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CBDMD Reviews

  • THC-free
  • Third-party laboratory
  • Cultivated in the USA
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Superior broad spectrum

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About The Brand

This company is an American owned and based company straight out of Charlotte, North Carolina. They offer free shipping to all of the 50 states. So not only will you receive products that work you can get them shipped to you for free.

If a brand that’s American made is important to you then you will want to really dive into all this company has to offer. They have tons of athletes and people in the entertainment and sports industry that can back them up and provide testimony to how wonderful their products really are.

If that’s not enough to sway you try the products for yourself after you read our reviews. They have drops, capsules, gummies and so much more to offer to you. They will provide relief for sore and stiff muscles and joints. If that’s the relief your seeking then give CBD MD a try today!

In cbdMD, they are focused on providing two things which are quality and innovation. Their aim is to produce the industry’s highest-quality CBD while using state-of-the-art extraction and preparing techniques.

They always source their hemp plants in the USA and highest-quality hemp. They use state of the art industry’s most sophisticated manufacturing methods. That is why their CBD oil is the first choice of many people who want a natural relief to their medical concerns.   

cbdMD is a unique CBD oil supplier because they manage hemp from its seed form to marketing.  Truly they are aiming for quality because they are hands on to the plant’s entire life cycle. To make sure they got the perfect location to grow hemp, they visited 3 continents, 14 countries, and 8 states. This is very important because good soil composition, perfect climate all year round, strict growing standards, and domestically sourced hemp are equal to high quality produce. 

Top Product

CBDMD Oil Oral Tinctures_1

Why It’s Better?

  • Great flavor
  • Potency Strength options
  • Easy to use

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What do We like?

They offer a money-back guarantee because the happiness of their customers is their number one priority. If you’re not satisfied with the product you purchased and don’t get the desired results you can return it for a complete refund within a 30-day time frame.

They use products that are 100% natural and free of GMOs. If it is important for you to verify that no harsh chemicals were used during the extraction process and to ensure the oil is potent and pure the company has lab tests to prove these results are accurate.

They are the founders of National CBD Day and also are the preferred and go-to brand for MMA fighters like Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans. And other athletes like Kerri Walsh, Steve Smith, Jonathan Stewart, Lolo Jones, Bubba Watson, Jacob Bailey and many more. Meaning they are well known throughout multiple industries outside of the cannabis industry.

As far as products go they receive high reviews for quality. Not only does the oil flow smoothly it is also without color and undiluted. Meaning it is pure and ready for use by the customer. 

They get their hemp sources from farms that follow the strict protocol set by the Kentucky Department of Agricultures Industrial Hemp Program. Because of this program, the farmers and companies associated with it have become known as the ”gold standard” of the cannabis industry.

They use the CO2 extraction method which is an expensive extraction method but leaves all of the health benefits intact during the extraction process. They do offer different flavor options for customers like natural, orange, mint, and berry.

Which is helpful in masking the slightly earthy taste that cbd oil can have at times. They offer a variety of difference potency strengths in case a certain one doesn’t work for all of your needs. 

They offer 300mg, 750mg, 1,000mg, 1,500mg, 3,000mg, 5,000mg, and 7,500mg options for you to choose from. With that many strength options, you should be able to find one that will work well for you.

Top 5 CBDMD Reviews

CBDMD Oil Oral Tinctures – Best CBDMD Oil

CBDMD Oil Oral Tinctures_1

If you want the oil to take effect as quickly as possible then using a form of cbd that can be taken sublingually is your best option!

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The oral tincture is like the quarterback of all of this companies products. The drops are 100% organic and all-natural. Meaning they contain no GMOs or other harsh products that would interfere with the end result.

The lab results provided on the website allow you to see the exact purity and potency levels of all of their oils. Their CBD oils work well for stress, chronic anxiety, pain, muscle soreness, stress, and chronic anxiety. While some dosages are lower than means they would have a mild effect. And the higher doses would probably produce a stronger effect as far as controlling and minimizing different ailment symptoms.

You can get the drops in four different flavor options natural, mint, berry, and orange. Which can cover up the off-putting taste that oils can have at times. There are 30milliliter and 60 milliliter sized bottles that customers can choose from. And as well as bottle size they are various potency strength options that you can choose from.

Being stored in a bottle with a dropper makes the entire package easily transportable and discreet. CBD oil tinctures can be placed directly under the tongue and keep it there for one to two minutes. If you are a first timer, they recommend taking it daily for at least 30 days to observe its effectiveness.  

 While CBD oil that is administered under the tongue is the fastest-acting method, you can add them to your favorite drinks and food. For example, you can add it to your beverages, cookies, sauces, protein bar, etc.

CBDMD Gummies – Best CBDMD gummies

CBDMD Gummies_1

If you want the effects of CBD without people noticing then you should try these gummies.

