'Gestational Sleep Apnea': Time To Wake Up to a New Diagnosis

Sleep researchers call for a new diagnostic code to enable research and treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in the 1/4 of pregnant ...

Lack of Sleep Increases a Child’s Risk for Emotional Disorders Later

NIH-funded Study Reveals Long-term Emotional Effects of Poor Sleep ...

Don’t let the bedbugs bite - how early modern Britain fell asleep

When your head hits the pillow and you close your eyes after a long, hard day, it may seem like the most natural thing in the world, but did you know that simply falling sleep has a complex history? ... Full story

Prevalence of diagnosed sleep disorders has risen among US veterans

DARIEN, IL – A new study found a six-fold increase in the age-adjusted prevalence of any sleep disorder diagnosis over an 11-year period among U.S. veterans. The largest increases were identified in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), other mental disorders, or combat experience. Results also show that the prevalence of PTSD tripled during the study period. ... Full story

Medical Discovery News Sleep is good for the waistline

You are likely to have heard Americans are getting fatter. Eating fast and processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle are likely contributors. Today, almost 70 percent of Americans are overweight, and this is a public health disaster. Officials in New York City sounded the alarm and intervened by banning trans fats, but that is hardly enough. It is recognized that there are many other causes. By definition, you are considered obese if your body mass index is higher than 30. ... Full story

Repaying sleep debt on holidays? Unlikely, expert says

Work-related stress makes many of us lose sleep, and catching up on lost sleep is high on the agenda as the summer holidays approach. Poor sleep can’t be turned into good overnight, but it pays off to try, as good sleeping habits keep us going on holiday and at work. ... Full story

Adolescent sleep duration is associated with daytime mood

DARIEN, IL - A new study of adolescents suggests that obtaining an insufficient amount of sleep increases variability in sadness, anger, energy and feelings of sleepiness. The study also showed that nightly fluctuations in sleep in healthy adolescents predict worse mood the next day, and worse mood any given day largely predicts unusually bad sleep the next night. ... Full story

Sleepiness and fatigue linked to brain atrophy in cognitively normal elderly

DARIEN, IL - A new study found that normal older adults who experience excessive sleepiness during the day or significant fatigue may have more brain atrophy than expected for their age, particularly in areas of the brain that are more susceptible to aging and Alzheimer's disease. ... Full story

Childhood abuse, parental death and divorce are linked to adult insomnia symptoms

DARIEN, IL - According to a new study, child adversities, which are known to play an important role in mental and physical health, are also associated with poor sleep. ... Full story

Sleep duration varies by alcohol drinking patterns, race, and sex

DARIEN, IL - A new study found that alcohol-sleep relationship differed importantly by race and sex. ... Full story

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