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A metabolic master switch underlying human obesity

Researchers find pathway that controls metabolism by prompting fat cells to store or burn fat. ...

Aspirin reduces obesity cancer risk

Research has shown that a regular dose of aspirin reduces the long-term risk of cancer in those who are overweight. ...

Eating ‘on the go’ could lead to weight gain, new research finds

In a new study published today in the Journal of Health Psychology, researchers from the University of Surrey have found dieters who eat ‘on the go’ may increase their food intake later in the day which could lead to weight gain and obesity. The findings from the study also showed that eating while walking around triggered more overeating compared to eating during other forms of distraction such as watching TV or having a conversation with a friend. ... Full story

Heavy smoking may lead to increased waist circumference

Heavy smoking may result in a relative increase in waist circumference, according to a new study led by the University of Bristol. ... Full story

Hot chilli may unlock a new treatment for obesity

University of Adelaide researchers have discovered a high-fat diet may impair important receptors located in the stomach that signal fullness. ... Full story

New USC research center to examine causes of childhood obesity in low-income populations

Exposure to pollution and social stresses suspected to be among the key factors ... Full story

Believing you are overweight may lead to further weight gain

People who recognise they are overweight or obese are more likely to put on weight than those who are unaware that they may be heavier than doctors would advise, according to research by the University of Liverpool. ... Full story

More obesity among the less educated in rich countries

In rich countries, obesity is more common among the lower educated, whilst in poor countries, obesity is more common among the higher educated. This was shown in a new study from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, which confirms earlier research. ... Full story

Soybean Oil Causes More Obesity Than Coconut Oil and Fructose

UC Riverside scientists found mice on high soybean oil diet showed increased levels of weight gain and diabetes compared to mice on a high fructose diet or high coconut oil diet ... Full story

Community to drive local response to obesity prevention

A community-led approach to improve the long-term health of residents in the Yarriambiack Shire was launched in Warracknabeal today (Friday 17 July). ... Full story

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