It Works ThermoFight X ingredients come with green coffee bean extract [4]with chlorogenic acid as an additional ingredient to the blend. As we all know, green coffee bean extract is an excellent stimulant, which helps you gain higher energy levels. Aside from that, it has also been linked to a faster metabolism and weight loss.

The great thing about this caffeine blend is its chlorogenic acid [5]content. Chlorogenic acid is a kind of anti-oxidant that fights toxins. Simultaneously, it helps our body reject or eliminate body fat stored in our system.

Additionally, chlorogenic acid helps the body absorb excessive amounts of glucose, preventing you from developing high blood sugar levels. Lastly, it also facilitates lowering the blood pressure levels for people who are close to becoming hypertensive.

Proprietary Green Tea Blend

As the name suggests, the Green Tea Blend comes from the green tea leaf extract[6]. Its compound substances are a great complement to coffee bean extract.

Green Tea contains antioxidants, helping your body fight toxins caused by viruses or bacteria. Indeed, this also helps increase your energy level and assist your metabolism.

Specifically, it is commonly described as a diuretic ingredient, as it contains an extremely low number of calories. It contains flavonoids, a substance that can increase fat oxidation levels.

It also contains some amount of caffeine. Therefore, this gives you a chance to stay awake most of the time.

Proprietary Thermogenic Blend

The Proprietary Thermogenic Blend is a unique blend made by It Works, specific to ThermoFight X. Its primary purpose is to complete its weight loss formula. It consists of five different substances. They are black pepper, cayenne pepper: jalapeno pepper, cinnamon, and ginger.

Noticeably, there are three types of pepper compounds present in this blend. These pepper compounds contain many antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and burning properties that help fight many undesirable effects of our unconscious, unhealthy diet.

First is their burning properties, which helps our body burn fat, especially those not needed by our system. Second is their antioxidant properties, fighting against free radicals and other micro bacteria present inside our body. The third is their inflammatory properties, making us feel relaxed due to the reduced inflammation we were once unaware of. Cinnamon and ginger also contain additional probiotic components, which help fight infections, burn fat, decrease cholesterol levels, and decrease blood pressure.

Alternatives to Thermofight X

In any case, which you would want to look for an alternative to ThermoFight X, PhenQ is what we can recommend. PhenQ has a similar goal with ThermoFight X — to help you burn fat and lose weight. With Wolfsonberg Ltd as its manufacturer, its ingredients also include pepper compounds. 

PhenQ also has the same side effects as potential side effects when it is not taken according to the recommended dosage. There is not so much difference we can find, aside from having a different set of ingredients. Nevertheless, rest assured that both PhenQ and It Works ThermoFight X are safe to use.

Health Benefits & Side effects of Thermofight X

In any weight loss supplement, health benefits and side effects could always be present. It works ThermoFight-X comes with no exception. Thus, here are the health benefits, side effects, and precautions you may consider before trying any supplement.

Health Benefits

Based on studies regarding the It works ThermoFight-X ingredients, we can say that the company’s claims are valid. For instance, it is an effective weight loss product that can help burn body fat and calories. Aside from being the next-gen fat burner, it also helps our body fight toxic substances.

Moreover, all ingredients can increase your energy levels and support thermogenesis. As a result, you lose weight without losing your desired energy and feel less tired. In this sense, you can finish all your tasks within the day without feeling burnt out.

There are other hidden health benefits available in this supplement. For instance, it makes you feel less heavy, not only because of weight loss and fat burning but also due to the reduced inflammation that the product brings. Additionally, it reduces or regulates blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and blood cholesterol.

Is it safe?

It Works ThermoFight X is generally safe to use even if it includes specific potential side effects. There are only certain groups of individuals, who we don’t recommend using the product. However, this applies to ThermoFight-X and other weight loss supplements available in the market.

For instance, we do not recommend weight loss supplements to pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding their babies. We also do not recommend these to customers under 18 years. Moreover, be aware if you are allergic to caffeine. This product may not be for you.

Furthermore, know if you have a pre-existing health condition. If that is your case, consult your doctor first. This way, you will avoid further complications or unexpected bodily chemical reactions during the intake.

Nevertheless, the product is safe to use by most of us. The ingredients are pure, potent, and natural. There are no potential additives included and are non-GMO.

Side Effects

Generally, weight loss supplements do not have serious side effects. In ThermoFight X, most of the side effects are cost by the caffeine content present in the supplement.

Some of these side effects include increased heart rate, problems falling asleep, and certain digestive comfort. Therefore, avoid taking this if you do not have caffeine tolerance. Nevertheless, this is still an effective tool to help your body burn fat and lose weight.

