Where To Buy CBD Oil In Virginia 2021 – CBD Legality & Buying Guide

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Where To Buy CBD Oil In Virginia

The CBD market has experienced steady growth over the last decade. You can now order a CBD oil product online, and it will be delivered to your doorstep. As much as there was a lot of stigma around CBD, more people are now informed and are willing to try out such products. 

The state of Virginia has come up with many CBD laws to help regulate the farming, production, and use of CBD oil. This has helped more people to use CBD for medicinal applications and other applications. Yes, CBD may help in managing conditions such as epilepsy[1], cancer, anxiety, and more. 

Before you can rush to start placing your orders for CBD oil products, it is great if you took the time to learn more about its legality and where to buy CBD oil in Virginia. That is what this guide is all about. 

Best CBD Online Shops in Virginia (May. 2023)

  • CBDfx – Editor’s choice
  • Charlotte’s Web – Best for Full-Spectrum Products
  • cbdMD – Best for Transparency
  • Deep Six – Best CBD Oil Overall 
  • Cannalujah CBD Store – Best for CBD Isolate Oil
  • Your CBD Store – Best Customer Service
  • CBD Wellness – Best for CBD Oil Deals 
  • Hemp House Wellness – Best for Variety

Editor’s Choice

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Why is it better?

  • Offers a wide range of products 
  • Uses cGMP-compliant facilities 
  • Offers multiple discounts on various products

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The Lineup At A Glance

Best for Full-Spectrum Products

  • Certified by the US Hemp Authority
  • Offers a CBD drop-shipping program
  • Has multiple philanthropic partnerships

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  • Impressive CBD quality
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CBD Oil In Virginia

Most policymakers in all 50 states in the USA find it hard to come up with the right laws on how to handle CBD. Even after the Farm Bill of 2014, there are some jitters around the legalization and use of CBD oil products in different states. 

It is the same thing even in Virginia. As much as you can get CBD oil in Virginia now, that was not always easy before. 

The two main types of CBD in the state include that derived from hemp and that from marijuana. What is crucial is understanding where each can apply and how you can get each for personal use. Keep reading this guide to learn more about the use of CBD oil in Virginia. 

Where To Buy CBD Oil In Virginia? 

Like most states, CBD in Virginia can easily be bought from online shops or a local store. It comes down to preference mostly. Some love to purchase online because of variety, while others love local stores because they can get their CBD supply right away. There could be more reasons for their choices. 

Local Stores

Buying CBD oil products from local stores is also a fun way of getting your supplies. What is important is that you also research more about such stores to get high-quality products. 

You will find CBD-related products mostly in shops that sell vape products, health outlets, and those that specify they are CBD shops. 

Let us say you are in Richmond; some local stores selling CBD oil include Current Vapor Co, RVA Vapes, Driply Vape Store & Lounge, and more. Each city will have such stores available. A bit of research or referrals from friends can get you high-quality CBD oil in Virginia. 

Online Shops

If you purchase hemp-derived CBD online, then chances are you will be exposed to a wide range of options. You do not need to move physically from one store to another as their websites make it easier to compare various products from different brands. 

Also, online shops are known for offering more offers on products. The chances are you can find most online shops having a sale at any given time. Go for the coupons too. It can be nice to save more money on your purchases. 

How to Choose the Best CBD Oil Products?

How to Choose the Best CBD Oil Products?

What Hemp Oil Can Do 

Most CBD products you will buy easily in the market are made of hemp oil. Unlike medical marijuana, which might have some possession limits, that is not the same for most hemp products. As such, it would make some people wonder if hemp oil has many medicinal benefits. Well, below are some of the benefits of using hemp oil. 

  • Hemp oil may promote tranquility in the users
  • It may help support a good night’s sleep
  • Supporting joint and muscle functionality 
  • Supports focus in the users
  • Promotes relaxation after a long day at work 
  • Promotes a healthy skin

Even though more research needs to be done, hemp or CBD oil might still be good for some medical conditions[10]. However, it is crucial to seek counsel from your doctor before switching to hemp or CBD oil to treat some conditions. 

How to Read CBD Packaging and Labels 

Before you can purchase your next hemp oil product, there is the need to understand a few things on the product label. The label will help you get more details to ensure you are getting the right product. 

