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How does your wine make you feel?

University of Adelaide researchers are investigating the links between wine, where it's consumed and emotion to help the Australian wine industry gain ...

Boring and bad: How junk food changes eating behaviour

A diet of junk food not only makes rats fat, but also reduces their appetite for novel foods, a preference that normally ...

Are worldwide efforts to promote fruit and vegetable consumption effective enough?

Despite numerous policy interventions to promote fruit and vegetable consumption, daily intake of fruits and vegetables is still below recommended levels worldwide. ... Full story

Can music add harmony to your health?

Body computing competition at USC will challenge entrants to mix music and biometrics ... Full story

Fibre-based satiety ingredient shown to make you eat less

Consumers need healthy foods that will help them control their appetite ... Full story

Queen's-led study key to improving the health of young people

By Anne Craig, Communications Officer - A recent report shows Canadian youth smoking rates have dropped in the past 20 years, while rates of obesity and cannabis use remain consistently high. The Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) report explores trends in the health of young people over the past two decades. ... Full story

Do women and men ride differently? If so, horses cannot tell the difference!

Scientists at the Vetmeduni in Vienna have analysed how horses are affected by the sex of their riders. Various parameters of stress were determined in horses and their riders when they covered an obstacle course. The results were surprising: the level of stress on a horse is independent of whether a man or a woman is in the saddle. Furthermore, the stress responses of male and female riders are essentially the same. The results have been published in the Journal of Comparative Exercise Physiology. ... Full story

Feeling bad at work can be a good thing

It can be good to feel bad at work and bad to feel good at work ... Full story

Significant health benefits linked to walking, cycling and taking public transport to work

Leave the car at home for a healthier daily commute say authors of new study ... Full story

Fruit and vegetable intake still too low; human nutritionist says to focus on lunch

MANHATTAN — Changes to a supplemental nutrition program are improving the number of fruits eaten daily by children, but kids and adults still aren't reaching the recommended daily intake amounts. A Kansas State University human nutritionist says to reach that amount, you need to focus on lunch. ... Full story

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