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Multifaceted genetic impact of training

Endurance training changes the activity of thousands of genes and give rise to a multitude of altered DNA-copies, RNA, researchers from Karolinska ...

Training during first half of menstrual cycle most efficient

Research at Umeå University provides new insights into when during the menstrual cycle it is advantageous to periodise your strength training. The ...

Women planning pregnancy urged to consider BMI

Women are being encouraged to ensure their body mass index (BMI) is within a healthy range before pregnancy to ensure the best outcomes for their babies. ... Full story

An hour to stop the rot

The increased risk of death associated with sitting for eight hours a day could be offset by one hour of physical activity a day. ... Full story

Tailored texts help ‘maintain the gain’

A public health program that was modelled on University of Queensland research and designed to help people maintain the switch to a healthy lifestyle has been extended. ... Full story

Midlife fitness is linked to lower stroke risks later in life

Study Highlights: Being more physically fit in your mid- to late-40s was associated with lower stroke risks after age 65, independent of traditional stroke risk factors such as high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and atrial fibrillation. Researchers suggest that physicians consider low fitness level a stroke risk factor. The study underscores how important it is to be physically fit throughout lifetime, not just when you’re younger. ... Full story

Loughborough University study reveals the best way to improve muscle strength

Engaging in short, explosive leg contractions is the most effective way of strengthening muscles, Loughborough research reveals. ... Full story

Process contaminants in vegetable oils and foods pose potential health concerns finds EFSA

Contaminants in vegetable oils and fats (and foods containing them such as cookies, pastries and others) pose a potential health concern to average consumers for young age groups (infants, toddlers and children under 10 years old). ... Full story

Researchers develop tool to assess athlete diet

Researchers from Massey University and the University of Sydney are working together to develop a tool to assess the quality of dietary intake in high-performing athletes. ... Full story

Wearing heels to work is a game women have been losing for decades

When receptionist Nicola Thorp was told by her employer that she had to wear high heels to work, she pointed out that her male colleagues were not required to do so. When she refused to conform to the company’s dress code policy, she was sent home from her job without pay. The media got hold of the story, public outcry ensued and the firm at the centre of it has now changed its policy. ... Full story

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