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New treatment for obesity developed

Researchers at the University of Liverpool, working with a global healthcare company, have helped develop a new treatment for obesity. ...

Green tea offers promising results for obesity

In the future, a cup of tea may be just what the doctor orders to reduce the cognitive impairments associated with obesity. ...

New research reveals obese individuals can't switch off from food

A new study has revealed what many health care professionals have long suspected, that obese individuals have a specific difficulty in directing their own attention away from unhealthy foods, when compared to the rest of the population. ... Full story

New Model for the Treatment and Prevention of Obesity in the United States

Without radical changes, U.S. obesity rates will remain unacceptably high ... Full story

Cincinnati Children’s Scientists Publish Proof of Concept Of Noninvasive Therapy for Obesity-Related Diseases

Scientists at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center have demonstrated the feasibility of using ultrasound as a non-invasive therapy to destroy fat – a development that may lead to new treatments for metabolic syndrome. ... Full story

Childhood obesity prevention program rolls out state-wide for term four

With Christmas and the season of indulgence just around the corner Queensland families are urged to sign up to a free state government-funded healthy lifestyle program being run state-wide from the beginning of term four. ... Full story

Almost a third of South Aussies ‘to be obese by 2019′

by Marketing and Communications - Nearly a third of South Australians will be not just fat, but obese by 2019. ... Full story

Combating obesity as a market failure

ANN ARBOR—The obesity epidemic is growing and becoming ever more costly in the U.S. and other industrialized countries. Generally, that is where agreement ends on the subject. ... Full story

Study shows that food may be addictive: research indicates food craving is ‘hard-wired’ in the brain

An international group of researchers have found that food craving activates different brain networks between obese and normal weight patients. This indicates that the tendency to want food may be ‘hard-wired’ into the brain of overweight patients, becoming a functional brain biomarker. ... Full story

A metabolic master switch underlying human obesity

Researchers find pathway that controls metabolism by prompting fat cells to store or burn fat. ... Full story

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