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Spouse’s personality influences career success, study finds

Husbands, wives may influence behavior in the workplace ...

Even Without Kids, Couples Eat Frequent Family Meals

Study represents first comprehensive look at adult-only family meal patterns ...

Researchers work with Richmond-area parents to improve their children's eating and exercise habits

Natalia, an 11-year-old from Chesterfield County, had always been a picky eater. So her mother, Sabel Dujka, was immediately interested when she heard that Virginia Commonwealth University researchers were offering easy strategies to help Richmond-area parents concerned about their children's eating and weight. ... Full story

First-time study examines lifetime health of college athletes

new study from USC is raising awareness for the first time on how college sports impact the lifetime health and well-being of student-athletes. ... Full story

Brown rice offers more benefits in a healthy diet

Researchers at the University of Adelaide are urging Australians to consume brown or black rice, instead of white rice, as part of a healthy diet. ... Full story

Wedded to wedding: does marriage matter?

Family type matters, but it does not determine destiny. If you want to identify children who are at risk of doing poorly, the number of involved parents is not a great indicator. ... Full story

Effort will aim to find out what makes for long, healthy lives

The Wellness Living Laboratory will examine lifestyle choices that lead to healthier lives. ... Full story

Rutgers Study Finds that Neighbors Improve Well-being in Middle and Later Life

Low levels of contact with neighbors is associated with decreased measures of wellbeing ... Full story

Do wearable lifestyle activity monitors really work?

Wearable electronic activity monitors hold great promise in helping people to reach their fitness and health goals. These increasingly sophisticated devices help the wearers improve their wellness by constantly monitoring their activities and bodily responses. This information is organized into companion computer programs and mobile apps. ... Full story

Freshman girls know how to eat healthy but lack confidence in their ability to do it

URBANA, Ill. – Female college freshmen understand the benefits of eating healthy foods and know which foods they should include in their diets. But they lack confidence in their ability to act on that knowledge, especially when it comes to getting enough calcium, says a new University of Illinois study. ... Full story

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