Pros & Cons


  • Non-GMO and keto-friendly ingredients
  • Money-back guarantee available
  • Manageable side effects


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Not best suitable for caffeine-sensitive individuals

Where to buy Thermofight X?

The best way to purchase ThermoFight X is by ordering it through the It Works website. This is to avoid scams. However, the product is also available in popular retailers like Amazon.

You can also purchase It Works ThermoFight X through an individual distributor. However, there is a risk of you having to sign up with a subscription forcefully. Some do this just to earn money from you.

You can purchase It Works ThermoFight X in one, two, or three bottles. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, giving you an entire one-month supply. One bottle comes with the lowest price, but you can save more money by creating an account for a Loyal Customer Program.

Besides, creating an account for membership will make you qualified for free shipping, unless you live outside the USA and other countries where the company’s units are available.

Just in case you think the product is not working for you, you can avail of a refund or money-back guarantee. All you can do is reach out to customer support within 30 days and ask for it. You may be able to return unused and unopened items as well.

How to use Thermofight X

The recommended dosage of It Works ThermoFight X is one capsule twice per day. Be sure to take it with meals to not experience digestive discomfort.

Most of It Works ThermoFight X users take it during breakfast and lunch. This is considered as the best way to use it since it contains caffeine, which may make you stay awake at night if you take it in the evening.

Having it in the daytime will let your body have sustainable energy throughout the day. However, you can still take one in the morning and another with your dinner.

It is essential to increase your water intake by taking weight loss supplements. That includes It Works ThermoFight X. This way; your body will be able to absorb every nutrient it contains effectively.

It is also worth noting that all weight loss supplements are best effective when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Having said that, it is also recommended to continue your daily exercise and adjust your diet by choosing foods that are low in calories and fat.

Thermofight X Review: What real users say?

We gathered some It Works ThermoFight X reviews from real consumers, and here are some things we got. First, ThermoFight X did not show any side effects for many users. Instead, it only helped them to lose weight and burn body fat.

For instance, one customer reported, “I was so nervous to have lots of weight but by having this tablet ThermoFight X I am feeling so glad to have it. This is great, and it helps me to lose weight rapidly. This is great for our health without any side effects. ThermoFight X has no side effects and great instant burner. I recommend everyone to use this once in life.” -Macy, ThermoFight X customer

One customer named Lori already tried different weight loss products before. Here is what he had to say, “I was depressed and got so much disappointed by using lots of pills, and I didn’t get the result. My sister looks after ThermoFight X and suggests me to use this. When I used these pills, I was so glad to have them in my life due to these pills changing my life.”

Specific to burning fat, here is another statement from another user named Nathan shares his customer review . “Glad to have these ThermoFight X pills in my life. It makes you slim and immediately cuts fats. This is great for our health. ThermoFight X cuts my fat and burns my fatness of the body. It dehydrates my body and gives me a slim figure. This is great for my health and suggests everyone lose weight from this.” 

The bottom line – Should we use it?

We recommend It Works ThermoFight X weight loss supplement as many users have gone through it. In each ThermoFight X review, users stated that they experience positive results. FOr instance, they are saying that ThermoFiht X can help you lose weight, burn fat, and gain more benefits.

Some other website’s research teams say that clinical studies are still quite lacking, but customers live proof of its efficacy. Also, it is currently monitored by the Better Business Bureau. Thus we cannot find stars from them at the moment. However, clinically proven weight loss ingredients are what the company utilizes in manufacturing the product. Therefore, it is safe to use, and you can recommend it to your friend as well.

Though results may vary from one person to another, we can guarantee you a chance that this formula can result in the fat loss you were aiming for. If you want, you can sign up to become a distributor and earn money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ThermoFight X legit?

Yes, ThermoFight X is legit. Many people have used it and reported positive results.

What are the side effects of Thermogenics?

Many people can tolerate the effects of thermogenesis. However, some experience a few side effects. Some of the thermogenic potential known side effects include nausea, constipation, certain digestive discomfort, and headache.

Does ThermoFight X give you diarrhea?

ThermoFight X may cause diarrhea, but only if you are sensitive to caffeine. Thus, if you know you are intolerant of these substances, it is best to avoid such kinds of supplements. That way, you will not suffer from these unexpected results.

When should you take ThermoFight X?

You can take ThermoFight X twice a day, one pill per serving. Many take it one in the morning and one during lunch. However, you can still bring it during breakfast and one during your dinner.

How long will I see the results?

For any supplement, results may vary from one person to another. The company It Works says that you may attain the best results within three months, but it may be different to some.

Can ThermoFight X decrease my blood sugar level?

Some ThermoFight ingredients can decrease your blood sugar level, but this is not the supplement’s primary goal. Nevertheless, you can still leverage this health benefit.

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