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‘Overwhelming tide’ of rulings in high courts supporting same-sex marriage, UB law expert says

“I have always believed that same-sex couples should have the right to marry,” says Michael Boucai, UB associate professor of law. ...

Puberty blues - are hormones really to blame?

A world-first study that is unraveling the effects of puberty hormones on teenage mood, behaviour and social well-being will be discussed as ...

MIT announces steps intended to minimize unwanted sexual behavior

President Reif: “Sexual assault violates our core MIT values. It has no place here.” ... Full story

New findings will improve the sex lives of women with back problems

Newly published findings from the University of Waterloo are giving women with bad backs renewed hope for better sex lives. The findings—part of the first-ever study to document how the spine moves during sex—outline which sex positions are best for women suffering from different types of low back pain. The new recommendations follow on the heels of comparable guidelines for men released last month. ... Full story

Conference to analyse whether pornography is truly ‘sexually liberating’ for women

University of Leicester to host ‘Performing Sexual Liberation’ conference on Friday 24 October ... Full story

Expunging convictions for gay sex: an old wrong is finally righted

by Dr Paula Gerber - Almost two years ago, The Conversation published an article, “Wiping the slate clean: historic convictions for gay sex must be expunged”. ... Full story

Flinders scientist discovers origins of sex

by Marketing and Communications -The first act of copulation in our distant ancestors. ... Full story

Are Male Brains Wired to Ignore Food for Sex?

Choosing between two good things can be tough. When animals must decide between feeding and mating, it can get even trickier. In a discovery that might ring true even for some humans, researchers have shown that male brains – at least in nematodes – will suppress the ability to locate food in order to instead focus on finding a mate. ... Full story

Let’s Talk Month Poll Shows Parents Need to Be More Direct and Specific with Teens About Sexuality and Relationships

October marks Let’s Talk Month, aimed at getting families talking about sexuality and relationships, and this year the Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health (CLAFH) at New York University’s Silver School of Social Work, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America are emphasizing how important it is for parents to go beyond “the talk” and have ongoing conversations throughout their children’s lives. ... Full story

Are antimicrobial condoms the new frontier against STIs? Not quite…

OPINION: Australian biotech company Starpharma has announced the imminent launch of a condom coated with an antimicrobial chemical known as VivaGel. While it might be marketed as a great leap forward for preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs), it’s unlikely to offer any more protection than your average condom. ... Full story

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