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Whether it’s chronic pain, neuropathic pain, depression, psoriasis, etc., pain demands to be felt. But sometimes, the pain never seems to end. Even with endless visits to the hospital, dozens of prescriptions designed to make you feel better but leave you dependant, weekly therapy appointments, we find ourselves needing a more viable and natural solution to our pain.

When CBD became legalized, there has been a media frenzy on whether and how CBD helps with various conditions. We, the hempire, have proposed bringing the right research about CBD, how it works, and its benefits at your fingertips.

We cover all the facts surrounding CBD has a medical drug, and objectively work towards educating people on the unique benefits and side effects of CBD.

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Keith J. Myers is Editor in Chief of the Health Canal. He has overseen and directed the editorial growth and skill of this website since 2012. Before joining Health Canal, Keith was a writer and editor who covered topics in CBD, health, science, and wellness.