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Medterra Cbd
  • Large product selection
  • US Hemp Authority certified.
  • Board member of US Hemp Roundtable
  • CO2 extraction technique
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Reward Program
  • Product Bundles







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Medterra CBD

  • CEO Jay Harternbach
  • Founded in 2007
  • Based in Irvin, California USA
  • Vertically integrated
  • Kentucky Hemp Grown

Medical Benefit

  • Provide pain relief
  • Promotes a healthy weight
  • Reduces the incidence of diabetes
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Improves heart health

Who is Medterra?

Medterra was founded in 2017 and is based in Irvin, California. CEO Jay Hartenbach and co-founders, who are certainly considered among one of the CBD suppliers, agree with the CBD health benefits and believe that its advantages should be available to people at an affordable price.

As a desire to quickly gain confidence, Medterra mixed their industrial agriculture background with a group whose field of knowledge was quality control, vegetable genetics, and compound extraction methodologies. They are a brand that displays dedication, compassion towards others, and innovation as their goal.

They have vast experience, and their hemp comes from Kentucky, one of the world’s quality places to grow hemp. Their hemp strains have a very high CBD concentration.  

Can Medterra provide high-quality products at a low cost according to its standards? In our Medterra review, we will dive further into what this brand is all about.

Top Product

Medterra CBD Oil

Medterra CBD Oil

  • High Potency
  • Good Flavors
  • Excellent Value
  • Synergistic ingredients in the CBD Immune Boost
  • Noticeable health benefits

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The Pros

Independent lab test

All Medterra’s products have batch numbers and expiration dates published so customers can view third-party lab results (following up FDA[1] recommendation) for specific items. Their products are assured to be free of contaminants such as heavy metals, bacteria, microbial life, mycotoxins, and pesticides. Third-party testing on Medterra is by ProVerde Labs and Green Scientific, both of which are reputable independent laboratories. Some products also have QR codes on their labels.

Hemp source

All Medterra CBDuses not only Kentucky hemp sources but also part of the Kentucky hemp pilot research program. These are some of the most strictly regulated hemp in the world, with some saying they have more restrictions than Scandinavia. In addition to the program, Medterra is convinced that Kentucky is ideal for non-GMO hemp cultivation due to the long growing season and soil quality. Kentucky is one of the leading states in developing hemp due to the state-established hemp growth guidelines.


Medterra’s various products and potency make it suitable for new CBD customers or individuals looking for high CBD doses. Medterra CBD products have come with different strengths with zero THC. The tinctures are available in very high concentrations, with the highest concentration being 3,000mg. For example, CBD tinctures can be 3 Strengths: 500 1,000 and 3 000 mg, Gel capsules are available in 25 mg, and 50 mg, Medterra topical cooling cream consists of 250 or 750 milligrams in a 3.4-ounce tube. This makes Medterra products attractive to customers who need a high CBD, including products that deal with severe pain or chronic inflammation.


Medterra CBD products are available in a variety of flavors. CBD capsules and CBD tinctures are tasteless. CBD wellness has a sweet taste due to stevia’s presence and should be dissolved under the tongue. Medterra’s CBD gum is available in three specific varieties. Each style has a signature flavor with Stay Calm in tropical fruit, Sleep Tight in Strawberry, and Keep alert in citrus. Stay Calm in tropical fruit, Sleep Tight in Strawberry, and Keep alert in citrus. CBD for pet products is also available in various flavors, including peanut butter, chicken, and beef flavors, which are distinctively intended to appeal to particular customer types.


Medterra obtains its hemp extracts by a CO2 extraction process method and ensures that they are non-GMP and all free from THC. Most of its products are made with pure CBD isolate, which has removed any undesirable substances to create simple and effective products.

Some consider the CO2 extraction process to be the best solvent for extraction, as it does not require filtration while maintaining the purity of the oil. However, it uses centrifugal partition chromatography for extraction for the brand’s broad-spectrum products.

Shipping & Customer service  

Medterra CBD products can be purchased online from Medterra’s website. The shipment of the company is fast, and they ship to all 50 US states. They also ship internationally to Canada and Australia. The delivery fee for all the products is charged to the customer. Shipping takes 4-7 working days if the shipment is within us.

You are also entitled to get a 30-day money-back guarantee for all Medterra CBD products. This means that customers are free to return the products they are not satisfied with within 30 days of purchase. However, shipping charges are not refundable.

Alternative Brand Options


  • Hemp source from Colorado
  • Affordable products
  • Pesticide-free
  • Various dosage options

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Royal CBD

  • Non-GMO
  • Organic hemp extracts
  • High potency
  • Free shipping on all orders

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Top 5 Best Medterra Product reviews 2022

Medterra CBD Oil

Medterra CBD Oil

If you’re looking for a high-quality, all-around CBD brand, you’ll have a hard time finding something better than Medterra. Medterra CBD oil is a health supplement based on CBD extracts that have been developed in modern times to help people eliminate health problems like anxiety, insomnia, persistent pain problems, and bad eating habits.

