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Bipolar disorder

People with bipolar disorder more than twice as likely to have suffered childhood adversity

•Better understanding of risk factors that can be used to improve detection and treatment urgently needed •People with bipolar disorder are 2.63 times ...

Can cellphone use predict manic episodes in bipolar disorder?

Sharon Parmet A cellphone app that measures typing speed and spell-check overrides may be able to predict manic and depressive moods in people diagnosed with bipolar ...

Group psychoeducation offers 'early intervention' for bipolar patients

Structured group psychoeducation sessions could be more successful in treating patients in the early stages of bipolar disorder than standard peer-support offered by the NHS and the voluntary sector, research has found. ... Full story

New clue to how lithium works in the brain

Biologists find a possible explanation for why the drug helps bipolar patients. ... Full story

Scripps Florida Study Lays Groundwork for Potential Bipolar Disorder Therapies

JUPITER, FL – Bipolar disorder, which affects nearly eight million Americans, takes a toll not only on patients, but also on their families and communities. ... Full story

Child maltreatment predicts negative outcomes in bipolar patients

Child maltreatment could predict a range of negative outcomes in patients with bipolar disorder (BD), according to new King’s College London research, which adds to growing evidence on the enduring mental health impact of childhood abuse and neglect. ... Full story

Depression and obesity common among bipolar patients with exhausted stress system

New observations show that older bipolar patients often have decreased activity in the hormone system responsible for the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol. Low levels of cortisol in bipolar patients were also associated with depression, low quality of life, obesity, dyslipidaemia and metabolic syndrome. These discoveries could provide important clues as to how treatment strategies for depression and bipolar disorder can be improved, according to a dissertation at Umeå University. ... Full story

International team of scientists detect inherited traits tied to sleep, wake, and activity cycles associated with severe bipolar disorder

DALLAS – – In the first study of its kind, a team of international scientists led by UT Southwestern Medical Center and UCLA researchers has identified a dozen inherited traits related to sleep, wake, and activity cycles that are associated with severe bipolar disorder. ... Full story

Possible mechanism for specific symptoms in bipolar disorder discovered

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet, and the Sahlgrenska Academy at Gothenburg University in Sweden have identified a gene variant linked to psychotic symptoms and cognitive impairment in people with bipolar disorder. The study, which is published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, describes a possible mechanism for how the gene variant produces clinical symptoms by affecting levels of specific proteins in the brain. ... Full story

Human trials suggest ‘rescued’ drug could be safer treatment for bipolar disorder

A drug destined for the scrap heap has been rescued by Oxford scientists, who may have found it a new role in treating bipolar disorder. ... Full story

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