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Research reveals the history of Victorian female beauty and the ‘trophy wife’

You might think that trophy wives are a modern phenomenon, but according to research from the University of Auckland, the idea of ...

What Happened to My Medical Practice? Five Reasons You Could be Losing Patients

Medical professionals are certainly hot commodities these days. It seems that in this day and age, there are not enough doctors to ...

Can a fruit drink help with weight loss?

Victoria University researchers are seeking volunteers to see if a natural fruit drink can help reduce body fat and blood pressure, and improve cardiovascular health. ... Full story

Labels on the front of food packaging can enable healthier choices, new research finds

In a new study published today in the British Journal of Nutrition, a team of researchers led by the University of Surrey, has found that front of package nutrition labels can enable consumers to make healthier food choices. ... Full story

The Therapeutic and Medical Benefits of Massage

For a long time now, massage has been considered an “alternative” form of therapy. It has traditionally been seen more as a luxury than as a medical necessity. Every day, though, there are new reports about the medical validity of massage therapy. ... Full story

More Salt Doesn’t Mean Better Performance for Endurance Athletes

SLU Researcher Recommends Caution with Sodium Supplementation ... Full story

We’re living longer, but how do we stay healthy?

Dame Mary Archer will explore the challenges for modern medicine ... Full story

Five days of eating fatty foods can alter how your body’s muscle processes food, researchers find

BLACKSBURG, Va – You might think that you can get away with eating fatty foods for a few days without it making any significant changes to your body. ... Full story

Early Guideline-Based Physical Therapy Results in Health Care Savings for Patients With LBP

For patients with a first episode of low back pain (LBP), getting to physical therapy early—and receiving evidence-based interventions—are the keys to significantly reduced health care costs compared with delaying physical therapy or receiving "non-adherent" physical therapy treatments, according to a new study that analyzed health records of members of the US military. ... Full story

Higher Proportion of Vigorous Physical Activity Lowers Mortality Risk

A new study from Australia concludes that while achieving at least the minimum amount of recommended weekly physical activity is key to a lower mortality risk, upping the amount of vigorous physical activity in an individual's exercise mix can reduce that risk even further. ... Full story

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