05:23am Sunday 07 June 2020

Jewish Orthopaedic Care Research Leads to New Protocol that Benefits Patients Undergoing Total Joint Replacement

Jewish Orthopaedic Care teams are using transexamic acid, a medication that works to reduce blood loss, for patients undergoing total knee and hip replacement surgeries.  Their research showed the use of the medication protocol reduced the number of patients who required a blood transfusion dropped from 14 percent to 2 percent in total knee replacement surgeries. The study will be submitted for consideration to The Journal of Arthroplasty.

“Our research has led us to introduce this treatment protocol to other orthopeadic surgeons in our healthcare system,” said Arthur Malkani, M.D., orthopaedic surgeon, Shea Orthopaedic Group, Jewish Physician Group.  “In addition to the overall health benefits to our patient, this protocol benefits our entire system.  By reducing the number of transfusions needed, we can preserve blood supply and save valuable health care resources for other patients.”

“The mortality rate is higher for patients who require a blood transfusion and those patients don’t do as well,” said Jiapeng Huang M.D., Medical Director of Anesthesia, Jewish Hospital Medical Campus.  “Eliminating the need for a blood transfusion is safer for the patient and reduces overall medical costs affiliated with the procedure.”

In addition, patients who require a blood transfusion during or after total joint replacement may be hospitalized longer and have a higher risk of prosthetic joint infection.

Jewish Hospital performs more than 800 total knee and hip replacements each year.

Decreasing the incidence of blood transfusion is one of the steps Jewish Orthopaedic Care has implemented to further improve out outcomes in patients undergoing hip and knee replacement.

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