06:33am Monday 24 February 2020

Doctors perform first robotic cystectomy at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital

John Boon, M.D. and Henry Pham, M.D.  John Boon, M.D. and Henry Pham, M.D.

Using the da Vinci® S Surgical System, Dr. Pham and Dr. Boon, urologists on staff at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital,performed the first robotic cystectomy in Fort Bend County. With the robot, Dr. Pham and Dr. Boon are able to remove part of the bladder or the entire bladder using tiny incisions, leaving the healthy tissue undisturbed.

“A da Vinci cystectomy is comparable to the traditional open approach in terms of cancer control, but with minimal recovery time,” said Dr. Pham. Just as with open surgery, after the bladder is removed the surgeon will create a new path for the urine to be stored and leave the body.

Patients are able to return home to their families after a shorter hospital stay. The quicker recovery time also allows patients to return to work and normal activities sooner. In addition, there is reduced scarring, minimal discomfort and less need for pain medication. All of this is possible with the state-of-the-art technology that Methodist Sugar Land Hospital provides for our community.

“Our Robotics Surgical Program complements our goal of extending minimally invasive surgery to the broadest possible base of patients,” said Becky Chalupa, Associate Chief Nursing Officer. “The da Vinci® S Surgical System can be used for a multitude of procedures, including, but not limited to: prostatectomy (removal of the prostate), nephrectomy (removal of the kidney), hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), myomectomy (removal of uterine fibroids), coronary artery bypass, mitral valve repair and colorectal surgery.”

“The robotics program is a continuation of Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s commitment to bringing the services of the medical center home to Fort Bend County, as well as finding and applying the most precise, most beneficial surgical techniques to put patients on a quicker road to recovery with better outcomes,” said Dr. Pham.

To make an appointment with Dr. Boon, Dr. Pham or other specialists using robotics technology, call Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s physician referral line 281-274-7500 or visit MethodistSugarLand.com.

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