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In the Sex Lives of Male Lab Worms, One Gene Makes a Big Difference

For tiny nematode worms of the species Caenorhabditis elegans, males are rare and generally irrelevant in nature. That’s because the vast majority ...

Debates around sex industry based on 'sexist stereotypes', says report

More than a third of UK escorts advertising on a prominent website identify as male or trans, with more than two-thirds advertising ...

Harmonic pillow talk

Zebra finches change their call communication pattern in groups according to their reproductive status ... Full story

‘Post-sex blues’ hit nearly half of women

Nearly half of women have experienced "post-sex blues", QUT research has found. ... Full story

Otago research shows which neurons flip fertility master switch

New Zealand scientists have achieved another milestone in their world-leading efforts to understand the neural mechanisms underlying the brain’s master control of fertility. ... Full story

Princeton releases survey findings on inappropriate sexual behavior

A recent survey of Princeton University students found a sizeable majority knows where to go on campus for help following an incident of nonconsensual sexual contact, and nearly half of the students surveyed think they can do something about sexual violence on campus. ... Full story

Chapman University Publishes Research on How Number of Sex Partners Differ by Gender, Height, and Body Mass

Chapman University has published research on how many sex partners people have relative to their height and body mass. The study focused on 60,058 heterosexual men and women asking each to indicate their height, weight, and how many sex partners they have had. ... Full story

Standard treatment better than potential alternative for unexplained infertility

Clomiphene more effective than letrozole for achieving pregnancy, NIH funded study finds ... Full story

Does having a visible difference impact upon intimate relationships? Participants sought for new study

Researchers at UWE Bristol's Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) are conducting a research study examining the experiences of intimacy and intimate relationships amongst adults who have an altered appearance or an appearance altering condition (a 'visible difference'). ... Full story

Heterosexuals react better when gays and lesbians ‘come out’ early

Same-sex attracted people are justified in mentioning their partner’s gender early in a conversation, as it could prevent people from becoming fixated on sexuality and deeming it a defining characteristic. ... Full story

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