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Maximuscle Thermobol Reviews [UK] 2023: Ingredients, Pros & Cons

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Maximuscle Thermobol




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  • Fat metabolizer.
  • Informed Sports certified for banned substances.
  • High in B vitamins.
  • Supports lean muscle development.
  • Free delivery on orders over 40 Euros.
  • Boosts energy levels.
  • May boost mental health.

Brand Information

  • Founded by Zef Eisenberg.
  • The company opened in 1995.
  • British company.

Medical Benefits

  • Fat burner supplement.
  • Promotes lean muscle growth.
  • Enhances energy levels.
  • It may boost mental focus.

About The Brand

A huge number of food supplements available are fat burners. These supplements help users lose weight fast, gain lean muscle mass, enhance energy levels to get through intense workouts, and more. And so, welcome to our MaxiMuscle Thermobol review!

One of the top sports supplement manufacturers is MaxiMuscle, which provides a variety of goods, including protein bars, protein powders, and other supplements like Thermobol Lean.

But there is a catch when using food supplements as fat burners!

While supplements can be a helpful addition to a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to remember that they should never replace regular exercise and a varied and balanced diet. In this review, we’ll delve into the effectiveness of Thermobol and whether it lives up to its claims of being a powerful fat metabolizer.

The product is Informed Sports certified, making it one of the few on the market that athletes can use competitively. The brand uses natural flavors in this supplement, which are third-party tested.

What Is Maximuscle Thermobol?

To assist you in achieving your lean muscle gain goals, Thermobol is a potent fat metabolizer that has been meticulously formulated using scientific research. Caffeine and various plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals are among the ingredients in a special combination,  giving you more energy to support your training and exercise goals.

Whether you go to the gym or the street for your daily walk routine, Thermobol may be the best fat burner supplement to help you enhance your workouts and achieve your goals. If you’re seeking to shed some pounds, sharpen your mind, build leaner muscle, and boost your energy, this pill may be a fantastic choice.

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Maximuscle Thermobol

Best Reputation

Maximuscle Thermobol

  • Fat metabolizer.
  • Informed Sports certified for banned substances.
  • High in B vitamins.
  • Supports lean muscle development.
  • Free delivery on orders over 40 Euros.
  • Boosts energy levels.
  • May boost mental health.

Does It Really Work?

Supplements that burn fat, like MaxiMuscle, can function in several ways, and various variables may influence their efficacy. A fat-burning supplement’s efficiency may depend on the ingredients in it. Caffeine, green tea extract, and capsaicin have all been found to increase metabolism and fat oxidation.

Green tea and cayenne extracts, L-tyrosine, bitter orange peel powder, caffeine, B vitamins, and chromium, to name a few, are all ingredients in this supplement. They may work together to assist a user in losing weight, as well as offer other advantages that we shall discuss later.

The second factor is that the dosage of these ingredients also matters because too little or too much could have undesirable, or no, effects. The dosage of each ingredient is listed on the label, so finding out more about the dosages is easy with a quick search.

The efficiency of fat-burning supplements may also depend on usage frequency and individual factors like age, gender, weight, and general health. Healthy lifestyle elements incorporated into your fitness journey, including dietary choices and exercise routines, can also affect how well such a fat-burning supplement would work.

So, does this supplement work?

How you use it and how your system embraces it will determine if the answer is no or yes. So much so, we advise that before using it for any weight management goals, you MUST seek medical advice from a medical expert.


  • Informed Sports certified.
  • Fat-burning supplement.
  • May boost energy levels.
  • Promotes lean muscle growth.
  • May enhance mental focus.
  • May be used as a weight management supplement.
  • Free shipping on orders above 40 Euros.


  • Fairly expensive weight management supplement.

Maximuscle Thermobol Ingredients

This fat burner has 11 ingredients, consisting of vitamins, plant extracts, and amino acids. In a nutshell, B vitamins, such as the B12 included in the formula, help the body convert food into energy and may also help with appetite suppression.[1]

Some plant extracts may have weight loss benefits due to the active compounds they contain. In this formula, green tea is high in antioxidants called catechins, which may increase fat oxidation and boost metabolism. Capsaicin in cayenne may also increase metabolism and reduce appetite.

The amino acid, L-tyrosine, is beneficial, as its widely studied benefit is mental health.

