Male Extra Reviews 2023: Is This Male Enhancement Pill Worth Trying?

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Medically reviewed by Dr G. Michael DiLeo, MD

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  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Natural Ingredients
  • No prescription needed

Brand Information

  • Support from health professionals
  • Support with Blog, newsletter, and guides

Medical Benefits

  • Improved blood flow

About The Brand

Male Extra is a manufacturing company that makes and processes male enhancement pills. They claim that their male enhancement pills use scientific research to back their use of ingredients, and they self-describe as the leaders in the health and wellness industry. 

The manufacturer claims to use ingredients proven to be 100% effective. It also claims that its facilities are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved, yet the FDA[1] does not independently approve facilities. It does, however, have the authority to inspect them.

In conjunction with the supplements, Male Extra also has nutritionists, fitness professionals, and health experts contribute to a website blog, newsletter, and guides about healthy eating, diets, exercise, sexual health, and healthy living. 

They also offer 24/7 customer service support with a contact page, physical address for regular mail, and phone number contact for the US and the UK. 

Read on to know our complete Male Extra reviews in 2022.

What Is Male Extra?

Male Extra claims to help contribute to more extensive, harder erections, improved sexual stamina, and maximum ingredient formulation for effectiveness, which is 100% safe and includes natural ingredients.  

It has a 100-day-money back guarantee with the purchase of more than a 30-day supply. If after 50 days you don’t see results and it’s your first time buying this supplement, you can reach out for a refund. 

Free shipping worldwide is available for most purchases; any items that don’t offer free shipping are highlighted in the product description. 

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Male Extra

Best Reputation

Male Extra

  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Natural Ingredients
  • No prescription needed

How Does Male Extra Work?

The vast majority of people using male enhancement pills may be experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED). Having difficulty with sexual performance can be linked to many different factors[2]. It’s important first to understand what may cause erectile dysfunction, what the ingredients do in the body, and how they can help improve performance. 

ED can start becoming a problem for men over 40, but it can also affect young men. When experiencing ED, the penis either won’t fill up with blood or the penis can’t sustain an erection for extended amounts of time. 

Factors limiting sexual function can be medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis, hormone issues, traumatic spinal cord injuries, and depression. Others may be medications and performance anxiety, 

Male Extra claims that the ingredients provide 100% effectiveness that increases blood flow for a bigger penis, prolongs erections and boosts sexual performance. 

It claims to do this by increasing your blood’s natural nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide[3] is a vasodilator; it helps the blood vessels widen and open up, which increases blood flow. 


  • May improve sexual performance
  • Increases sex drive 
  • Natural ingredients and nutrients that are often used in the body
  • Increases energy levels
  • 100-day-money back guarantee
  • Free shipping


  • It may take more than 30 days to see the results.
  • May need to keep track of your current routine to evaluate. 
  • May need to consult with your doctor for over-the-counter supplements, and current medication evaluation. 
  • The serving size can increase the ingredient Niacin[4] above 30 mg niacin equivalents (NE, with recommended amount being 16 mg), causing the skin to become red, burn, tingle, and itch. 

Male Extra Ingredients

Male Extra claims to be the only of many male enhancement products to feature pomegranate ellagic acid 40% and L-arginine HCL 600 mg. They claim these ingredients improve erection quality and sexual performance. 

It’s also claimed that out of the seven ingredients, five are only found in Male Extra in the quantities added: Niacin 18 mg,  methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 100 mg, L-methionine 100 mg.

male extra ingredients

Male Extra is one of many natural supplements that can be considered ED pills; they are claimed to boost sexual performance and sexual function, improve sex drive, and enable a bigger penis, along with greater energy

You have four options to purchase: a one-month supply, a five-month supply with two erection gels, a three-month supply with one erection gel, or a 12-month supply with four erection gels. Each bottle has a 30-day supply of pills. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you have a 100-day money-back guarantee. 

Based on Male Extra pills reviews, there are anecdotal reports that men experiencing ED benefit from this supplement. Most men report penis size growth, improved energy levels, and that they no longer need Viagra; one indicated that the woman in his life also noticed the difference. 

It’s important to note that the ingredients found in Male Extra are not illegal and can easily be found in foods. 


