11:31pm Tuesday 14 July 2020

New Spinal Cord Injury Clinic Fills a Gap in the Region

Now, people with spinal cord injuries have a new option—the recently launched UC Health Spinal Cord Injury Clinic, based at Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care.

“Too often, the medical needs of people with spinal cord injuries fall through the cracks,” says Angela Stillwagon, DO, who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation. “Family doctors don’t offer specialized services, yet patients no longer need to see a neurologist or surgeon. There was a hole. That’s where the new UC Health Spinal Cord Injury Clinic comes in. We offer the understanding and TLC they deserve. We provide medical interventions that can truly improve their quality of life.”

The Spinal Cord Injury Clinic includes a multidisciplinary team that sees the patient in one day, at one location, and can address the needs that might arise from the spinal cord injury. Interventions are supervised by physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians who focus on musculoskeletal injuries. 

The clinic provides a full scope of services, including physical therapy to address individualized level of function and education on up-to-date treatment options, skin care/wound care and urology services.

Based on the patients’ needs determined at the clinic, additional follow-up services can be provided, such as:
Pressure mapping for custom wheelchair seating and positioning.
ReWalk™ and Ekso™ exoskeleton devices that help patients with spinal cord injuries stand up and walk. 
Warm water pool for gravity-elimination resistance to help with strengthening and posture.
Wellness classes.
Functional e-stim(electrical stimulation).
Occupational therapy.
Physical therapy.

Carolyn Preston was injured in a car crash four years ago that left her paraplegic. She lives an hour away in Felicity, Ohio, and was one of the first patients to participate in the Spinal Cord Injury Clinic. She was thrilled that she could have all of her medical needs addressed in one visit.

“I have been struggling for years with physicians. No one was ever on the same page,” Preston says. “But when I met with the physicians at the UC Health Spinal Cord Injury Clinic, they all understood what was going on and how to treat it. I was treated with kindness, respect and integrity.”
Media Contact:     Keith Herrell, 513-558-4559 Patient Info:     The Spinal Cord Injury Clinic is based at Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care, 151 W. Galbraith Road. To schedule an appointment, call 513-418-2707.

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