Phenibut Reviews: Dosage, Effects, Side Effects & 2021 Results

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About The Brand is a well-respected brand with a mission to drive research in nootropics, longevity, and metabolic science.

Their complete product lineup is referred to as “reference materials” and is only intended to be used by scientists for research purposes. All products are labeled unsafe for human consumption.

One of the most popular products of interest sold by is Phenibut. Phenibut is a prescription medication used in Russia to treat anxiety. Though it is not FDA-approved in the US, it is widely available for purchase online and used by many as a recreational drug. 

Lately, there has been controversy surrounding its safety.  

Is Phenibut safe for you? Is this drug something you should take?  Read on to learn more.

What is Phenibut? Is It Legal?

Phenibut, or β-Phenyl-γ-aminobutyric acid, was developed in Russia in the 1960s to help keep cosmonauts calm. Over the years, Phenibut has been used to treat depression, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social anxiety.

It remains prescribed today in Russia under the brand names Fenibut, Noofen, and Anvifen to treat insomnia and anxiety. 

Phenibut is a synthetic form of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), a neurotransmitter. It binds to the brain’s GABA receptors to promote a calming sensation.

In the United States, the FDA has not approved Phenibut as an anti-anxiety medication, but it is legal[1] to possess the drug in the country as of right now. 

Although the FDA[2] has put a ban on Phenibut for use as a dietary supplement, it is typically sold on the internet and intended for research purposes only. Nevertheless, it still remains easy to purchase

Users of Phenibut claim that the drug causes a relaxing effect similar to that of benzodiazepines (benzos). Although some report a “high” feeling after taking it, Phenibut does not[1] appear on standard drug tests.  Due to many reporting, a euphoric feeling, and reports of addiction to the drug, potential drug testing for Phenibut cannot be ruled out. 

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Does Phenibut Work?

Phenibut works by binding[3] to our body’s GABA-B receptor and, sometimes, our GABA-A receptors in a way similar to that of alcohol and benzodiazepines.

Though many users claim that Phenibut provides a myriad of benefits, very little human research has occurred to date.

Phenibut is classified as a tranquilizer[4] in Russia and helps with stress, enhanced cognition, and mood enhancement.

According to one drug review by Russia’s Department of Clinical and Experimental Psychopharmacology[4], Phenibut is also used in preschool-aged children to treat stuttering.

Despite a few studies proving its effectiveness, many users have reported adverse side effects with improper use. We’ll dive more into this later but, right now, let’s discuss the safety of Phenibut powder.

Is Phenibut Powder Safe?

According to one published systematic review[5] of clinical trials, when Phenibut is used at therapeutic doses (.25-2 grams/day), the drug is safe and produces little to no side effects.

However, since it is widely available online, there are questions about the quality and safety of products sold without a prescription. 

Also, some use Phenibut as a recreational drug and abuse it, which may lead to severe side effects. When the drug is taken in higher doses (.5-100 grams/day), safety is not guaranteed[5].

Science Bio Phenibut Dosage only sells their products for research use and does not provide dosage information for human consumption.

Science Bio Phenibut Ingredients sells Phenibut as a GABA antagonist that is intended for research purposes only. They offer both powder and solution forms that have been third-party tested, arrive with a tamper-proof seal, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Needless to say, is an industry leader in quality, customer service, and trustworthiness.

Science Bio Phenibut Ingredients Phenibut HCL solution’s Phenibut HCL solution sells in a 3000 mg, 1 fl oz glass bottle and includes a 1 mL pipette for accurate measuring. The solution is also guaranteed to have less than 10% variance in concentration and comes with a batch purity and potency audit to ensure quality. Phenibut HCL powder’s Phenibut HCL powder sells in a 50 gram, 1.7 oz, tamper-proof jar. The jar is slightly overweight to account for any loss by adhesion and is free of contaminants and flow agents to ensure purity. 

As with all products offered by the company, the Phenibut HCL powder also comes with lab reports, so you know you are getting a high-quality product.

Health Benefits & Effects of Phenibut

Reduced Anxiety

One of the main health benefits reported by users is reduced anxiety and calmness.

Although more research should be done to verify its health benefits, some studies have proven the anti-anxiety benefits of taking the drug.

In one study[6] of patients with chronic cerebral ischemia, 79% reported significantly reduced anxiety symptoms using Phenibut. 

Improved Cognitive Function

Many Phenibut users also claim benefits similar to other nootropic medicines like improved memory, mood, and concentration.

One trial [7]discovered nearly 73% of participants with anxiety-phobic disorders showed significant improvement in attention, memory, and emotional intelligence when treated with 1,000 mg of Noofen per day.

