More Young Children with ADHD Could Benefit from Behavior Therapy

Behavior therapy recommended before medicine for young children with ADHD ...

ADHD Treatment for Young Children

About half of young children 2 to 5 years of age receiving care for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are not receiving psychological services, ...

Sleep loss in early childhood may contribute to the development of ADHD symptoms

DARIEN, IL – Short sleep duration may contribute to the development or worsening of hyperactivity and inattention during early childhood, suggests a research abstract that will be presented Tuesday, June 14, in Minneapolis, Minn., at SLEEP 2011, the 25th Anniversary Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC (APSS). ... Full story

Study finds no increased risk of autism, ADHD with prenatal antidepressant exposure

An analysis of medical records data from three Massachusetts health care systems finds no evidence that prenatal exposure to antidepressants increases the risk for autism and related disorders or for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In their report being published online in Translational Psychiatry, the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)-based research team finds evidence that any increased incidence of autism or ADHD found in previous studies was probably associated with the severity of the mother’s depression – a known risk factor for several neuropsychiatric disorders – and not from antidepressant exposure during pregnancy. ... Full story

Stimulants Used to Treat ADHD in Children Associated with Low Bone Density

Stimulants commonly prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children are associated with low bone density, according to a new study by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators. ... Full story

Study reveals a basis for attention deficits

New findings could help scientists develop treatments for ADHD and other disorders. ... Full story

Increasing ADHD Rates May Be Linked to Heightened Academic Expectations for Young Children

A new study led by Jeffrey P. Brosco, M.D., Ph.D., professor of clinical pediatrics at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, has identified a possible correlation between the prevalence of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and increasing academic demands on young children. In an article published last month by JAMA Pediatrics, Brosco hypothesized that increased academic standards since the 1970s have contributed to the rise in diagnosis of ADHD. ... Full story

Persistent ADHD Associated With Overly Critical Parents

High levels of criticism over time related to continuation of symptoms, study says ... Full story

UVA Evaluates ADHD Medicines to Reduce Highway Crashes

The study will test how people with ADHD perform in driving simulations while using two different medications. ... Full story

Lead Exposure Linked to ADHD in Kids with Genetic Mutation

Exposure to miniscule amounts of lead may contribute to ADHD symptoms in children who have a particular gene mutation, according to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. ... Full story

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