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Next generation must learn lessons of obesity epidemic

The third Big Question event focused on finding an answer to the obesity epidemic ...

New drug promising in the prevention of obesity

A new drug derived from a chemical found in olive oil appears to reduce the adverse effects of a high fat diet. ...

Despite Efforts, Childhood Obesity Remains on the Rise

By Duke Medicine News and Communications ... Full story

Recommendations from WHO’s Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity has presented its consensus report with a set of recommendations that are likely to be most effective at tackling the rising trend of children being overweight and obese. The recommendations are accompanied by specific actions and responsibilities for the different actors to support a more successful implementation. ... Full story

What is really to blame for the obesity epidemic?

A panel of academic experts will discuss the issues at the root of the obesity epidemic ... Full story

Globe’s rising obesity, diabetes rates no surprise to Samoa researcher

As someone who has studied nutrition and health in Samoans over the last 40 years, Brown University public health researcher Stephen McGarvey provided data for new publications on the global trends in obesity and type 2 diabetes reported in The Lancet. ... Full story

Treating sugar addiction like drug abuse: QUT leads world-first study

With obesity rates on the rise worldwide and excess sugar consumption considered a direct contributor, the search has been on for treatments to reverse the trend. Now a world-first study led by QUT may have the answer. ... Full story

Sweet cherries could alleviate obesity-related inflammation

Clinical trials to investigate the anti-inflammatory capacity of sweet cherries, in a bid to prevent and treat obesity-related inflammation, are due to start this year. ... Full story

Australia losing war on obesity and alcohol

Australia is losing the war against alcohol and obesity because it lacks a comprehensive approach to prevention, according to leading public health experts. ... Full story

Worldwide trend towards obesity continues

by Koh - Only four decades ago, there were twice as many underweight people than obese people in the world. However, this situation has changed dramatically over this relatively short period. ... Full story

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