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Web app prompts important sexual health testing

ANN ARBOR—A personalized web app designed to encourage young men at risk for sexually transmitted diseases to go for testing has proven ...

Many LGBT medical students choose to stay ‘in the closet,’ study finds

A survey has found that 30 percent of sexual minority medical students hide or don’t reveal their sexual and gender identity, often ...

If you could clone yourself, would you still have sex?

OPINION: Imagine how easy life would be if you could produce offspring without a mate. Sexual reproduction is the most common mating system in the animal kingdom. But in many species, females do not require males to produce offspring – they can reproduce asexually. ... Full story

Marital ‘Long-Timers’ Have a ‘Slight Rebound’ in Sexual Frequency after 50 Years, Study Finds

WACO, Texas - While people in the early years of marriage have sex more frequently, and their sexual activity tapers off over time, a modest rebound occurs for those whose marriages endure longer than half a century, according to new research. ... Full story

The surprising truth about the lives of gay men in Victorian England

Victorians more liberal than their Sixties counterparts, study suggests ... Full story

Expert: 50 Shades of Grey spikes online porn consumption among women

New research reveals women are consuming a greater volume and variety of pornography than ever before thanks to the success of the 50 Shades of Grey franchise. ... Full story

Is there harm in sexting?

Researcher offers insight and advice ... Full story

Large numbers of teenage girls experience sexual coercion in relationships

More than four in ten teenage schoolgirls in England* have experienced sexual coercion, new research by University of Bristol academics launched today [11 February] reveals. Most were pressured to have sex or other sexual activity, and in some cases, this included rape. ... Full story

Swedish Researchers Question Treatment of Infertility with Stem Cells

New studies by Swedish researchers at institutions including the University of Gothenburg and Karolinska Institute are questioning the notion that infertility can be treated with stem cells. ... Full story

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Could Protect Liver from Sepsis-Induced Damage, Says Pitt Team

PITTSBURGH – Drugs that are on the market to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) could have another use—they might be able to protect the liver from damage caused by sepsis, a systemic inflammatory response to infection, say researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. ... Full story

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