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Organifi Green Juice Review 2023: Best Superfood Drink Reviews

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Medically reviewed by Kathy Shattler, MS, RDN

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Organifi Green Juice




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  • Certified organic science-backed ingredients
  • The product promotes daily reset and cortisol support
  • Suitable for vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free diets
  • Superfood powder is made in FDA- approved facilities

Brand Information

  • Uses certified organic ingredients
  • Products made in FDA-approved facility

Medical Benefits

  • Reduces stress
  • Helps balance hormones
  • Provides the body with nutrients

What Is Organifi Green Juice?

You can probably use a good reset after all of the holiday parties and goodies. Organifi green juice is developed to reset your body each day and support stress levels. Organifi’s primary goal is to make living a healthy lifestyle more convenient for everyone with its alkaline greens proprietary blend.

By doing so, the company created Organifi’s green juice that is filled with essential amino acids, organic vegan greens, and adaptogens. The product is organic, Non-GMO, and gluten-free. Additionally, powerful ingredients help curb cravings, which will help reduce body fat. 

This Organifi review will discuss if this product is worth the splurge.

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Organifi Green Juice

Best Superfood Drink

Organifi Green Juice

  • Certified organic science-backed ingredients
  • The product promotes daily reset and cortisol support
  • Suitable for vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free diets
  • Superfood powder is made in FDA- approved facilities

Does It Really Work?

I am sure you are wondering, does Organifi Green Juice work? Organifi Green Juice contains many great ingredients that are proven to improve overall health. Almost, if not all of them, are clinically researched or studied to provide positive benefits. 

Like with any other lifestyle change, you should incorporate other beneficial lifestyle habits. Organifi feels that this will enhance and expedite positive results. Some of the suggestions that they recommend adding to your lifestyle are listed below:

  • Eat organic food whenever possible.
  • Incorporate daily pre/probiotics into your diet
  • Get in some sort of physical activity daily
  • Sleep at least seven to nine hours each night
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water each day

You should notice maximum benefits by adding at least one or two of these lifestyle recommendations with your green juice dietary supplement.


  • The product is gluten-free and Non-GMO verified.
  • It contains organic supplements that help reduce stress
  • The company offers rewards and refer a friend programs


  • Expensive to maintain. 
  • The company advertises add-ons to greens that add up.

Organifi Green Juice Ingredients

Organifi green juice ingredients are made using powerful superfoods and adaptogens. Adaptogens are natural substances that aid the body in adapting to stress and help counteract the side effects of stress hormones.

The greens proprietary blend contains organic wheatgrass powder, organic wheatgrass juice powder, organic moringa leaf powder, organic spirulina powder, organic chlorella powder, and organic matcha green tea powder. 

Additionally, the superfood blend contains organic coconut water powder, organic ashwagandha extract, organic lemon powder, organic red beet powder, and organic turmeric extract. 

Furthermore, the green superfood powder is naturally flavored with many organic natural flavors, such as orange flavor, mint flavors, and monk fruit extract. It also includes tapioca powder, which is prebiotic. Below we will discuss some of the ingredients in each superfood proprietary blend. 

Matcha Green Tea Extract

Matcha green tea, a natural antioxidant, is thought[1] to have many benefits, like decreasing oxidative stress, improving mental clarity, helping strengthen blood vessels, and reducing inflammation, along with many others. 

However, matcha tea does contain caffeine. It is important to note that too much caffeine can cause headaches, insomnia, and other unwanted side effects. 


Spirulina is a blue-green alga that NASA has effectively used as dietary supplements for astronauts on space missions. Studies[2] have found that these blue-green algae support the immune system and work as an anti-inflammatory agent. 

Additionally, spirulina, also known as the food of the future, has been successful at increasing energy levels.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is a good source of nutrients and is very hydrating. For instance, a patient in the remote Solomon Island was successfully treated[3] with coconut water for hydration fluids. Medical resources can sometimes be limited in some regions of the world, and coconut water is a great natural alternative.


Organifi green juice uses ashwagandha to help lower stress by balancing your cortisol levels. Ashwagandha has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat ailments for centuries.  If your cortisol level is unbalanced, you can experience unwanted side effects like little to no energy, not being able to lose weight, and poor sleep cycles. Ashwagandha can stabilize the stress hormone, cortisol.

Studies have found[4] that organic ashwagandha can increase physical endurance and reduce stress.


According to Organifi Green Juice’s website, Moringa is nature’s multivitamin. Researchers have identified[5] this herbal plant as having many positive benefits. This stems from its many medical and nutritional advantages like its vital natural antioxidants, antibiotics, and vitamins and minerals.

It is important to note that all parts of this superfood plant can be used for nutritional purposes. This ingredient is a vital part of the Organifi green juice powder.

Monk Fruit

Monk fruit is a natural sweetener that contains no calories. This sweetener is derived from a small fruit native to China. Monk Fruit may help promote weight loss due to not containing calories. 
For instance, calorie-free beverages that are sweetened with artificial or non-nutritive[6] sweeteners, such as monk fruit, have shown to have little to no effect on daily energy intake and glucose and insulin levels compared to sucrose-sweetened beverages.

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Health Benefits Of Organifi Green Juice

Organifi Green Juice claims to have many health benefits. You may notice an increase in energy and a reduction in mood swings. When your hormones are balanced, your mood will be more stabilized and not up and down. It also has 3 grams of fiber per serving. Fiber is necessary for a healthy gut and digestion.

 Additionally, due to cortisol balancing, your body will have better digestion. If off-balance, cortisol is the stress hormone that can cause side effects. Some other green juice benefits claimed are reduction in cravings (hello weight loss), a balanced immune system, stress levels, improved sleep quality, mental clarity, and overall balanced hormones. 

