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With a global focus, covers wellness news, health promotion, and aims to protect the public. has promoted healthy lifestyles, educated consumers, and conducted research on illnesses and injury prevention to safeguard and enhance community health.

HealthCanal content and experiences are developed following strict editorial and healthcare guidelines to ensure accuracy, currentness, and clarity. HealthCanal’s assets, which include websites, applications, social media platforms, and partner publications, are financed by selling adverts that show up on them.

Our editorial staff only posts factually accurate content that is supported by evidence. The authenticity and trustworthiness of all of our publications are unaffected by any of our sponsors.

In collaboration with our sponsors, HealthCanal may provide co-created or branded content and host sponsored content. There is always a clear indication of this content.

The entire procedure we employ for marketing and advertising is detailed below:

We Review Ads

The categories of advertisements accepted and shown on HealthCanal are at our sole discretion. We have the right to reject, revoke, or remove any ads at any moment and for any justification. Any time an advertisement is rejected, canceled, or removed, we promptly notify the advertiser and include a justification. Additionally, we reserve the right to choose where advertisements on HealthCanal should be displayed.

We Do Not Endorse Any Ads

Even though adverts for merchandise may appear on our website, our approval of any ad in no way constitutes an endorsement by us of the marketed product(s) or service(s) or of the manufacturer, distributor, or promoter of such product(s) or service(s). The editorial staff at HealthCanal occasionally rates or ranks particular goods or services. Without considering any potential financial or advertising ties to the businesses that offer the product or services, the editorial team(s) alone determines these ratings or rankings.

We Separate Ads and Editorial Content

We always maintain a clear distinction between editorial content and adverts. Every advertisement on a HealthCanal property is unmistakably labelled as such. Resource centers with sponsors are identified as such and have their names displayed. A user can visit an advertiser’s website or a sponsor’s resource centre housed on a HealthCanal website by clicking on an advertisement.

We Differentiate Sponsored Content and Editorial Content

Producers, other service providers, and reliable research institutions are all sought after as sponsors, and HealthCanal may benefit financially from sponsorships. Still, our consumers also gain access to up-to-date knowledge on medical procedures, drugs, and therapies.

Our strict editorial policy also applies to all editorial content that an advertiser has sponsored. The team from Medical Affairs is also involved in approving this content. HealthCanal benefits financially from sponsorships, but our consumers also access up-to-date information on medical procedures, drugs, and therapies.

We Distinguish Partner Programs Clearly

On occasion, HealthCanal will collaborate with goods, services, or groups that share our goals. HealthCanal evaluates the caliber of these goods, services, or establishments and only offers what it considers beneficial to the user and in their best interest. 

HealthCanal does not provide the goods or services mentioned on these pages, nor does it medically evaluate the content. Any such partner material will be marked with dialect stating that it did not go through our conventional editing process and that it complies with the rules of the Ad and Sponsorship Policy. The page may also display a disclaimer that HealthCanal and partners may take a share of sales revenue if you buy a product using a link provided.

We Focus on Affiliate Marketing

Our health and well-being editors will link to relevant products they believe our readers might find helpful during the blog entry creation process. While each product is selected individually, you should be aware that HealthCanal might get paid if you shop at the retailer’s website within a day of tapping on one of our links.

We Do Not Accept Specific Ad Types

Any factually false advertisement in our personal view will not be accepted. Only accredited indications, as ascertained by the Food and Drug Administration, are recognized for pharmaceutical advertising. Products that are advertised must be easily accessible and on the market.

At any time, HealthCanal will not allow the posting of any ads for dangerous, prohibited, or objectionable goods or services as follows:

  • Ads cannot promote alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, fireworks, gambling, firearms, ammunition, sexual material, political campaigns, fake news, or emergencies.
  • Advertising content that misrepresents, disparages or targets a person or group based on age, national origin, color, race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or disability is prohibited.
  • Ads shouldn’t contain threatening, deceitful, defamatory, or disparaging information.

The advertiser must be identified in all advertisements. Any advertisement that might be mistaken for editorial content will be marked as such.

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