So, what kind of information will be on the CBD packaging or label? Here is some of the information to expect;

  • Product net weight 
  • Amount of CBD per serving 
  • Information on the other ingredients
  • The manufacturer’s name 
  • Suggested dose
  • Specification of whether it is an isolate, full-spectrum, or broad-spectrum product
  • Date code etc.

You always have to keep in mind the type of CBD extract used to make the product. This is where most would be classified as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate. Each of these types would have different effects on the body. 

More Tips for Choosing CBD Oil Products 

Reading the label alone is not everything you need to pick the best CBD oil product. Here are more things to keep in mind. 

Product Range

Just like medical marijuana, the product range of hemp-derived CBD is also important. You need a company with multiple products currently selling on their website. This helps you pick the correct product regarding your needs. 

You could always learn more about the legislation on buying CBD products in your state first. 

Hemp Source

Industrial hemp is known for its low THC content. This is why the plant got its approval even at the federal level through the Farm Bill. This, however, does not mean manufacturers can use unethical methods to farm and harvest hemp. As such, try to learn more about the hemp source of the manufacturer first. 

Third-party Test

If you can access CBD oil products in your state, it would be great to learn more about the other ingredients too. That is why third-party testing is highly recommended for all CBD products in Virginia. It helps the user understand more about such products’ safety and if it is okay to trust the company. 

Most companies would post their lab results on the websites for each product to help you learn more. 

How to Spot Fake CBD Oil Products 

Since there are thousands of online shops claiming to be the best supply of CBD products, it is easy to get persuaded to buy products from any shop. However, you risk ending up with fake CBD oil products. Here is how you can identify fake products and stay away from them. 

  • The packaging lacks the company name plus the address. You should always beware of homemade CBD products. 
  • When buying CBD products, choose those made with organically grown hemp in the USA. This means that the hemp extract did not have toxins and contaminants. 
  • A company that does not list its ingredients is a red flag. There should be enough information also on the amount of CBD you will get per serving. 
  • There should be no fillers or unnecessary ingredients in the CBD product

Is CBD Oil Legal in Virginia?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Virginia?

Many people find Virginia laws on CBD in Virginia among the most progressive so far. A few years ago, the state decided to allow more medical conditions to be treated using medical marijuana. 

The laws have evolved to allow for more inclusion of cannabis, mostly for health purposes. However, the focus has mostly been on industrial hemp. One bill after the other led to more progressive bills such as the HJ 94[4] and HJ 605[5]. They all advocated for the use of industrial hemp in the state. 

As a result of better control of the growth, harvest, processing, and selling of cannabidiol (CBD) oil production in the state, more people can now buy such products. It could be in local stores or online shops. 

Right now, the USDA is reviewing Virginia’s new plan on regulating hemp production in the state. Let us see what the regulator will think of the proposed regulations. 

Virginia Licensing Requirements 

All CBD companies need to follow the law when operating in Virginia. If you are new to the state, make sure to check out the Industrial Hemp Grower Application[6]. This will mostly be for those companies that will deal with the growing and harvesting of hemp plants. 

The license purchase costs $50 and the same to renew the license further. The CBD companies still have to present the planting report to the relevant authorities to track their farming practices until harvesting. 

The hemp dealers will have to fill the Industrial Hemp Dealer Registration Application[7]. Once approved, you can buy and sell hemp from the growers to companies that process industrial hemp. 

There are still more licenses that you will need before getting into the hemp and CBD business in Virginia. Read the Virginia Industrial Hemp Program[8] to learn more about your business category and take the appropriate route to have it licensed. 

Virginia Limits on CBD Possession 

Many CBD products are available, but there is always a directive on CBD and THC content they can have in them. In Virginia, the law requires that products have at least 15% CBD and at most 0.3 THC in total. 

So long as the cannabis flowers are processed, there is no limit on the possession amount. 

The possession law was mostly written for those who might need cannabis for medicinal applications. It allowed them to use cannabis to treat some medical conditions legally. However, they still need to apply to be certified as medical marijuana patients[9]

Top 3 Best CBD Oil in Virginia 2023


cbdfx tincture

Having a wide range of products makes it possible to get what you need. Also, the company website is easy to navigate and sort products to get what you need

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  • There are many options of CBD products available 
  • Easy to use website
  • Many products may confuse some new users
  • No international shipping


CBDFx is a top CBD brand that makes high-quality products great for both newbies and veteran users too. It is common to find newbies checking out this brand more often to get several products that can help them with some conditions. They could opt for products such as tinctures, topicals, capsules, or gummies. 

