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Elderly at risk from rising mercury

People over the age of 75 are especially at risk from the hot weather blanketing Queensland this week, particularly if they have ...

Are you inching towards bad health?

Health and Social Wellbeing Improvement ...

Breastfeeding scheme takes-off at International Airport

Belfast International Airport has become the latest venue to sign up to the Public Health Agency’s (PHA) Breastfeeding Welcome Here scheme. ... Full story

Breastfeeding Is Key Component of World Bank’s New “Power of Nutrition” Fund

New Rochelle, NY —Greater use of breastfeeding could transform the health and economy of developing countries according to the World Bank. The potential impact of investments to promote breastfeeding and reduce undernutrition, especially during the critical first two years of a child’s life, are examined in the article, "The Power of Nutrition and the Power of Breastfeeding," published in Breastfeeding Medicine, the official journal of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers. ... Full story

New technique could prevent dangerous biofilms on catheters

Biofilms frequently coat the surfaces of catheters, and of various medical implants and prostheses, where they can cause life-threatening infections. New research at the Sahlgrenska Academy show that coating implants with a certain ”activator” can prevent Staphylococcus aureus, the leading cause of hospital-acquired infections, from forming biofilms. ... Full story

Study Update: Breast Milk Purchased Online Contains Caffeine And Tobacco, But No Illicit Drugs

Study reminds women to talk to their physician or lactation consultant before turning to breast milk sold on the Internet ... Full story

Factors in breast milk may play a role in transmission of obesity

Considered the first and best nutrition source, breast milk may have a surprising influence on obesity, study finds ... Full story

Preliminary study finds that Ebola virus fragments can persist in the semen of some survivors for at least nine months

Preliminary results of a study into persistence of Ebola virus in body fluids show that some men still produce semen samples that test positive for Ebola virus nine months after onset of symptoms. ... Full story

Bio-Molecules in Human Breast Milk Stop Inflammation

Human breast milk, which provides essential nutrients and antibodies to newborns, has long been known to play an important role in infant development and the immune system. ... Full story

Workplace Accommodations for Breastfeeding Mothers Fall Short, According to New Study in Journal Women’s Health Issues

WASHINGTON, DC - Fewer than half of breastfeeding mothers who returned to work after giving birth reported having access to time and space to express breastmilk at work, a new study found. This is despite a requirement in the 2010 Affordable Care Act that employers provide break time and private space for breastfeeding mothers. The study, "Access to Workplace Accommodations to Support Breastfeeding after Passage of the Affordable Care Act," has been published online ahead of print and will appear in the January/February issue of the journal Women's Health Issues. ... Full story

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