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Are you hungry? Best to eat first and shop later, study finds

A desire for food can affect seemingly unrelated behaviors (think ‘I want’), USC researcher says ...

Weight discrimination has major impact on quality of life

Weight discrimination is linked to significantly lower quality of life, and accounts for approximately 40% of the negative psychological effects associated with ...

Young people are ‘happier and healthier’ than a decade ago

NUI Galway lead Ireland’s involvement in study across 40 countries ... Full story

Majority of new pediatricians satisfied with first jobs; work matches lifestyle, family and career goals

Top factor for job satisfaction among general pediatricians was lifestyle, spouses and family, far ahead of income ... Full story

Access to clean water - a question of lifestyle and fairess

eThekwini is a municipality in South Africa, where the town of Durban is located. eThekwini is pointed out as being a good example with regard to the distribution of water to all inhabitants and in 2014, eThekwini was given the Stockholm Industry Water Award. ... Full story

Using Mindfulness to Increase Exercise Satisfaction

Madison, Wisconsin - If you're having trouble sticking to an exercise routine, pay attention. ... Full story

Highly effective and affordable weight-loss program

Program targets underserved communities ... Full story

Opinion Quit sugar, go paleo, embrace ‘clean food’: the power of celebrity nutrition

Fad diets led by celebrities with no formal qualifications, often demonstrate a misunderstanding of biochemistry and other basic nutrition science, writes Rebecca Charlotte Reynolds. ... Full story

‘Healthe’ approach to weight loss

Young women looking for inspiration to achieve a healthy weight have the opportunity to enrol in a targeted program soon to be trialled by nutrition researchers at the University of Newcastle. ... Full story

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