Depression in dementia more common in community care, study finds

A University of Manchester study of over 400 people in eight EU countries with severe dementia has found that those residing in ...

Fruit a depression-buster for women

Eating two or more pieces of fruit a day can help women fight off depression ...

Patient Awakes from Post-Traumatic Minimally Conscious State after Administration of Depressant Drug

First Reported Incidence and Possible Implications Published in Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience ... Full story

Social skills training needed for people with depression

People with depression should receive specific training and treatment in how to interpret and act in social situations, in a bid to overcome one of the major issues faced by depressive people, according to researchers at the University of Adelaide. ... Full story

The Medical Minute: Many different factors can trigger holiday depression

While the holidays are a time of merriment and festivities for many, some people struggle with depression during this time of year. ... Full story

Miscarriage brings grief, but doesn’t increase chance of depression

UQ research shows that women who miscarry are not at a greater risk of depression than other women. ... Full story

Laughing gas studied as depression treatment

By Jim Dryden - Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) has been used as an anesthetic in medicine and dentistry for 150 years. In this illustration from a 19th century book, a man is shown dancing after inhaling the gas. Now, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis are evaluating nitrous oxide as a treatment for depression. ... Full story

Link found between vitamin D deficiency and depression

Vitamin D deficiency is not just harmful to physical health - it also might impact mental health, according to a team of researchers that has found a link between seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, and a lack of sunlight. ... Full story

Tailor-made pharmaceuticals as basis for novel antidepressants

SAFit-ligands provide the foundation for a mechanistically novel treatment of stress-related psychiatric disorders ... Full story

Workplace depression – it’s catching

Managers who are miserable at work can pass their feelings of depression onto team members, according to new research by a Massey University academic. ... Full story

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