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Medterra’s flagship is the CBD tincture/oil, which contains massive amounts of cannabidiol but does not contain any (0) THC. All plants are organically grown, and third-party tested to ensure they are free of contaminants.

They were the products that the company first made, and they continue to be very famous with customers even after the company brought in different items. CBD oil is made with 99% + CBD and organic MCT oil and is available in 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 3000 mg. Each option is available in a 30ml bottle and is equivalent to 30 servings.

The tincture itself has a clean and consistent texture, suggesting high purity and indicating that the liquid is mixed correctly. Another highlight is that Medterra went the extra mile to measure the dropper to know precisely how much I am taking.

Medterra CBD gel capsules

Medterra CBD gel capsules

If you don’t like the hemp aftertaste of CBD oil, you’ve come to the right place with Medterra’s CBD gel capsules. Medterra’s CBD gel capsules are travel-friendly, quick to take, and an excellent choice for those on the go. CBD suspended in fractionated coconut oil is then packaged for ease of consumption.

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Medterra’s CBD gel caps provide equal benefits as the company’s CBD oil when it comes to excellence and safety. Like all of their products, Medterra’s CBD gel capsules are an isolate CBD product.

MCT carrier oil-based capsules use the same third-party tested isolate CBD oil that has been an industry-standard filtered CO2 extraction technique and is grown from the same hemp in the United States. Medterra claims those gel capsules contain a CBD dose of 25mg per pill of the 750mg bottle and 50mg CBD per capsule of the 1,000mg bottle. A less potent mixture sells for $60 and a more concentrated product for $95.

Finally, Medterra has moved from its famous Medterra Broad Spectrum CBD method to its tincture line and now offers the same formula in capsule form. This unique broad-spectrum CBD technology has a cannabidiol ratio to other phytocompounds of 10: 1.

Medterra CBD Topicals

Medterra CBD Topicals

An effective combination of CBD and certified organic ingredients. MedTerra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream is a beautiful addition to your pain control routine with its fast cooling technology, which instantly soothes and relieves pain, at the same time supporting healthier joints and muscle repair.

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Medterra CBD cream is based on non-GMO hemp grown in Kentucky. In particular, the company has chosen Kentucky to grow hemp because of its long growth and soil quality. Their hemp is grown and extracted according to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and Industrial Hemp Pilot Program’s strict guidelines and is certified by U.S. Hemp Authority.

Medterra + CBD Pain Cream has the top rankings on the company’s website among brand new products. As per the product page, this CBD cream is formulated with arnica and menthol to relieve pain.

Research has shown that arnica has beneficial effects on bruising and osteoarthritis. It also has some proven potential for reducing inflammation. The cream is available in strengths, 500 mg for moderate pain and 1000 mg of CBD for more severe pain. Each bottle is 1.7 ounces and contains 50 ml. It can be applied and rubbed directly onto the affected areas.

MedTerra CBD Gummies

MedTerra CBD Gummies

MedTerra Hemp CBD Gummies are a delicious and affordable way to enjoy CBD anywhere and everywhere. MedTerra has incorporated natural ingredients for every gummy to enhance its effects and increase your well-being, day or night. Whether you’re looking to boost your immune system, keep calm, stay alert, or get a good night’s sleep, we’ve just found the right CBD gummy for you.

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Medterra’s CBD gum comes in 3 unique varieties, and each style is a signature flavor with Stay Calm in tropical fruit, Sleep Tight in Strawberry and Keep alert in citrus. Medterra CBD has only used high-quality products with healthy ingredients. While many different brands use high fructose corn syrup, synthetic flavors, colors, and gelatin-based on animals, Medterra’s CBD gummies have chosen to use plant-based ingredients.

Although the simple gummy formulation is the same, each of Medterra’s CBD gummy candies comes with unique natural ingredients intended to promote different moods. One is to help keep you calm, so they have 50mg of L-Theanine, an amino acid that promotes relaxation. These have vegan ingredients and tropical fruit flavors. The second choice has natural caffeine resources such as green tea and ginkgo Biloba to help you stay alert. And the midnight gummy candies contain 3mg of melatonin for useful resources in restful sleep.

While the concentration of CBD in these gummies is slightly higher, this is a range that will work for a wide range of CBD customers as well as give you an excellent bang for the buck. The gummies currently come in bags of 30, and the price per mg works out at a pretty low value of $ 0.05 per mg.

Medterra CBD Pet Tincture

Medterra CBD Pet Tincture

The time you spend with pets is never wasted. Medterra CBD Pet Tincture is the simplest of all CBD products for pets in the Medterra range. Medterra’s CBD Pet Products had been formulated with your furry buddies to provide natural relief. The bottle consists of only pure CBD isolate, mixed with MCT oil and natural flavors, and is the ideal treat for your buddy.

