Sleep Duration Affects Risk for Ulcerative Colitis

Bethesda, MD - If you are not getting the recommended seven-to-eight hours of sleep each night, you may be at increased ...

Treating sleep apnea in cardiac patients reduces hospital readmission

DARIEN, IL – A study of hospitalized cardiac patients is the first to show that effective treatment with positive airway pressure therapy ...

Insomnia among older adults may be tied to sleep quality, not duration

By Jann Ingmire - Reports of insomnia are common among the elderly, but a new study finds that sleep problems may stem from the quality of rest and other health concerns more than the overall amount of sleep that patients get. ... Full story

BUSM Researchers Identify Brain Changes Involved in Alcohol-Related Sleep Disturbances

(Boston) – A review article published online in Behavioral Brain Research provides novel insight into changes that happen in the brain as a result of chronic alcohol exposure that can lead to disruptions in the sleep cycle. ... Full story

Lack of sleep increases risk of failure in school

A new Swedish study shows that adolescents who suffer from sleep disturbance or habitual short sleep duration are less likely to succeed academically compared to those who enjoy a good night’s sleep. ... Full story

No sedative necessary: Scientists discover new “sleep node” in the brain

Findings may lead to new therapies for sleep disorders, including insomnia ... Full story

Treating insomnia in elderly reduces inflammation, lowers risk for chronic diseases

UCLA study finds a common form of psychotherapy is most effective at alleviating sleeplessness ... Full story

Sleep disorders widely undiagnosed in individuals with multiple sclerosis

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — In what may be the largest study of sleep problems among individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS), researchers at UC Davis have found that widely undiagnosed sleep disorders may be at the root of the most common and disabling symptom of the disease: fatigue. ... Full story

More Sleep, Less Medicine: Sleep Disorders Center Breaks Insomnia’s Grip

Joint program of Rutgers and RWJ University Hospital offers range of sleep studies and treatment options for patients of all ages ... Full story

Brain damage caused by severe sleep apnea is reversible

National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project ... Full story

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