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Can having role models help keep teens in shape?

UCLA study finds low-income teens and teens of color less likely to have positive social support ...

Research confirms fat is sixth taste; names it oleogustus

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Fat should be considered the sixth taste and can be called oleogustus, according to a study from Purdue ...

Women and fragrances: Scents and Sensitivity

Why women buy fragrances for their boyfriend, not their best friend ... Full story

Is Facebook use always associated with poorer body image and risky dieting?

A survey of college-aged women finds that those with the strongest emotional connection to Facebook are less likely to struggle with risky dieting behaviors compared to their peers. ... Full story

Otago academics back calls for more fibre in our diets

University of Otago nutritionists say a major new British report that highlights the need for fibre in the human diet upholds their stance that the popular low-carbohydrate diets that are high in fat may not be ideal for our health. ... Full story

NIH Body Weight Planner added to USDA SuperTracker food and activity tool

Science-based technology provides users greater customizing to help reach and sustain a healthy weight ... Full story

Six ways to lose weight this summer, from a Loyola dietitian

MAYWOOD, Ill – Summer is officially here and many are shedding their layers of clothing to re-discover their physiques. ... Full story

Want to avoid divorce? Wait to get married — but not too long—says U researcher

A new analysis by University of Utah researcher Nick Wolfinger finds those who tie the knot after their early 30s are now more likely to divorce than those who marry in their late 20s. Past the early 30s, the odds of divorce increase by 5 percent per year of age at marriage—but it's not clear why. ... Full story

Iowa State study finds it’s not what you do, but how you get yourself to exercise that matters

Alison Phillips' study is the first to explore the importance of different habit components in predicting exercise frequency. (Larger image) Photo by Christopher Gannon ... Full story

Gender differences play key role in supporting healthy diets for seniors: UBC research

Strategies to support healthier diets among seniors need to take into account differences between elderly men and women, according to UBC research. ... Full story

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