As with any supplement, potential benefits will vary. We highly recommend contacting your professional medical physician before starting a new supplement or mixing any other supplements with medication. 

Potential Side Effects

As mentioned above, Organifi green juice powder contains caffeine. So, if you have a sensitivity to caffeine, you may want to try starting with half a scoop versus a full scoop to see if you notice any unwanted side effects. 

The website states that individuals who are very sensitive to caffeine do not typically have any issues with Green Juice. For example, the amount of matcha tea powder contains way less caffeine than a cup of coffee.

Wait a minute; the product canister has a cancer warning. Should you be worried? Don’t fret; this is the company abiding by the state of California laws to advertise this. The green powder is not known to cause any form of cancer or reproductive issues. It means basically that the products come from California soil, which might be contaminated with cancer-causing agents.

If you are taking any other medications or supplements, please reach out to your primary care doctor to ensure this product is right for you, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or anticipating a future medical procedure. This will help avoid any adverse side effects.

How To Take Organifi Green Juice?

This Organifi’s green juice comes in a powder form. It is recommended to consume Organifi green juice in the morning or mid-morning or any other time of the day that you want to experience the desired health benefits. 

You should mix the Organifi powder with eight to ten ounces of water or combine it with the liquid of your choice, like almond milk or coconut water. A great alternative is to mix the green powder with protein smoothies or fresh juice. If you look under the Organifi Green Juice faqs section of the website, you can find more information on this. 

You should drink Organifi Green Juice daily to receive maximum nutritional benefits. 

Additionally, you can add Organifi Gold or Red Juice to your green juices. The Organifi red juice is made from red beets, cordyceps, and Rhodiola. It is perfect for an afternoon pick me up and is said to taste like berry punch. Therefore, if you feel fatigued or lack energy, then Red Juice is a perfect option.

The Organifi Gold juice is developed for nighttime recovery and promotes peaceful sleep. Its main ingredients are turmeric, lemon balm, and reishi mushrooms. You should drink this at night before bed to induce feelings of calming and restfulness.

Organifi Green Juice Review: What Do Real Users Say?

After reading over several different reviews, it seems that most consumers have a very positive experience with Organifi Green Juice compared to other green juices. They also recommended adding the Organifi Gold or Red juice for added flavor and benefits. 

“Tastes like a minty-green smoothie!”

Julie B. verified buyer

“I have never been so impressed with a green drink in my life! I’ve searched high and low for something that tastes great and makes me feel great, and this is it! While I know the importance of greens in our diet, I always felt like I was forcing myself to drink them because I “had to.” I now look forward to drinking this every morning; it’s that good! You must take it seriously when it says “best if served cold,” as my first drink wasn’t my favorite simply because of the temperature! I now add ice, and it’s perfect! 100% obsessed!”


“I will never go without this. I drink this in the AM and feel like it really boosts my energy. I have felt clearer and more alert. In my opinion, it honestly tastes great. I’ve tried lots of powders that are really terrible, and this is so the opposite. It definitely has a minty taste, so be prepared for that (not like toothpaste, but like an actual Mint leaf).”

Lisa T.

“This is the first thing I drink for the day. The taste is good compared to usual green drinks, not exactly delicious but pleasing taste. It gives my body a refreshed feeling to start the day, and I really enjoy it.”

Sean B., Verified Buyer

Final Thought

Throughout this Organifi review, we have learned that this superfood supplement has legit ingredients. Like this, many of the organic ingredients used to make superfood powders are researched and have clinically backed data. 

If you have unhealthy eating habits, Organifi juice can help aid in the nutrients you are lacking, but if you want to feel your best, you should eat healthily and stay active in conjunction with taking greens powder. 

Although it is hard to know the amount of each ingredient that is in each superfood proprietary blend, this makes it impossible to tell if the amount of the ingredient you are getting is entirely beneficial. 

Overall, this product seems like a good green juice and is worth trying out after thoroughly reviewing. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can send it back in a shipping box and receive a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Organifi company complete any third-party testing?

According to the website, the company thoroughly tests each product by making each blend in a GMP-certified facility. After being made, the product is then moved to strict third-party testing to ensure each shipment is free of heavy metals, aerobic platelets, E. coli. Salmonella, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Lastly, the blends are tested once more to earn the recognition of being USDA organic, certified glyphosate-residue free, non-GMO verified, vegan, and certified gluten-free.

When is the best time to take Organifi’s Green Juice Blend?

The best time of the day to consume your powdered greens is first thing in the morning after a full night’s rest. First, you should drink a full glass of water and then mix your greens and drink them first.  Additionally, you take the Red Juice for that extra boost of energy later in the day and the Gold Juice before you get in bed to help promote a good night’s sleep.

What if you want to mix your blends together? Is that ok?

Absolutely, you can mix any of the blends together. Many individuals enjoy mixing the combinations together to enhance taste and potency. However, some of the blends may work better with others. For example, the Red Juice blend and Pure are developed for energy and mental focus, so they will both be great for a morning or afternoon treat.

Can I enjoy Organifi products if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

As always, we highly suggest reaching out to your professional medical provider or lactation consultant before adding a new dietary supplement to your daily routine. Additionally, Organifi does not recommend taking the Organifi Green Juice while you are pregnant or nursing. 

How should my supplement be stored once the product is received?

According to the Organifi website, the Organifi blends have a two-year shelf life. You should store the product in a cool, dry place if you open your canister. It is recommended that you enjoy your supplement within 90 days of opening. You do not have to keep the blend in the refrigerator because it is gently dehydrated, which helps the nutrients last a long time outside the fridge.

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Medically reviewed by:

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Medically reviewed by:

Kathy Shattler

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