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Don't worry. Be happy. Lose weight

Many people believe that if they lose weight they will be happier about themselves, but new research by the University of Adelaide ...

Living in areas with more services is beneficial to active, healthy ageing

According to a study by ICTA-UAB and the Department of Geography, the urban design of Barcelona's different neighbourhoods has a direct influence ...

Battling obesity in the classroom with exercise

ANN ARBOR—There's another burst of seat-bouncing, giggling and shouting in researcher Rebecca Hasson's simulated classroom at the University of Michigan as Hasson catches study participant Marcus Patton cheating at Sorry! ... Full story

Don’t sweat it: Are exercise pills in our future?

Could an “exercise pill” really replace going to the gym? In a new article in Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, Ismail Laher, professor in the UBC Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, says it’s unrealistic to expect that there will be a pill that replaces exercising anytime soon. ... Full story

Resistance exercise may improve Vitamin D metabolism

Resistance exercise can increase the number of Vitamin D receptors (VDRs) in the muscle and improve Vitamin D metabolism, according to a study published today in Experimental Physiology. ... Full story

Exercise is good for everyone – but some struggle more than others

People with increased risk of type 2 diabetes need to exercise more than others to achieve the same results, according to new research from Lund University in Sweden. ... Full story

Twitter Behavior Can Predict Users’ Income Level, New Penn Research Shows

The words people use on social media can reveal hidden meaning to those who know where to look. ... Full story

Men at work: study probing fathers' work-life balance

The work-life balance of Adelaide fathers, and the culture of companies in which they work, is at the centre of new University of Adelaide research. ... Full story

No evidence that whole-body cryotherapy enhances athletes’ recovery: research review

Rugby World Cup teams such as England, Wales and Georgia using whole-body cryotherapy to speed muscle recovery may not be getting the edge over those teams using traditional methods, a world-class review of top sports science studies suggests. ... Full story

Sitting less a better goal than exercising more

A Victoria University physical activity expert says that aiming for less time sitting is the best way to stay healthy. ... Full story

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