Best CBD Oil For Inflammation 2020 – Top 5 Fiery Products

Inflammation can bring out the worst pain that a person has ever felt in their lives. In can cause joint and muscle stiffness and be a huge inconvenience to the person that it is affecting. 

We want nothing more than for you to find the relief that you so desperately seek. That’s why we created a list of the best cbd oil for inflammation reviews on our website. 

As far as the proper dosage for inflammation it is recommended that you follow the instructions listed on rthe bottle. If that doesn’t work for you you should increase your dosage by .5 milligrams until you reach the dosage that gives you the full effect that you are looking for.

Cannabis oil is a great inflammation reducer because it already has the cannabinoids within it that make it an anti-inflammatory. Once in the system, the oil works alongside the cb1 and cb2 receptors to reduce the presence of inflammation within the body.

You will find a list of five cannabis oils that help you control and minimize the inflammation that you are currently feeling. Take your time and really look over all of the options we have to offer to you.

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Take Spruce CBD

Spruce CBD

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Does CBD oil help with inflammation 

Inflammation is known as the body’s defense to protect itself from injuries. It can be the starting place for lots of illnesses whether it’s an inflammation of the nerve cells, joints, or muscles lots of issues within the body are due to inflammation.

Over the counter medications like Tylenol and ibuprofen can be used to control inflammation. But, the long term use of those medications can cause damage to your liver over time.

Scientists have researchers the receptors in the brain that are attached to cells in order to receive chemical signals from parts of the body. Cannabis doesn’t bind to these receptors instead it works with them to either enhance or prohibit certain actions.


Floyd Landis won the Tour de France in 2006. This is a fact that most people know about him but what people don’t know is that he used opioids to help cope and manage the pain that he felt. This interfered with the anti-doping rules set by the sports world.

Instead of using opioids today he uses cannabis oil to help him manage his pain. And a lot of other athletes have begun to turn to the use of cannabis oil as a way of managing their pain as well.

Due to the wear and tear, an athlete puts their body through the most extreme circumstances, therefore, inflammation becomes a daily occurrence they have to endure. And because cannabis oil has been removed from the banned substance list it’s no wonder more athletes have begun using it.

Joint pain

About 23% of all Americans suffer from some form of joint pain. Again over the counter medications take their own toll on the body when taken in excess. The body is not meant to be put through everything that we put it through on a daily basis.

Cannabis oil is a natural supplement that can help reduce joint pain and inflammation. And we all know that once the inflammation has gone down you still may be sore, but it will be easier to move around and get things done without it and the addition of pain.


When you think of neuroinflammation we want you to think of things like Alzheimers. Which is a disease that cause inflammation of the nerves cells that are located within the brain due to a toxin that kills the brain cells.

With the help of cannabis oil more of those brain cells that are being crippled by the toxin is able to repair themselves and survive. This doesn’t cure dementia, but it definitely aids in slowing the progression of dementia down.

When it comes to inflammation in the brain tissue the cells stress cause the antioxidant within the cells to decrease. And when this happens you get a massive overpopulation of the brain cells which is called an inflammation cascade.

CBD Oil Dosage for inflammation

The proper dosage of cannabis oil to use for inflammation depends on your tolerance level. Using too low of a dose and you won’t feel it affects while if you use too high of a dose and you may enter a state of sedation.

You should begin with a low dosage and record the effect it has on your body. If that doesn’t produce an effect you can gradually increase your dose until you get the effect that you need to receive.

Also for inflammation, it is better to take a dose in the morning and then see how you feel as your day goes on. In the event that you need another dose then you are able to pinpoint when and where in your schedule to take it.

Top 5 Best CBD Oil for Inflammation Reviews

Palmetto Harmony – best cBD oil benefits for pain


If you need a simple and straight to the point company for your cannabis products then this is the company for you! 

  • Fast acting 
  • Great for pain relief 

  • Not many options
  • One potency level


This company offers a variety of products for customers to choose from drops, soft gels, vape liquid, and even pet products. Your sure to find at least one product on their website that will fit the needs that you need the oil for.

They do enforce a strict policy when it comes to returning products, however, if you need assistance you can always contact their customer service for help at any point in time. This company is definitely trusted by parents worldwide.

Hemplucid CBD Oil – Best cannabinoid  and anti-inflammatory


If you want to try a variety of potency options then try looking at what this company has to offer!

  • Lots of potency options
  • Great price

  • Lackluster website


If you like the idea of a company that provides transparency then you will love this company providing its customers with the results from their third-party lab tests. This company specializes in the extraction of the whole hemp plant.

And they have it delivered in three different carrier options which are a water-soluble solution, MCT oil, and hemp oil. All of these make the drops easy to blend with any food or beverage.

Receptra Naturals – Best cbd oil inflammation reduction


If the size of the bottle matters then you will love selecting products from this company!

  • Soothes inflammation
  • Helps with stiff joints 

  • Only one potency option
  • Horrible website

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This product is known to be effective for reducing inflammation within the body. This is because when cannabis oil interacts with the receptors within the endocannabinoid system it actively works to lessen inflammation.

This company offers three different sizes of the bottle for customers to purchase and they are 15 millimeters, 30 millimeters, and 60 millimeters. They only offer one potency strength.


Pure Hemp Botanicals – Best hemp oil for inflammation


If you want to be able to choose what form you receive your cannabis oil in then check out this company!

  • Many potency options 
  • Extraction options

  • Price
  • Packaging


This company seeks to make a difference in the lives of its customers even if that difference is very small in comparison to that of other companies. They follow the motto ”compassion in action.”  Which is wonderful when it comes to helping others relieve with what’s causing them pain.

They use the full spectrum and the isolated method to extract the hemp oil from their plants. Which gives customers an option if they prefer one extraction method over the other. In addition to the normal cbd products they also offer mint and teas to their customers.

Populum CBD Oil – Best oil for joint inflammation


Another well-known brand that delivers quality with every product!

  • Well-known brand 
  • Fast shipping

  • Customer service 


If you don’t mind shelling out a couple of extra dollars to ensure that you get the best quality product out their then this is the company for you. Their website is bright and invites every customer to shop and purchase with their brand.

Their hemp which is sourced organically from Colorado is some of the best hemp oil when it comes to controlling inflammation symptoms. They give you a full thirty days to return their products if it doesn’t give you the results that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does cbd help inflammation?

Cannabis oil helps to reduce inflammation because it is a natural anti-inflammatory due to all of the cannabinoids within the oil.

How should I take the cannabis oil for inflammation?

It is recommended that you either take the drops or a capsule or edible. Basically ingesting cannabis oil is the best option for controlling inflammation.

How often can I use the oil?

How often you use the oil is entirely up to you however we recommend you start with 1x-2x daily and see how that works for you before using it more frequently.

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