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Study: Doubling Saturated Fat in the Diet Does Not Increase Saturated Fat in Blood

New research links diabetes, heart disease risk to diet high in carbs, not fat ...

Rejecting suitors? Easier said than done, study finds

Turning down a date in person is a lot harder than we think, says Samantha Joel ...

School lunches deliver health benefits - but only if they are consumed

Universal free school meals should be offered to all children in their first years of secondary school, according to one of the leading nutrition experts in the UK. ... Full story

How do teenage boys perceive their weight?

Almost one third of male adolescents inaccurately perceive their weight. This can influence their eating habits and, consequently, their health, according to a study led by the UAB and conducted with 600 teenage boys from Barcelona and surrounding areas. Up to 25% of the boys reported trying to lose or control their weight in the past year. ... Full story

Oat oil preparation makes you feel fuller

Oats contain more fat than other cereals, and oat oil has a unique composition. A new study from Lund University, Härröd Research and Swedish Oat Fiber AB, shows a special oat oil preparation can produce greater satiety. ... Full story

Elite athletes under stress to lose weight

Psychology researchers at the University of Adelaide say modern day elite athletes are under so much pressure to lose and maintain weight that they can also lose a sense of self. ... Full story

Gifted Men and Women Define Success Differently, 40-Year Study Shows

Researchers spent four decades studying a group of mathematically talented adolescents, finding that by mid-life they were extraordinarily accomplished and enjoyed a high level of life satisfaction.Gender, however, played a significant role in how they pursued — and defined — career, family, and success. ... Full story

Top 12 tips for festive season health and fitness

In the spirit of the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' song, CQUniversity's physical activity and exercise science specialists have pitched in to produce their top 12 tips for the coming festive season. ... Full story

'Being Poor Is Not the Same Everywhere'

Of five cities studied, researchers find worse health outcomes in Johannesburg and Baltimore, better ones in Nigerian city of Ibadan ... Full story

If your relationship isn't moving toward marriage, you probably can't admit it

URBANA, Ill. – Dating couples who have moved toward marriage over the course of their relationship remember accurately what was going on at each stage of their deepening commitment. But couples whose commitment to each other has stagnated or regressed are far less accurate in their memories of their relationships, says a new University of Illinois study. ... Full story

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