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Sleepy Fruitflies Get Mellow: Sleep Deprivation Reduces Aggression, Mating Behavior in Flies, Penn Study Finds

PHILADELPHIA - Whether you're a human, a mouse, or even a fruitfly, losing sleep is a bad thing, leading to physiological effects ...

Researchers identify protein in mice that helps prepare for healthy egg-sperm union

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have discovered a protein that plays a vital role in healthy egg-sperm union in mice. ...

Study: Implicit Bias Against Lesbians, Gays Decreasing Across Demographic Groups

The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling legalizing marriage between same-sex couples in all 50 states follows on the heels of national polls showing rapid cultural changes in attitudes toward lesbian and gay people. A new University of Virginia study confirms this, showing that not only are Americans’ conscious and unconscious biases against lesbian women and gay men decreasing across all demographic groups, but the trend also appears to be accelerating. ... Full story

Women's sexual risk-taking in tourism focus of new study

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Relaxing beach vacations are perfect for sexual experimentation with a steady partner, while group tours and sightseeing trips are the ultimate contexts for casual sex with acquaintances or strangers, women said in a new survey. ... Full story

Age doesn’t dull damselflies' love lives

Aging damselflies never lose their libidos and are just as likely as younger competitors to mate. ... Full story

Postmenopausal Women With Depression or Urinary Incontinence Experience Vaginal Symptoms Affecting Daily Life

UCSF Researchers Recommend Special Efforts Be Made for Identification, Treatment ... Full story

Researcher finds men strip for self-esteem boost

CU Denver researcher says self-esteem is a primary reason male exotic dancers continue to strip ... Full story

New study by Case Western Reserve University social work researchers links prenatal cocaine exposure to adolescents engaging in sex by age 15

Since 1994, researchers at Case Western Reserve University have studied mothers—some who used cocaine while pregnant and others who did not—to understand how the drug affected their children’s cognitive and social development. ... Full story

Is Viagra for women on horizon?

Aspen Ideas Fest panel, including Dr. Guntupalli of the School of Medicine, discusses potentially ground-breaking drug ... Full story

Attractive female flies harmed by male sexual attention

Too much male sexual attention harms attractive females, according to a new Australian and Canadian study on fruit flies. ... Full story

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