Feeling disconnected contributes to women’s depression from domestic abuse

A man and woman sit facing away from each other. (stock image)ANN ARBOR—Women in abusive relationships feel depressed not only from the ...

People with Depression May Be More Likely to Develop Parkinson’s Disease

MINNEAPOLIS – People with depression may be more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease, according to a large study published in the May ...

New research: sleep apnea linked to depression in men

New research by the University of Adelaide has found a profound link between sleep disorders and depression in men. ... Full story

Study to investigate what we think about depression

Australians are being encouraged to take part in a new study at The University of Western Australia investigating community opinions about depression. ... Full story

Long-Term Depression May Double Stroke Risk for Middle-Aged Adults

Study Finds Stroke Risk Remains Elevated Even After Depressive Symptoms Improve ... Full story

Depression Intensifies Anger in Veterans with PTSD

Diagnosis with one or both disorders should trigger anger-focused therapies, study says ... Full story

Long-term depression may double stroke risk despite treatment

American Heart Association Rapid Access Journal Report ... Full story

New intervention pioneered at UC Davis Children's Hospital helps mothers address depression

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — Researchers at UC Davis have developed a new intervention that identifies potentially depressed mothers and encourages them to seek treatment. The Motivating our Mothers (MOM) program takes a unique approach, relying on pediatricians rather than the mother’s doctor for diagnosis. In the study, mothers were given a short survey to assess whether they needed additional care. Those who identified depression symptoms were then coached by a research assistant to seek further help. ... Full story

Omega-3 may help depression caused by certain types of inflammation

In a study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, researchers found that the omega-3 fatty acid EPA (eicosapentataenoic acid) appears to boost mood in a subgroup of patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) who have high inflammation levels. ... Full story

“Fuzzy thinking” in depression & bipolar disorder: New research finds effect is real

Very large U-M study adds to evidence that mood disorders are points on a spectrum, not completely separate – and could lead to better diagnostic tests ... Full story

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