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Support for GPs critical to manage and prevent obesity

New research suggests GPs need more support to help them meet national guidelines to tackle obesity. ...

Exercise key to fighting fat in the liver and gut

Overweight people should exercise rather than count kilos if they want to reduce their risk of liver disease, diabetes and cardiovascular problems ...

Obesity-related receptors have a unique structure

A collaboration led by Shigeyuki Yokoyama of RIKEN and Takashi Kadowaki and Toshimasa Yamauchi of the University of Tokyo has used the SPring-8 synchrotron facility in Harima, Japan to elucidate the structure of two receptors of adiponectin, a protein that is associated with obesity and diabetes. The researchers hope that in the future this work, which was published in Nature today, will pave the way toward designing drugs that target these two receptors, AdipoR1 and AdipoR2, to reduce the early mortality associated with diabetes. ... Full story

Stress and Obesity: Your Family Can Make You Fat

University of Houston Study Examines Relationship Between Chronic Family Adversity, Adolescent Obesity ... Full story

Obese grandmothers increase risk for children

Being healthy during pregnancy will affect grandchildren ... Full story

Risk factors associated with overweight cluster already in children

Lifestyle-related cardiometabolic risk factors cluster already in children in the same way as in adults, according to research from the University of Eastern Finland. A cardiometabolic risk score was used to evaluate cardiometabolic risk in different age groups. ... Full story

Study Promotes Bone Growth as Possible Therapy for Osteoporosis and Obesity

Joshua Hare, M.D., Director of the Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute at the Miller School of Medicine, has co-authored a new study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation demonstrating that mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) create bone cells by triggering a biochemical switch that determines whether cells will become fat or bone. ... Full story

Educating China's elderly to fight obesity in the young

Academics from the University of Birmingham are engaging with grandparents in China, to help tackle the increasing problem of obesity amongst Chinese children in a trailblazing public health programme. ... Full story

From Soda Bans to Bike Lanes: Which “Natural Experiments” Really Reduce Obesity?

Banning sodas from school vending machines, building walking paths and playgrounds, adding supermarkets to food deserts and requiring nutritional labels on restaurant menus: Such changes to the environments where people live and work are among the growing number of solutions that have been proposed and attempted in efforts to stem the rising obesity epidemic with viable, population-based solutions. But which of these changes actually make an impact? ... Full story

No Evidence That Los Angeles Fast-Food Curbs Have Improved Diets or Cut Obesity

A Los Angeles ordinance designed to curb obesity in low-income areas by restricting the opening of new fast-food restaurants has failed to reduce fast-food consumption or reduce obesity rates in the targeted neighborhoods, according to a new RAND Corporation study. ... Full story

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