Long sleep and high blood copper levels go hand in hand

Persons sleeping less than 6 hours or more than 10 hours suffer from low-grade inflammation more often than persons sleeping 7-8 hours ...

Later bedtimes may lead to an increase in body mass index over time

DARIEN, IL – A new study suggests that going to bed late during the workweek from adolescence to adulthood is associated with ...

CPAP therapy reduces symptoms of depression in adults with sleep apnea

DARIEN, IL – A new study shows that depressive symptoms are extremely common in people who have obstructive sleep apnea, and these symptoms improve significantly when sleep apnea is treated with continuous positive airway pressure therapy. ... Full story

Why eating sometimes makes you sleepy

What is it about food that can make tired? ... Full story

Twin study suggests genetic factors contribute to insomnia in adults

DARIEN, IL – A new study of twins suggests that insomnia in adults is partially explained by genetic factors, and this heritability is higher in females than in males. ... Full story

Want to get a good night’s sleep, kids?

The impact of social media on young people’s lives is underlined today as a new study by researchers from the University-based Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research Data (WISERD) reports that more than one in five teenagers say they “almost always” wake up during the night to look at or post messages. ... Full story

Do you know the signs of being too sleepy to drive? CARRS-Q study

Dr Ashleigh Filtness is looking for young drivers to take part in a new study to find out what factors lead people to get behind the wheel when they are tired. ... Full story

Brisbane residents are best placed to take part in QUT drug-free sleep study

Brisbane sleep experts are attempting to fight fatigue caused by insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea by treating the two conditions at the same time. ... Full story

Is your child struggling to fall asleep? 6 tips to getting your kid on a sleep schedule for school

By Corinne Ton That - After a whole summer of late nights and even later mornings, getting back on a regular sleeping schedule can be challenging for kids and parents. ... Full story

Study shows that teens lose sleep after change to daylight saving time

DARIEN, IL – A new study shows that high school students lose sleep on school nights following the change to daylight saving time that occurs in March. The loss of sleep during the school week was associated with a decline in vigilance and cognitive function, which raises safety concerns for teen drivers. ... Full story

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