The website is also comprehensive with each of the products correctly set up on the website. The idea is to help you find what you need without taking too much time. You could also sort based on the type of product, prices, concentration, and so much more. If you are new to CBD, you would want to start with a low concentration first. 

Those who love transparency would then love the kind they get with this brand. This is because it makes the lab reports easily available. Also, there is a detailed description of the various ingredients used in the products and the correct dosage. Even if you are new to using the company’s products, it should be easy to get them right.  

The company also has facilities that are cGMP-compliant[2] There is no doubt you would find that they can make high-quality products in such facilities generally. 

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web CBD Oil

The company comes with both US Hemp Authority certifications and BBB accreditations. This means more people find it reputable to give it this kind of accreditations.

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See Full Review Of Charlotte’s Web

  • It offers a CBD drop shipping program 
  • US Hemp Authority certified
  • It is facing lawsuits 
  • Lab tests are updated more often


This is probably one of the oldest brands in the CBD sector. It has been around since 2012 ever since it was founded in 2012. The Stanley brothers founded Charlotte’s Web to help a young girl who had tried other medications and did not work well for her. As you can see, the founders were dedicated to ensuring the product would be safe and effective. 

At this point, the brand is both US Hemp Authority certified and Better Business Bureau accredited. This should be able to build your confidence in the products that the brand makes are safe. No one gets such accreditations if the products are not good. 

As much as the products are not certified organic, the manufacturer has managed to prove that this is the case through the various tests performed on the products. You can check the certificate of analysis for the different products to understand what you are buying. 

The company has been hit by class action lawsuits by the FDA. The lawsuits claim that the company has violated several FDA regulations mostly related to mislabeling. However, the company has reiterated claiming that the complaints have no merit.



The brand has many products available for sale. Since its products have COAs published, you can learn more about its safety and ingredients in the product.

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See Full Review Of CBDmd

  • Uses high-quality industrial hemp
  • All products are tested in labs
  • Has a few lawsuits to deal with 
  • Customer support could be better


When other companies were receiving warning letters from the FDA, that did not happen to CBDmd. The company has managed to follow the FDA regulations, thus making sure that you get the right and safe products generally. As much as the company is facing some lawsuits[3] in California, it does not mean you should be too worried about its products. 

The company is quite fair when it comes to transparency. This is because all the processes the company takes to produce and test its products are properly laid out. As such, you would know if the company delivers high-quality products or not. 

Lab testing is part of ensuring its products are known worldwide as safe. The company uses ISO-certified labs to ensure you can learn more about its products better. The brand has the COAs of each product on the website for you to learn about the product ingredients. 

Since most of its products are made using broad-spectrum CBD, you can be sure of getting more health benefits. Broad-spectrum CBD includes things such as terpenes, fatty acids, flavonoids, and so much more.

Final Thoughts

Ever since the federal government made it easier to farm and use industrial hemp legally, more states have taken up the use of CBD oil products. You can now buy CBD oil in Virginia as you would buy milk from a store. This means those who invested in the sector are now reaping big, and there is more to come. 

You will have many choices when looking to buy CBD oil products. Most of the time, you can order online or buy from a local store. Whichever you choose, make sure you are buying a high-quality product always. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD oil legal in Virginia?

The short answer is YES. CBD is legal provided the manufacturers follow the strict guidelines of growing and producing CBD oil products in the state.

Can you buy CBD oil at Walmart in Virginia?

It is possible to buy CBD at Walmart in Virginia. This can serve as a local store where you simply walk in and buy the best CBD-related product you want.

Are hemp oil and CBD oil the same?

The biggest difference is where the oil is extracted from. Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant seeds, while CBD oil is from the leaves, flowers, and stalks of hemp plants.

Does CBD have drug interactions?

It depends on which drugs you are taking. It is advisable not to take CBD when you are using blood thinners, thyroid medication, seizure medications, and heart rhythm medications. It is best to consult with a doctor first before using CBD for certain conditions.

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