Online insomnia program can improve sleep for many, study finds

An online program designed to help people overcome insomnia significantly improves both the amount and quality of sleep, a new study has ...

Lack of Sleep Costing UK Economy Up to £40 Billion a Year

•Lower productivity levels and the higher risk of mortality resulting from sleep deprivation have a significant effect on a nation's economy. •Sleep deprivation ...

Sleep disorders: 3D video monitoring with intelligent software as new analysis option

Vienna - The usual method of recording periodic leg movements in sleep for people with sleep disorders is to use electromyography (EMG), an electrophysiological method used in neurological diagnosis that measures muscle activity. However, the cables that this method requires can interfere with the patient's sleep and electrodes can become detached, thereby compromising the quality of the data. In a study led by MedUni Vienna’s Department of Neurology, Austrian scientists have now demonstrated that superior data can be obtained using supplementary 3D scene analysis of movements, which is now being used for the first time. ... Full story

Poor sleep may increase risk for irregular heart rhythms

•Poor sleep – even if you don’t have sleep apnea – may be linked to higher risks of developing an irregular heartbeat. •In addition, getting less rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep may also be linked to higher atrial fibrillation risks. ... Full story

Study Links Shorter Sleep and Sugar-Sweetened Drink Consumption

Treating Sleep Deprivation Could Potentially Help Reduce Sugar Intake, Say UCSF Researchers ... Full story

Mouse Mutants May Shed Light on the Mysteries of Sleep

The first unbiased genetic screen for sleep defects in mice yields two interesting mutants, Sleepy, which sleeps excessively, and Dreamless, which lacks rapid eye movement sleep. ... Full story

Sleep deprivation may cause people to eat more calories

Sleep deprivation may result in people consuming more calories during the following day, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis led by researchers at King’s College London. ... Full story

Intense awakenings during the night may contribute to sleep apnoea

Researchers from Neuroscience Research Australia have identified a potential new cause for obstructive sleep apnoea. Specifically, how ‘intensely’ a person wakes during the night. ... Full story

Testing online treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME)

Over 700 children and young people are to take part in the largest clinical trial ever undertaken in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), which affects up to two per cent of young people, most of whom do not have access to treatment. ... Full story

Face identification accuracy impaired by poor sleep

It is often necessary to identify unfamiliar people by comparing face images: for example a CCTV image to a mugshot, or a passport photograph to a traveller. ... Full story

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