Niacin’s[4], (vitamin B3’s), primary function is to extract energy from the food you eat to use as energy and help with the development and function of your cells. 

A review was conducted on the effects of niacin and its positive effect on dyslipidemia (abnormal cholesterol/triglyceride levels). Dyslipidemia is a major cause of cardiovascular (CV) disease[5]. Thus, it’s recognized that improvements in dyslipidemia will improve CV disease. 

Since ED is a vascular problem representative of the entire CV system, niacin’s role in improving dyslipidemia throughout the body means improvement in moderate to severe ED, too.

Zinc (As Citrate)

Zinc is also found in the forms of zinc citrate[6], zinc sulfate, zinc acetate, and zinc gluconate. It’s an essential mineral and is involved in many processes within the body. It is naturally found in foods, added to foods, or found in dietary supplements. 

It’s vital in cell metabolism, helps many enzymes function, helps maintain healthy testosterone levels, supports a healthy immune system, makes protein and DNA, and enhances wound healing. 

Having low testosterone levels can affect erections and possibly libido. Zinc is added into Male Extra as zinc citrate to help prevent zinc deficiency to help protect testosterone levels. Zinc citrate can cause side effects[6] if the dosage exceeds 50 mg, such as nausea and vomiting, dizziness, headaches, stomach upset, and loss of appetite. 

L-Arginine HCL

An amino acid, L-arginine HCL, is considered a semi-essential nutrient. It can be made through other processes in the body or obtained from the diet, so it’s not wholly dependent on diet. Semi-essential nutrients are considered those needed at specific moments in life, such as childhood or with diseases. 

L-arginine HCL is the ingredient that has been added in Male Extra to help make nitric oxide; it helps expand the blood vessels to improve blood[7] flow to the penis and increase erection time, which can lead to improved (prolonged) sexual performance. 

Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid

Ellagic acid is an antioxidant-rich in fruit and pomegranate, but it is found in various other fruits and vegetables. 

According to a study, the idea of adding pomegranate in Male Extra is for antioxidant protection from damage from free radicals. 

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

Methylsulfonylmethane[8] (MSM) () Is a mineral, a type of organic sulfur that also functions as an antioxidant. It is labeled as a Generally Recognized As Safe[9] (GRAS) approved substance. It is added to Male Extra to contribute to cell and tissue health, including those cells and tissues in your penis. 

Other Ingredients

Methionine[10] is an essential amino acid; that is, it can only be obtained through food or supplementation. Methionine is important in that it improves the flexibility and tone of the skin; it also helps with the absorption of zinc, which is important for testosterone production. 

Male Extra claims they added L-methionine to block the conversion of histidine into the hormone histamine; high histamine levels can affect climax and ejaculation. 

However, there is no research identified to back it up. What is true is that L-Methionine is helpful as a way to support zinc absorption that can help the making of testosterone[10]

Cordyceps[11] is often used in Chinese medicine as a natural aphrodisiac. It’s a fungus that has been extensively studied for many benefits, including to the respiratory, cardiovascular, renal, liver, and nervous systems, and its benefit to stress, fatigue, and aging. It is also believed to exert control in the brain on sexual desire. 

Alternatives To Male Extra

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Performer 8

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  • Natural-scienced based ingredients
  • Non-GMO and soy-free
  • It may take up to three months to see the results
  • Three pills per day

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  • FDA inspected facility
  • Uses Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Four pills per day


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  • 100% lifetime money-back guarantee
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  • Four pills before breakfast

Health Benefits Of Male Extra

The ingredients used in Male Extra are put together as an enhancement pill for men experiencing erection problems. Because the ingredients are naturally found in foods, no prescription is needed, and the health benefits touted are improved blood flow and increased energy.

In contrast to the medications Viagra and Cialis, while both are specifically used to treat ED, they require a prescription. The need for a prescription is so you can be monitored for side effects and avoid any interactions with other medications. 

Potential Side Effects

Male Extra claims that all ingredients are natural and safe, but it’s important to note that if you are taking medication or over-the-counter supplements, you may be mixing things that may cause side effects. Always consult with your doctor before starting the use of any supplements. 