Sleep Aid

In Russia and other countries, Phenibut is prescribed to treat insomnia — especially in children[8].  

Likewise, many users of Phenibut report calming effects with a mild dose. However, insomnia appears to worsen with higher doses.

According to one older study[9], Phenibut improved sleep duration in participants with alcoholic abstinence syndrome.

Potential Side Effects

When Phenibut is abused or the quality of the supplement is poor, serious side effects can occur.

As more and more individuals choose to use nootropic supplements like Phenibut, additional adverse side effects are reported.

In fact, according to a study[10] from 2019, there was 56 Phenibut exposure calls reported to the Minnesota Poison Control System placed over the past 19 years. Nearly 85% of these calls occurred in the last five years.

Among[10] the 56 calls, 48% reported abuse as the reason for the call. Over 50% had CNS effects, and 10% had withdrawal symptoms.

Though no patients in this study died, 11 developed severe respiratory symptoms and required intubation[10].

Withdrawal symptoms[11] from Phenibut include anxiety, insomnia, and potential hospitalization– similar to that of benzos.

In Feb. 2018[12], Australia made Phenibut a schedule 9 substance because of the increasing amounts of misuse and overdose claims. 

The proposal on the ban highlights the abuse of Phenibut as a recreational drug and verifies overdoses have led to admissions to the ICU, with many drug users requiring life support.  

The ban[12] also highlights the following withdrawal symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate
  • Psychosis

To prevent[11] these and other withdrawal symptoms, Phenibut should be slowly tapered.


  • May help improve mood
  • May help improve sleep
  • May help with anxiety


  • Cannot mix with alcohol or some other drugs
  • Limited research available
  • Life-threatening side effects
  • Can lead to dependence

Phenibut Reviews: What Real Users Say?

“I ordered the Phenibut first after doing extensive research. It’s the only one I’ve gotten to try so far and I have to say the results have been great. Phenibut interested me for its anti-anxiety effects and it has delivered almost exactly as others have said it would, based on various forums. The downside for Phenibut is the tolerance build-up and the withdrawals that are experienced upon daily use. This is why it’s recommended to only use Phenibut a couple days per week at the most. I’ve read many horror stories about people trying to use Phenibut daily and inevitably running into tolerance issues and some horrible withdrawals, so please know what you are getting into if you try this product. Is it considered a nootropic?”


“I never dealt with anxiety in my life, until I ran out of Phenibut. The first week was filled with terrifying anxiety, fear, and sleeplessness that is impossible to put into words. The second week gets better, but your sleep is messed up (now you are sleep deprived as well), and regular stressful situations are hard to handle. Things that you would typically deal with well, feel like life-altering events.. the pit of your stomach feeling that things are going terribly wrong… all the time. Sound fun? In small, moderate, and very controlled circumstances would I say Phenibut is useful, but given the myriad of options out there, try those first.. I remember reading reports before I took my journey with Phenibut that said, “Just because it’s legal…” Don’t be fooled that it is something to be messed around with. Seriously. Wisdom is learning from others, without having to walk the path yourself to learn it is bad.”


“I used to absolutely love the Phenibut “high”, as it caused a subtle euphoria and mood-lift, increased empathy and sociability, and decreased anxiety. The best part was that there was no noticeable intoxication like there is with benzos, and it actually increased my energy and motivation at the right dose! Unfortunately, I seem to have developed a permanent tolerance to most of the effects after using just 100g”


Where to Buy Phenibut?

Many of us resort to Amazon to carry everything we need. But, Amazon has cracked down on nootropic sales and has since removed all Phenibut products from their marketplace.

However, if you decide to purchase the product for research, several companies still sell Phenibut.

Here are some places that may offer high-quality Phenibut:

Final Thought

Though some users report improvements in symptoms–particularly social anxiety– other natural supplements and prescription drugs are much safer.  

Taking Phenibut may not be safe and, according to research, can be life-threatening. If you are thinking about using Phenibut, you should always reach out to your primary care physician or healthcare provider before use.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or insomnia, you should speak to a trained healthcare professional with a background in psychiatry for appropriate treatment.

This article is strictly for informational purposes and the information found here is not designed to provide medical advice or replace a professional opinion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Phenibut legal?

While possession of Phenibut is legal in the United States, it is not a licensed drug by the FDA.

How long will the withdrawal last after I stop using Phenibut?

Users report Phenibut withdrawal lasting anywhere from 1-3 weeks after discontinuation of the drug.

What dose should I use for depression?

Though there is a wide range of recommended dosing information on the internet, there are no set doses for any therapeutic use since the FDA does not consider it a dietary supplement.

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