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Hope for the overweight

Neuherberg, Germany - The body has different types of adipose tissue that perform various metabolic tasks: white, beige and brown. For ...

Research finds more young men are obese than previously thought

Deakin University research has revealed that more young Australian men are likely to be obese than previously estimated. ...

Strategies identified to improve oral contraceptive success with obese women

PORTLAND, Ore. – The findings of a new study suggest two ways to effectively address the problem that birth control pills may not work as well in obese women, compared to women of a normal body mass index. ... Full story

Overweight and obese preschoolers lose more weight and keep it off when parent is also treated

Parental involvement is an important part of treating overweight and obese preschoolers, says Teresa Quattrin. ... Full story

JOEH: Obesity Linked to Low Endurance, Increased Fatigue in the Workplace

New study investigates ergonomic effects of obesity-related functional performance impairment ... Full story

Parents Rank Their Obese Children as “Very Healthy”

A University of California, San Diego School of Medicine-led study suggests that parents of obese children often do not recognize the potentially serious health consequences of childhood weight gain or the importance of daily physical activity in helping their child reach a healthy weight. ... Full story

A new link between obesity, inflammation, and insulin resistance

Obesity-linked inflammation can lead to insulin resistance, metabolic disease and type 2 diabetes ... Full story

When it comes to food, obese women’s learning is impaired

By Karen N. Peart - Obese women were better able to identify cues that predict monetary rewards than those that predict food rewards, according to a study by Yale School of Medicine researchers and their colleagues in the journal Current Biology. The findings could result in specific behavioral interventions to treat obesity. ... Full story

TILDA Study Finds 4 out of 5 Over 50s in Ireland are Overweight or Obese

The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) highlights the consequences of high rates of obesity for health and health service demand in the over 50s in Ireland ... Full story

BUSM Study: Obesity May Be Impacted by Stress

(Boston) – A new study shows that stress may play a role in the development of obesity. Using experimental models, researchers at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) showed that adenosine, a metabolite released when the body is under stress or during an inflammatory response, stops the process of adipogenesis, when adipose (fat) stem cells differentiate into adult fat cells. ... Full story

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