If taking pills isn’t a problem for you; the recommended dosage is three pills daily with breakfast or any other meal. For the pills to work, you must take the enhancement pills for at least 30 days to see results; otherwise, the ingredients will slowly disappear from your system.

Male Extra Results: What Do Real Users Say?

“I’m over 40 years old, and I don’t have the energy I used to when I was younger. I was skeptical, to begin with when it came to Male Extra, but after using it for one month, I was back to business and always in the mood. It’s been great for my relationship, and I couldn’t be happier! I’ll continue to use Male Extra!”


“I love the product! I bought it just to see what the talk was all about, and now it has made a BIG difference in the bedroom. Now another thing I must say, it has also helped me increase in mass, also in strength. It also keeps me coming back for me more… keep up the good work.”


“I would highly recommend Male Extra been using it for just over a month now and can see the difference, lasting longer and just pleasing my partner. I did use it a few years ago, which I used for about 4months but had to stop for money reasons but back at it and feel so much better.”


“I have been using Male Extra for two months now, and I bought it because I wanted to find something better than Viagra and Levitra, and Cialis. My penis is already gained an inch longer in length and an inch and a half thicker in girth and circumference. Male Extra really does make your penis bigger; it really makes your penis rockhard. I’m always ready and able to be with my wife, thanks to Male Extra. It’s the real deal. It has changed my life so amazingly and endlessly for the way better. I can’t wait to keep buying more and more every month as it really works. I’m a customer for life.”


“I have been using male extra for two months, and the results are nothing short of phenomenal. I originally got it because my erections weren’t as strong before using it. I have three bottles left. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen. This product is mind-blowing. You’ll love the results, and she’ll love them too. Guys, do you want thickness? Then look no further than male extra”.


“No change..waste of money

Did not work change in behavior”


Final Thought

Many men experiencing ED may not understand why they have a low sex drive, decreased sexual performance, or difficulty maintaining erections. The reasons can be varied and either physical or emotional. 

Chronic medical conditions can be a factor, and treating ED may require a medical professional to help manage the medical conditions. Hopefully, the treatment for managing medical conditions can help ED.

When it comes to an emotional reason, the way to manage ED may require mental health services. These services can help address underlying anxieties and unresolved traumas.  

The ingredients in Male Extra are naturally found in the vitamins and minerals of foods. In supplements, you are guaranteed to consistently consume the same amount of these natural ingredients. 

Still, the results are not guaranteed if other underlying medical or mental health conditions are not addressed first. Thus, ED may be the warning you need to see a professional about the rest of your cardiovascular system.

Always consult a medical professional when taking new supplements; this can prevent contraindications with medications or other supplements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Male Extra legal?

Yes, all ingredients are naturally found ingredients in foods. 

Who should take Male Extra?

Anyone male that is over 18 can use this supplement. However, it’s advised that if you are taking the medication, first consult with your doctor. 

Is it safe to take testosterone supplements?

It depends on the supplements; some may have a variety of hormones you may not want. And some may have naturally found ingredients in foods that won’t have adverse effects.

Where can I buy Male Extra?

You can buy Male Extra on their website or from authorized retailers

How long does it take to see results?

Taking Male Extra with consistent use for at least 30 days may give the desired results.

Can Male Extra increase penis size?

The ingredients’ mechanism is to help widen blood vessels to improve blood flow. This supplement allows blood to flow into your penis and possibly get a larger penis. But there is no guarantee that your penis will increase in size; it all depends on many factors. 

Is this supplement working even after I stop using it?

The ingredients may slowly leave the system if you stop using the male enhancement Male Extra. But you may be able to see improvement if treatment of medical or mental health conditions has been resolved and if, after stopping the use of the male enhancement, there is an improvement in food intake that contains the ingredients added to the male enhancement supplement. 

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Blanca Garcia

Written by:

Blanca Garcia, RDN

Medically reviewed by:

Michael DiLeo

Blanca is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and freelance nutrition writer from Los Angeles, CA. She has more than 8 year’s experience in nutrition and dietetics. She is a Latina and enjoys traditional Mexican and Salvadoran cooking, eating flavorful meals and sharing her knowledge about food and nutrition with others through her writing.

Medically reviewed by:

Michael DiLeo

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