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Men likely to gain weight after losing jobs prior to retirement

ANN ARBOR—People who lose their jobs late in their careers are at risk of gaining weight—especially men, according to a new University ...

Insulin-sensitive fat leads to obesity

Study shows that a cellular sorting protein disrupts fat metabolism by recycling molecular receptors for insulin ...

Does a sweet tooth affect sugar intake?

It has long been known taste plays an important role in many of our food choices, but what if we knew whether having a so-called “sweet tooth” did indeed lead to a sugar habit? ... Full story

Molecule Required for Pain Also Helps Regulate Body Weight

Janelia scientists find that a molecule best known for its role in pain perception also plays an important role in regulating body weight. ... Full story

How much you weigh as a teenager is linked to your risk of heart failure in early middle age

Research that followed more than 1.6 million Swedish men from adolescence onwards between 1968 and 2005 has shown that those who were overweight as teenagers were more likely to develop heart failure in early middle age. ... Full story

Does weight loss surgery help with problem eating habits?

More Australians are turning to surgery to help treat obesity – but once their surgery is over, what impact does it have on patients' eating habits in the long term? ... Full story

Breaking the Cycle of Obesity

Adequate folate levels in obese pregnant women may substantially reduce risk that their children will become overweight or obese ... Full story

Copper is Key in Burning Fat

Berkeley Lab scientist says results could provide new target for obesity research ... Full story

Changes in dieters’ social networks may undermine weight-loss efforts

Efforts to lose weight may be unsuccessful because of an important mismatch between the social contacts created by individuals desiring to lose weight, and the factors that are actually beneficial for achieving weight loss goals, according to a Yale study. ... Full story

Alternating diet between high fat, balanced may help control obesity, study finds

Researchers at the University of Georgia's College of Pharmacy have discovered that alternating between a high fat and a more nutritionally balanced diet at regular intervals may help prevent or treat obesity and its associated metabolic disorders. They published their findings recently in the journal Scientific Reports. ... Full story

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