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Not CBD gummies are created equal. Why must you choose their gummies? cbdMD’s CBD gummies are the only CBD gummies containing what they called Superior Broad-Spectrum CBD formula. This formula contains CBD isolate from hemp grown in the USA that uses non-GMO farming techniques, cannabinoids and terpenes.

All their products are lab-test to ensure quality, safety, and no detectable levels of THC. All their gummies are vegan and gluten-free. They only use organic sweeteners and oils with natural flavors. They also offer CBD gummies with vitamin C to cover your daily vitamin C.

This form of cbd is preferred by people that are constantly on the go and don’t have the time to stop and measure out proper doses to take. It can be nerve-wracking and awkward to try to measure a cbd dose in the middle of a restaurant or office while others are watching you.

However, no one will think twice if you’re merely chewing on gummy candy. They will probably think you’re taking a daily multivitamin or something of the sort. If you suffer from stress during the day or need relief from insomnia then it is highly recommended that you use these to combat those particular issues. These gummies are premium made and 100% natural.

You can choose from four gummy flavor options like orange, strawberry, raspberry, and tropical. Most of those gummies come in a 30 count bottle and are sold at an affordable price.

CBDMD Bath Bombs – Best bath bombs by CBDMD

CBDMD Bath Bombs_1

If you would like to kick back, enjoy a luxurious bath, and perhaps a glass of wine then you need to try one of these bath bombs!

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CBDMD is committed to giving you the highest-quality CBD products at an affordable price and it includes their CBD bath bombs. In their bath bombs, they use only CBD extracted from non-GMO hemp grown in the USA to ensure it is THC-free.

These bath bombs like many others are extremely soothing and relaxing when you use them. However, you won’t get the same effect that you would if you use the oral tinctures that the company has to offer to customers.

They produce the effects that you would achieve if you were at an actual spa. The calmness and relaxation coupled with aromatherapy. There are a few different formulas that you can choose from to try like rejuvenate, rise, and restore.

These are great for helping you melt the stress of the day off after soaking for merely 45 minutes. They come in six different colors and scents to choose from and can be wonderful for soothing aching and sore muscles.

Their CBD bath bombs are very easy to use! Just: fill your tub with water, drop in your bath bomb, sit, soak, and enjoy! For an amazing experience, they recommend a 30-minute soak. It is great if having trouble sleeping, using a CBD bath one or two hours before bed may be especially helpful.

CBDMD PM For Sleep – Best CBDMD Product For Sleep

CBDMD PM For Sleep_1

If you need extra help getting to sleep at night then you should try this product made especially for sleepless nights!

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CBD PM is a blend of cbdMD’s CBD oil and melatonin. Melatonin a hormone that helps regulate your sleep cycle. It also has chamomile flower, valerian root, and cascade hops. This amazing combination of CBD oil and melatonin help induce calm while promoting a more restful night’s sleep.

The main component of  CBD oil for sleep is our proprietary Superior Broad-Spectrum CBD extract. This THC-free formula includes pure CBD from non-GMO hemp, along with cannabinol, and terpenes, to bring you the benefits of full spectrum CBD without the THC risks. Every batch has always undergone third-party ISO-certified lab testing so it is safe to use.

Lots of Americans worldwide have issues sleeping at night from restlessness to being pure insomniacs. However, this company has solved that with a sleeping aid that contains cannabis oil in it. This CBD oil also has melatonin which is a natural sleep aid that is produced by the body.

It comes in the flavor of mint making it more pleasant to consume. Make sure to take it thirty minutes before bed so that by the time you’re done showering and going through your nightly routine you are ready to settle in for a wonderful night of sleep.

CBDMD Vape Oil

CBDMD Vape Oil_1

If you need quick relief then vaporizing the oil is the way to go!

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This vape oil comes in three flavor options for you to choose from vanilla, orange, and mint. It also has three different potency options for customers to choose from 300 milligrams, 750 milligrams, and 1,500 milligrams so you get three chances to find the perfect dose strength for yourself.

Not only is the hemp in this product grown organically it is also free of any traces of thc. If you don’t believe that you can find the lab test results on the website to verify potency and the purity of not only this product but all of the other products provided by this company as well.

Vape oils are a very effective and fast way of using CBD because the effect is immediate. These vape oils by cbdMD come from different strengths and can deliver any dose of CBD. The higher potency options just mean it only takes a few puffs to reach this dose. This vape oil formula is a blend of four ingredients — CBD, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and flavoring agents.

CBDMD sets the bar for what a low-cost vape oil can achieve. Their CBD vape oil is made up of all high-quality ingredients. Not all that, It is processed using high-tech supercritical CO2, it means that the product comes at a very high value. But they offer affordable products than the rest.

CBDMD Topical Pain

CBDMD Topical Pain_1

CBDMD topicals make a great alternative for highly targeted support wherever they are applied.

