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Grandparent Carers Let Down by Social Services

Poor collaboration between child protection and adult addiction services is resulting in the children of drug-using parents and their grandparent carers missing ...

Exercise is the best medicine - training the doctors of the future

Nottingham University Medical School has launched a pioneering new resource which it is hoped will help train doctors all over the world ...

U of T study finds many fitness trackers vulnerable to monitoring

Toronto, ON – Today, researchers announce the release of a new report describing major security and privacy issues in several leading wearable fitness tracking devices and accompanying mobile applications. The research examined offerings by Apple, Basis, Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, Mio, Withings, and Xiaomi. ... Full story

Fad diets shape societal trends about health, Stanford scholar reveals in dissertation

Stanford doctoral candidate Adrienne Rose Johnson says contemporary diet advice idealizes lifestyles of the past in ways that contribute to global health problems. Johnson's study is the first academic analysis of diet literature. ... Full story

Helicopter parents take extreme approach to homework

Parents who take the overparenting approach, known as helicopter parenting, are possibly hindering their child’s development by becoming too heavily involved in homework. ... Full story

Turtle Soup, Perchance?

Prehistoric Man Had a Penchant for Tortoises ... Full story

Trinity Researchers Confirm You’re Only As Old As You Feel!

Negative attitudes to ageing affect both physical and cognitive health in later years, new research reveals. The study from the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA), at Trinity College Dublin, further reveals that participants with positive attitudes towards ageing had improved cognitive ability. ... Full story

Individuals marry, not races – Brunel psychologist among first to analyse interethnic marriage as a social issue

In a groundbreaking issue of the US Journal of Social Issues, which is lead edited by Brunel psychologist Dr Stanley Gaines, researchers consider interethnic marriage as a social issue for the first time. ... Full story

Looking to lose weight in 2016? Step on the weighing scales

The more often people engage with digital weighing scales, the more weight they lose Cause and effect needs further research ... Full story

Vibration makes workouts 25 to 100 percent more effective

By adding a 30 Hertz vibration to a workout session, the training impact of that workout can be boosted by 25 to 100 percent, researchers at TU/e have discovered. Their result is an important one, particularly for rehabilitating patients who need to regain their strength but have difficulty in generating the muscular effort needed for the exercises. Based on their work, the researchers built a new kind of fitness device that also enables sportsmen and women to become stronger more quickly. ... Full story

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