Maximuscle Thermobol Ingredients

Here is the entire ingredient list, with more information about what each can do for a person on a health and fitness journey using Thermobol:

Bitter Orange Peel: 325 milligrams

Some studies have suggested that bitter orange peel powder may have a small effect on weight loss, but a recent systematic review[2] and meta-analysis could not substantiate this, and more research is needed to confirm these findings.

This peel powder contains synephrine,[3] a stimulant that may increase energy levels. However, it is important to note that synephrine may also have some potential side effects, such as increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Caffeine Anhydrous: 130 milligrams

Athletes may perform at their peak during practice and competition if they consume caffeine,[4] which can provide an energy boost and alertness.

It may enhance physical performance by boosting the body’s production of adrenaline, which can help it produce more power and strength. It also helps prevent fatigue and increase endurance.

Finally, caffeine may boost mental performance by enhancing attention and focus,[5] which can be advantageous for demanding activities like team sports or endurance competitions.

Cayenne Extract: 0.1 milligram

The cayenne extract may increase blood flow[6] and dilate blood vessels, enhancing circulation. As healthy circulation is crucial for supplying oxygen and nutrients to the muscles during increased activity, cayenne may be advantageous for users of this supplement.

In certain studies, the key ingredient in cayenne extract, capsaicin, has also been linked to increased fat oxidation[7] and metabolism. Weight loss and enhanced physical performance may result from this.

Capsaicin may lessen inflammation[8] and numb nerve endings to offer pain relief. This might be helpful for athletes and users who endure joint pain or sore muscles.

Chromium Picolinate: 66 micrograms

Increasing insulin sensitivity[9] via chromium may help the body maintain normal blood sugar levels. Chromium may aid in muscular growth[10] by improving the efficiency of insulin, which is crucial for transporting nutrients to the muscles, including potassium which is needed at the cellular level.

Please note that more research is required to substantiate the findings of several studies that suggest chromium may accelerate fat removal and promote weight loss.

Green Tea Extract: 100 milligrams

Green tea extract in MaxiMuscle Thermobol Lean might boost fat oxidation[11] and metabolism, aiding in weight loss and enhancing physical performance. Due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics,[12] it may help minimize muscle pain and enhance recovery following exercise. Along with caffeine, it may also increase concentration and focus, which may improve mental performance.

Guarana Seed Powder: 12 milligrams

Natural guarana[13] is innately high in caffeine and is sometimes used as a natural stimulant. And so, some of its notable benefits for the Thermobol Lean user are increased energy, improved mental performance, weight loss, and enhanced physical performance in their exercise regime.

Guarana seed may also offer pain relief, immunity-boosting properties, and improved digestion.

B Vitamins

The B vitamins in this supplement are Vitamin B1 — 1.1 milligrams, Vitamin B5 — 5.4 milligrams, Vitamin B7 — Biotin, 40 micrograms, and vitamin B12 — Cyanocobalamin 2 micrograms. Here is what each offers a user:

  • Vitamin B1 — thiamin: Vitamin B1 helps the body convert food into energy[14] and may also support nerve function.[15] It may benefit athletes who need a quick energy boost, such as during long-distance running or endurance events.
  • Vitamin B5 — pantothenic acid: Vitamin B5[16] supports the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and it may also help with the production of hormones and cholesterol. It may benefit athletes who need support for their metabolisms, such as during weight training or bodybuilding.
  • Vitamin B7 — biotin: Vitamin B7 has a job similar to vitamin B5. It may benefit users who need support for their metabolisms, such as during intense workouts.
  • Vitamin B12 — cyanocobalamin: The body needs vitamin B12[17] to turn food into energy, and it may also help with nerve function, just like thiamine. You can find it useful if you require a rapid energy boost while you break a sweat. It is mostly contained in foods made from animal sources, so it may also be crucial for vegetarians and vegans.


Last but not least, we have L-tyrosine, an amino acid. L-tyrosine is important as it is the precursor of neurotransmitters[18] such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. Because of this, it significantly helps with relieving stress and anxiety, boosting energy levels, regulating mood, and improving mental focus. Besides that, it also has anti-inflammatory properties[19] that allow users to heal faster from muscle fatigue and promote new muscle growth.

