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Breast Feeding

Babies Fed Directly from Breast May Be at Less Risk for Ear Infections

Breast milk may also thwart diarrhea in first 12 months of life ...

As exposure to chemical rises, so does risk of ending breastfeeding early

In a new study of hundreds of Cincinnati moms, higher levels of exposure to the common industrial chemical PFOA were linked to ...

Breast milk linked to significant early brain growth in preemies

Preemies fed mostly breast milk had larger brains by their due dates than those who consumed small amounts or none ... Full story

Research reveals a new secret to the miracle of breast milk

One of the secrets to rich milk production in lactation has been uncovered by researchers at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. Their studies have revealed that breast cells develop two nuclei as the breast switches on lactation to nurture the newborn. ... Full story

Breastfeeding, vaccinations help reduce ear infection rates in babies

GALVESTON, Texas – In what would be considered good news for many parents a new study from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston finds the rates of ear infections during a baby’s first year have declined; the investigators suggested that higher rates of breastfeeding, use of vaccinations and lower rates of smoking may be the major contributors. ... Full story

Baby of the family most likely to miss out on breast

A woman’s education level and the number of children she has affects breast feeding, with the “baby of the family” most likely to miss out, University of Queensland research shows. ... Full story

Penn Experts Warn that Touting "Naturalness" of Breastfeeding Could Backfire

Labelling Public Health Initiatives as "Natural" May be Contradictory ... Full story

Boosting breastfeeding in disadvantaged areas

Motivational technique could hold key to increasing breastfeeding rates ... Full story

Targeting gut microbes may reverse effects of childhood malnutrition

Healthy microbes, breast milk component suggest new treatment approach, mouse study shows ... Full story

Children breastfeeding after first birthday should take vitamin D supplements, study says

By Rebecca Goss - Children who are breastfeeding after their first birthday should take a vitamin D supplement to prevent health problems such as rickets, new research suggests. ... Full story

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