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Increased Fructose Consumption Poses Risks: Study

Consuming slightly more fructose can lead to addictive behaviour and potential health risks, according to a new University of Guelph-led study. ...

Soy puts the brakes on strength training

New research at the University of South Australia published in the journal Clinical Nutrition suggests that soy proteins reduce the benefits of ...

Why aren’t pureed foods satisfying?

Uncovering the secrets behind why foods with complex textures are more filling than pureed foods is one of two projects awarded seed funding from the Food and Health Programme at the University of Auckland. ... Full story

Give yourself some loving, parents urged

Dr James Kirby has commenced a new study to examine the link between self-compassion and parenting. ... Full story

New music strategy shows 70 per cent increase in exercise adherence

TORONTO – The use of personalized music playlists with tempo-pace synchronization increases adherence to cardiac rehab by almost 70 per cent—according to a study published in Sports Medicine –Open. ... Full story

After a sip of milkshake, genes and brain activity predict weight gain

By Bill Hathaway - The way the brain responds while sipping a delicious milkshake can predict who will gain weight and who will not — but only if the individual has just eaten and has a certain genetic profile, a new brain imaging study by Yale School of Medicine researchers show. ... Full story

Promoting the health benefits of football

Football reduces blood pressure to the same extent as blood pressure medicine, while simultaneously increasing muscle mass and strengthening bones. 12 weeks of football training increase maximal oxygen uptake 10-15 % and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by up to 50 %. These effects are part of a message that Danish researchers wish to highlight on an international congress. ... Full story

Weight management study via rugby clubs

A weight management programme delivered via rugby clubs may help curb New Zealand’s growing obesity problem, particularly among Māori and Pacific men. ... Full story

Is #Dadbod craze just a big, fat lie?

A UQ body image expert is warning the ‘Dad bod’ craze is probably a load of baloney. ... Full story

What should athletes eat for optimum performance?

Working out what teenaged and high-performance athletes should eat for optimum performance just got easier with a one-day nutrition symposium on May 23. ... Full story

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