01:17am Monday 25 May 2020

Can Multimedia Lead to More Informed Decisions on Prostate Cancer Treatment?

The Cancer Information Service Research Consortium (CISRC) is supporting the study by providing the software to a group of patients in the study to learn if having a multimedia resource helps them determine their treatment pathway.
A diagnosis of prostate cancer can be overwhelming, and having to choose which treatment option is best for the patient is even more challenging. There are numerous options available with positive long-term treatment outcomes and patients typically desire therapy that will have the least impact on their quality of life.
“Having a discussion about treatment options is difficult for a patient who is still absorbing the shock of their diagnosis,” says Dr. Diefenbach. “We hope that providing this multimedia software will help patients and their families be fully engaged in their treatment discussions and make an informed decision with their doctor.”
The multimedia program includes interviews with leading prostate cancer experts and survivors, a discussion of the available treatment options, and a virtual notebook so patients can keep track of which elements of treatment are important to them.
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) provided funding for the CISRC study. Dr. Diefenbach’s team hopes to recruit 800 participants. Patients will be divided into two groups and each group will receive a packet of information regarding their diagnosis. One group will receive the free, multimedia program created by Dr. Diefenbach and printed material, and the other will receive printed material only.
“This study is designed to empower patients to take charge of their diagnosis and find the most suitable option for themselves,” continued Dr. Diefenbach. “Not only can the multimedia program help patients and their family members who enroll, their participation will help those who are diagnosed in the future.”
Patients interested in participating should call toll-free (866) 258-7981 to learn more. Patients will be interviewed briefly before receiving further information. A follow-up interview will take place several months later. Those not qualifying for the study will be directed to other resources to help them with their questions. To be eligible to participate, the patient must have a recent diagnosis of prostate cancer and not have chosen any treatment.  
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