50% Lazarus Naturals Coupons & Promo Codes for March 2023

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About Lazarus Naturals Discount

Lazarus naturals is a Portland-based company devoted to producing and selling top-quality CBD products. The Lazarus naturals website features a wide range of full spectrum CBD products available for humans and pets. 

Lazarus naturals use ethanol to extract CBD from hemp so that it contains more useful terpenes. They perform another round of purification to remove residual solvent.

You can buy Lazarus naturals CBD products on their website. Their prices are fair and they offer lots of promotions and discounts for customers. Using Lazarus naturals coupon codes on the website will help you get more value for your money. Lazarus naturals offer free shipping and assistance programs for veterans, people with long-term disability, and people from low-income households.


  • Fair prices 
  • Third-party tests are available 
  • Wide product range for humans and pets
  • Additional purification step 
  • Responsive customer service

General Information

  • Hemp source: Oregon-grown hemp
  • 90-day return policy
  • 100% organic 
  • Vegan friendly
  • Ethanol extraction

Will These Lazarus Naturals Coupons Work?

With many shady websites offering unreliable coupon codes, why should you trust our coupon codes? You can trust these Lazarus naturals coupon codes because Healthcanal only posts verified coupon codes. 

However, the Lazarus naturals coupon codes you get might not work on every item on the website. You’ll need to confirm that your purchase is eligible for the promo code. Furthermore, you might need to register and sign in to your account on the website to claim the discount and save money.

Where Does Your Lazarus Naturals Coupon Come From?

Healthcanal negotiates directly with Lazarus naturals for the best Lazarus naturals coupon exclusively for Healthcanal readers. The Lazarus naturals coupon for Healthcanal readers gives you a whopping 10% off your order. The Healthcanal Lazarus naturals coupon code won’t expire, so you can use it to save money whenever you’re ready.

Healthcanal doesn’t just stop there. To help our readers save even more, we dug deep to discover other verified Lazarus naturals coupon codes for you. That way you can save even more on your future purchases. Some Lazarus naturals coupons are subject to availability, so, you may want to hurry to claim your offer.

How Do I Use Lazarus Naturals Coupon Code?

Step 1: Visit The Lazarus Naturals Genuine Website Or Click Through Our Site.

Visit the Lazarus naturals ge

The Lazarus naturals official website offers a wealth of information on the brand and its products. Click on all products to choose what you’d like to purchase.

Step 2: Customize Your Order

Customize your order

When you find the product you’d like to buy on the Lazarus naturals website you can click on it to customize your order.  That includes selecting the flavor, size,  and quantity.

Step 3: Add To Cart

Add to Cart

Once you’ve picked out the flavor,  size,  and quantity of your order,  you can add it to the cart. When you open your shopping cart,  you can input your discount code to claim your savings. You might need to log in to claim some Lazarus naturals discount codes.

Step 4: Proceed To Checkout

Proceed to checkout

On the checkout page,  you’ll fill in the necessary information such as your name,  billing address, and shipping address.

Step 5: Payment


From the checkout page, you can proceed to payment, the final step.

Alternatives To Lazarus Naturals

Medterra CBD Oil


See Medterra Coupon

  • Offers product bundles 
  • Extensive product range
  • Shipping is not free
Joy Organics CBD Oil

Joy Organic

See Joy Organic Coupon

  • Third-party testing 
  • Produced in FDA approved factory
  • Shorter return policy of 30 days
CBD American Shaman Water Soluble

American Shaman

See American Shaman Coupon

  • Offers a wide product range 
  • Fast product absorption
  • The exact location where hemp is grown isn’t shared


  1. You can’t use more than one Lazarus naturals coupon code at a time. Rather, you can keep your remaining Lazarus naturals coupon codes and use them when next you’re shopping on their website.
  2. If you’re shopping from third-party Lazarus naturals vendors, you can’t use your Lazarus naturals coupons. Your Lazarus natural promo codes are only valid on the Lazarus naturals website.

See Full Review Of Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals Overview

Company’s Background

Founded in 2014, Lazarus naturals has a mission to make CBD products easily accessible to you. They make their CBD products using hemp mostly grown on their farms in Oregon. They augment hemp supply from their farms with hemp from trusted growers in Oregon. 

Lazarus naturals use ethanol for CBD extraction because it allows the extraction of more useful terpenes. The product undergoes further purification to remove residual ethanol, chlorophyll, and unwanted fats. Lazarus naturals CBD products are tested by a third party and you can access the results easily on their website. They test for cannabinoid potency, heavy metals, pesticides,  terpenes, and microorganisms. 

Browsing through the Lazarus naturals website, you’ll find that they have lots of CBD products available for you. Lazarus naturals offer full-spectrum and CBD isolates in the form of capsules, pills, oils, topical, and pet products. They offer the best discounts and an assistance program for veterans, low-income households, and people with long-term disabilities.


Lazarus naturals make their CBD products using hemp grown on Oregon farms. If you’re getting your CBD products from Lazarus naturals, you’re assured of the safety and quality of your product. Third-party tests on each product verify the cannabinoid potency and detect possible contaminants such as terpenes, heavy metals, residual solvents, and microorganisms. 

You can access the third-party test results for the product you purchase by searching for the batch number on the specific product page. Confirming the results yourself can make you more confident about using the best Lazarus naturals CBD products. 

Furthermore, lots of Lazarus naturals CBD products are vegan friendly. You can confirm by looking out for the vegan label when viewing the product page.

What CBD Products Do They Sell?

You can find a wide variety of full-spectrum CBD products on the Lazarus naturals website. These products come in the form of topicals, tinctures, oils, capsules, and pet products. Your choice from any of these products might depend on your specific CBD needs. 

Lazarus naturals also offer CBD isolates, although your options are a little limited in that category. The CBD isolates also come as tinctures, raw isolates, and capsules. Your pets aren’t left out and have a chance to use Lazarus naturals CBD for pets.  They offer a wide range of CBD products specially formulated for your pets. 

On each product, you can see the CBD content per serving size so that you know exactly how much you’re taking. What if you don’t know what exactly you want to buy? Lazarus naturals, still has you covered. They offer bundles that let you try out multiple products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if your Lazarus naturals coupon code doesn’t work?

First, you’ll have to confirm that your purchase is covered by the promo code. If you’re sure that you’re eligible for the discount, contact customer care by sending an email to [email protected]

Is shipping free?

Lazarus naturals offers free shipping for all orders over $25. If your purchase is under $25, you’ll have to pay a shipping fee of $3.50.

 When does a Lazarus naturals coupon code expire?

Your Healthcanal Lazarus natural coupon code doesn’t expire, so you can use it whenever you’re ready for your next purchase.

Can Lazarus naturals products be returned?

Lazarus naturals accepts returns on CBD products purchased directly from their official website for up to 90 days after purchase. However, if you got your products from a third party you can’t return them directly to Lazarus naturals.

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