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Pet owners who are trying to give their pets CBD must be delighted with the Medterra CBD Pet Tincture. Medterra prides itself on offering the best and fully compliant CBD products made in the US made from industrial hemp. Each plant is extracted according to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Hemp Program’s rigorous guidelines, and a third party has been tested and guaranteed to be free of contaminants.

Medterra offers three strengths in its CBD tincture for pets: 150mg, 300mg, and 750mg, allowing consumers to choose the most suitable efficiency option for their pet’s weight and size. We bear in mind those low, medium, and high potencies, respectively.

Medterra not only stores CBD pet tincture in three strengths, but it is also available in unflavored, chicken, and beef varieties, making it easy for pets with a picky palate or can simply be mixed with food.

What users say about Medterra Products?

According to consumer reviews, Medterra’s CBD gums do what they promise. Depending on the product, they promote calm and rest or offer energy and focus on spending the day.

Also, users report that CBD oil works outstandingly to provide clarity and focus, promote sleep and relieve joint pain. They also say that CBD oil has no unpleasant taste and contributes to general health and quality of life.

How to use CBD Products?

Medterra offers a lot of CBD products such as tinctures, creams, and capsules.

Tincture: Take the tincture with a dropper to place a portion under the tongue.

Topicals: It is challenging to measure CBD topicals product because it is difficult to estimate how much you apply to your skin. In general, you should use as much as you would if it was a regular CBD topicals product. If it doesn’t feel special after a while has passed, use a little more.

Edibles: Gummies are chewable, tasty, and provide a regular serve size in each piece. The advantage here is that they are handy as you can simply take one in your mouth and chew it at any time. If you want an alternative way to use CBD instead of a pill, there is a choice. CBD soft gels require you to drink some water and swallow them down

How to choose Medterra Products?

When it comes to CBD products, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. There are a lot of alternatives, from edibles to tinctures. But for the most part, CBD products fall into several different categories. Like CBD gummies, Edibles have to go through the digestive system before taking effect, which breaks down in the gastrointestinal tract and takes a little longer to work.

If you want to try the Medterra CBD products but don’t know where to start, try the quiz on their homepage. This will help you zero on the right choice of CBD for your needs. The examination takes into account all unique needs. For example, do you need help sleeping? Or are you trying to relieve some kind of discomfort? A set of different questions will help narrow your choice, so you don’t get stuck having to scroll through the product list. We also suggest choosing a product with a detailed COA that includes contaminant testing.

Health Benefits & Side effects

Many customers have changed pharmaceutical drugs with Medterra CBD oil. Because of the limited side effects reported by this product, customers were seeking to break their dependence on prescription drugs or various commonly prescribed drugs, such as sleeping pills. Some of the CBD health benefits[2] include:

However, most of what we realize about CBD factors is relatively safe, although research indicates that some people may experience side effects, including:

  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite and weight
  • Fatigue

Medterra makes an excellent variety of products to ensure that customers experience all benefits without side effects. Clients also did not report adverse reactions. Although unlikely, Medterra CBD products will cause side effects. However, you should follow the instructions provided by the brand.

Always talk to your doctor before you try CBD, mainly if you are using any medications because CBD can also interact with some medicines.

The Cons

  • Most products are formulated with CBD isolate and Broad-Spectrum CBD.
  • Outdated Certificate of Analysis
  • There is no CBD oil option for vaping, which is quite surprising in the CBD market nowadays.

Final thought

After reviewing Medterra, it is impressive that the products and operations of the Medterra brand as a vertically integrated and controlled supply chain all started with hemp growing in Kentucky.

Medterra provides a wide range of all-natural, carefully tested CBD products for a low-cost price. I think this brand is exceptionally appropriate for individuals who need THC-free but still need many choices in terms of application style, effect, and taste. While others tend to choose full-spectrum oils, for many CBD buyers, Medterra offers the highest quality CBD product at an affordable price.

However, as we say, the only drawback of this company is the level of products manufactured. None of their products are full spectrum, and all are blended with equally reductionist natural extracts.

If you want to experience the benefits of CBD, then we would highly recommend the CBD essential oil tincture of Medterra. Its high-quality mixture and excellent price make Medterra the perfect choice for any user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Medterra CBD legit?

Medterra CBD is legal in the United States. They sell legitimate products of CBD, which have been certified by the US hemp authority.

Is Medterra a good brand?

Overall, MedTerra is a good brand that gives a wide variety of products. It makes use of natural hemp growing according to the guidelines set by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and also makes use of the CO2 method.

Who makes Medterra CBD?

Jay Hartenbach is the CEO and co-founder of Medterra.

Is Medterra and Doterra the same company?

No, they are not the same company.

Does Medterra Have a BBB Rating?

Unfortunately, Medterra does not have a rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Will Medterra’s products get me high?

The regular use of their products won’t make you high. Although Medorra offers different types of CBD extracts in its products, none of them contain only THC and therefore does not offer an intoxicating effect.

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