The other ingredients in the formula are:

  • Maltodextrin.
  • Bulking agents — calcium phosphate, cellulose.
  • Glazing agents — hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, talc,[20] polydextrose.
  • Medium chain triglycerides.
  • Anti-caking agents — silicon dioxide, magnesium salts of fatty acids.
  • Colour — titanium dioxide.

Alternatives To Maximuscle Thermobol



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  • Boosts mental focus.
  • Contains proven ingredients.
  • Free shipping.
  • Only available on the brand’s official site.
  • Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.


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  • Boosts energy and burns fat.
  • Suppresses appetite.
  • Only available on the brand’s website.
  • It may take longer to work for some people.
Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout

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  • Accelerates metabolism and burns fat.
  • Suppresses appetite.
  • Contains scientifically-proven ingredients.
  • Only available on the brand’s website.
  • The pills are large to swallow comfortably.

Health Benefits Of Maximuscle Thermobol

Here are the purported benefits of MaxiMuscle Thermobol tablets:

  • Weight and fat loss.
  • Improved energy levels in the gym.
  • Better mental focus.
  • Boosted metabolism.
  • More lean muscle growth.

Potential Side Effects

The potential side effects of most supplements that claim to burn fat stem from the ingredients found in them. Other possible adverse effects may arise if you overdose or use a counterfeit product. These last causes can be avoided if you use the food supplement as instructed and if you acquire a legit product.

Here are the potential side effects based on the ingredients:

Bitter orange peel powder may have potential risks, including interactions with certain medications and negative side effects such as dizziness, headache, and increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Caffeine and guarana seed powder can cause jitters, insomnia, increased heart rate, and high blood pressure.

Cayenne extract powder may cause digestive upset, burning sensations, and allergic reactions.


The company recommends taking up to three tablets with water daily to get the best out of this supplement. The tablets should be split evenly, i.e.,  taken evenly throughout the day. Because of the overlap of ingredients, if you also use Promax Lean, keep your intake of these products, combined daily, to three servings to stay within the advised dosage of their respective ingredients.

Maximuscle Thermobol UK Review: What Do Real Users Say?

Multiple MaxiMuscle Thermobol reviews are available from different clients and on various sites. We used Amazon’s client review page in this review, and here are some of the comments:

Loreta says that the supplement delivered as promised on strength and energy.

I bought these pills at Holland and Barret first and then at Amazon, I can say that they are very strong and I note the effect fast. I personally use them before training and it makes the difference bringing me more resistance, strength, and endurance as well they cut your desire to eat so are good for weight management so I can recommend them, especially in combination with Weight training.


There were more positive remarks praising the effectiveness of this sports supplement. Nonetheless, the most liked effect was its energy boosting, seconded by mental acuity, then weight loss.

The only negative remarks left on the page pointed to the fact that some users saw its use as an expensive long-term endeavor, while others reported receiving a counterfeit. The latter is common when purchasing something other than the official brand or from an authorized channel.

Stopped buying this product to it more than doubling in price. I have now switched to drinking green tea during my workout! Far, far cheaper, and effective.

This brand got too greedy for my liking.

Dj A

Meera hardman speaks on getting the wrong product:

I haven’t seen the results yet but I received a totally different container…


Final Thought

From the last section of this MaxiMuscle Thermobol review, it’s clear that the product pleases most users. Regardless, combining such supplements with regular exercise and a balanced diet is still important.

Before using any sports supplements, including the MaxiMuscle Thermobol, research properly and consult a dietitian.

MaxiMuscle Thermobol has a formula with the best-selected and proven ingredients, all free of any banned substance. Certified by Informed Sports, MaxiMuscle Thermobol’s claim of being an effective energy booster and fat metabolizer is likely accurate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to consume Maximuscle Thermobol?

Yes, it is. It is Informed-Sport certified, meaning it is devoid of any banned substances.

Where can you buy Maximuscle Thermobol?

You can buy Thermobol from the brand’s official site or from verified vendors on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

How does Maximuscle Thermobol work?

This supplement stimulates several bodily functions that promote weight loss, like appetite suppression and accelerated fat metabolism.

How long does Thermobol take to work?

The reaction time to all users is unique, but by the 8th week, you should be feeling or seeing some differences in your mental and physical health.

When should I take Thermobol?

You should take Thermobol’s dosage of three tablets, split evenly throughout the day. Drink it with lots of water.

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