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Looking for topical support in an easy-to-use option packed with the powerful properties of hemp and CBD? Look no further than cbdMD’s CBD topicals. With three options to choose from, these are:

  • CBD Freeze
  • CBD Recover
  • CBD Revive

CBD topicals creams and CBD ointments are perfect for concentrated areas of discomfort. CBD topicals make a great alternative for highly targeted support wherever they are applied. Many of the CBD topicals at cbdMD also contain essential oils, amino acids, and other beneficial ingredients that help moisturize and invigorate the skin.

 CBD topicals come in a variety of applicators including roll-ons, squeeze bottles, and cream tubs, easy to apply on skin and apply as needed! They suggested continuing use for at least 30 days.

You know that there are many CBD creams, CBD ointments, CBD lotions, and CBD pain relief in the market but cbdMD is above them because they make them with our proprietary Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extract!

Each batch is formulated with CBD isolate extracted only from non-GMO, American-grown hemp. They also add cannabinol, cannabigerol, and terpenes to ensure that you get the best of the CBD product while keeping it THC-free.



The Paw CBD line of CBD for Pets is made by combining all the properties of CBD oil with animal-approved flavors.

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Cannabidiol is not limited for human consumption only, it is also beneficial for other mammals like our pets. In cbdMD, they created products for our furry friends whether it is dogs, cats, or horses. The Paw CBD line of CBD for Pets is made by combining all the properties of CBD oil with animal-approved flavors.

Show the love that your beloved pet deserves by giving them CBD as a tasty treat, an easy-to-use tincture, or as a chewable. Like their other products, it is made up of hemp-derived, THC-Free* CBD products. They ensure that it is safe for our pet consumption and the perfect way to deliver naturally-sourced CBD for Pets.

Their options of chewable, treats, and tinctures will please even the pickiest eaters, making it easy and convenient to give to our pets. Their new t line of CBD topicals for pets delivers soothing relief for animals both young and old.

Paw CBD uses the same superior broad-spectrum CBD that’s found in high-quality human products, combined with the flavors and textures that your cat, dog, or horse will love. We have different ranges of strengths and concentrations.

CBD dosage depends on the type of species, sizes, and shapes. It is advised to start with the lowest dosage and closely monitor your pet’s progress. When starting CBD products, it’s generally suggested to maintain taking it for at least two to three weeks to achieve satisfactorily. If you don’t see the desired results after a couple of weeks, slowly increase the amount of CBD product. 

The Brand’s Pros

The cbdMD website is completely transparent. The final product is also sent to a third-party lab and the results are posted online for all to see. cbdMD produces very affordable priced CBD products. This is a budget-friendly option that also delivers high-quality products.

For cbdMD products,  The CO2 extraction method is used.  This refers to a method that can remove any trace of THC while still providing the full range of terpenes and cannabinoids you expect to find in any broad-spectrum CBD oil. 

Their hemp is grown in the US and always organic, non-GMO, and vegan certified. This is an award-winning brand known for its all-natural flavorings, potency, and effectiveness. You can choose from their three different shipping options. CBDMD believes in its products enough that they offer full refund. If you’re not satisfied with the results of their CBD oil products.

The Brand’s Cons

One disappointing thing about this company is that they do not provide much of an option for international shipping and delivery. And being that they are at the top of the cannabis industry this would make them very popular.

So not being able to gain access to products from such a well-known company is very disheartening for people seeking relief from muscle soreness, anxiety, and stress. While the brand does offer lab test results those results are very limited.

They do use an MCT oil as the base of some of their products, therefore, people with allergies should use their products with caution. They should avoid the tinctures and capsules because those are the ones containing the coconut oil.

And while their customer service receives high remarks their hours are not listed on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Feel The Effects Of Cbd Oil?

Due to a number of different variables like height, weight, and the quantity of cbd taken will all influence how quickly or how slowly the oil will take effect once it is in the body.

Will I Need A Marijuana Card Or Doctor’s Prescription To Use These Products?

Because these companies products are help based they are legal so you don’t need a marijuana card or doctor’s prescription in  order to purchase the products.

How To Store Products From CBDmd?

It is recommended that you store the products in a dry, cool place with no direct exposure to constant light or excessive heat.

 Is There An Expiration Date?

If stored properly vape oils are good for two to four months and all other products are good for up to two years.


The bottom line when it comes to cbdmd as a brand is that overall they offer several different concentration options for their users. Which is great because not everybody uses the same potency level to get the job accomplished. Cannabis oil is definitely not a one size first all type of thing.

All of their products are 100% organic and this company also offers free shipping on all of their products that are purchased. They have an impressive array of products for customers to choose from and they are offered at affordable prices. What can be better than that when you are looking for a brand that has more to offer and is cost-effective.



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