UC Davis study researches potential link to care for mothers battling depression: their child's pediatrician

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) - Pediatricians will screen mothers for depression in a new research study conducted at UC Davis Children's Hospital. The grant ...

Strategic program helps families counter depression and anxiety

A new program aimed at reducing the impact of parents’ anxiety or depression on the family is being trialled in Australia. ...

Rehabilitation helps prevent depression from age-related vision loss

NIH-funded study brought together eye care and mental health professionals ... Full story

Treatment for depression via the Internet just as good a traditional treatment

Internet treatment of mild and moderate depression episodes is equally effective as regular treatment for depression. Internet therapy provides resources that help make treatment for depression available to more people. This was shown in a study at the University of Gothenburg. ... Full story

Diabetes Distress v. Depression: Are People with Type 2 Being Misdiagnosed?

—Treating “diabetes distress” lessens symptoms of depression in people with type 2— ... Full story

Low cortisol levels may increase risk of depression in bipolar disorder

Depression is almost twice as common, and poor quality of life almost five times as common, in people with bipolar disorder who have elevated or low levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the blood. Researchers at Umeå University, Sweden, report this in a study published in the journal PLOS ONE. ... Full story

Researchers uncover new insights into developing rapid-acting antidepressant for treatment-resistant depression

DALLAS – UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have generated fresh insights that could aid in the development of rapid-acting antidepressants for treatment-resistant depression. ... Full story

Depression and PTSD together dramatically increase risk of premature birth

By Bill Hathaway - Pregnant women who suffer from both post traumatic stress disorder and major depression are four times more likely to deliver prematurely than women without those conditions, a new Yale University School of Medicine study shows. ... Full story

Mothers rigid in parenting skills at risk for depression

ANN ARBOR—The baby's ear-piercing, nonstop crying at the grocery store, in church or on an airplane can leave most mothers frustrated as bystanders observe how she will quiet the restless child. ... Full story

A tiny molecule may help battle depression

Researchers find a small molecule that predicts treatment response for depressed patients ... Full story

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