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Time out for exercise

Restructuring your day to find time to exercise can have unexpected effects on your health. ...

Farmers Market Vouchers May Boost Produce Consumption in Low-income Families

Vouchers to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers markets increase the amount of produce in the diets of some families on ...

Extra exercise helps depressed smokers kick the habit faster

Concordia University research shows quitting cigarettes is a more complicated struggle when mental health is a factor ... Full story

Study Compares Cost-Effectiveness of Weight-Loss Programs and Drugs

By Duke Medicine News and Communications - DURHAM, N.C. – In a cost-effectiveness analysis of commercial diet programs and pills, the Weight Watchers program and the drug Qsymia showed the best value for the money. ... Full story

New research links bad diet to loss of smell

Could stuffing yourself full of high-fat foods cause you to lose your sense of smell? ... Full story

Study reveals ‘unhappiest’ cities in the U.S.

A map of the U.S. which shows each metropolitan and rural area’s adjusted life satisfaction. ... Full story

Tooth plaque provides unique insights into our prehistoric ancestors’ diet

An international team of researchers has found new evidence that our prehistoric ancestors had a detailed understanding of plants long before the development of agriculture. ... Full story

When is the Price Right? Professor Finds Clues in Shoppers' Behavior

Should you buy that new pair of shoes today? Or wait for a sale? ... Full story

Do Daughters Cause Divorce? Maybe Not

By Alison Jones - Couples with girls more likely to divorce, but girls may be a symptom, not the cause ... Full story

Exercise is the best medicine: QUT study

Women would benefit from being prescribed exercise as medicine, according to a QUT study that revealed moderate to high intensity activity is essential to reducing the risk of death in older women. ... Full story

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