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USN Diet Fuel Review [AU] 2023: Is This Meal Replacement Worth It?

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USN Diet Fuel




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  • It is a protein meal replacement shake.
  • Available in four sizes.
  • Available in three flavors.
  • USN diet Ultralean makes high-protein shakes.
  • It can be used for weight loss and weight loss management.
  • The ingredients are proteins, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.
  • It can be consumed at any time of the day.

Brand Information

  • Founded by Albé Geldenhuys.
  • Founded in 2000.

Medical Benefits

  • Helps with weight loss.
  • Helps with weight management.
  • Meal replacement supplement.

Since its founding by Albé Geldenhuys in 2000, USN has established itself as a dominant force in the sports nutrition market. They have become a top choice for professional and amateur athletes thanks to their dedication to making affordable, quality sports nutrition supplements widely available. USN is committed to using the finest quality raw materials, scientifically sound products, independent labs for quality testing, efficient distribution, and global accessibility.

USN offers various high-quality goods, including supplements for weight loss, muscular growth, and athletic performance. This USN Diet Fuel Review highlights one of their best seller meal replacement supplement, the USN Diet Fuel Ultralean. 

What Is USN Diet Fuel?

USN Diet Fuel is a protein shake that supports your weight loss goals while providing essential nutrients for your overall health and well-being.

With 25 grams of protein and 200 kilocalories per serving, Diet Fuel Ultralean is an excellent way to fuel your muscles while reducing your daily calorie intake. And with a great vitamin blend and the addition of Tolerase pH-Stable lactase, this shake is an excellent option for individuals who have difficulty digesting lactose. 

It comes in three flavors: strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate retailing at £28.00 for a 1-kilogram tub. The other sizes are 770 grams for £24.00, 2 kilograms for £45.00, and 2.5 kilograms for £61.00.

If your orders exceed £50.00, you automatically qualify for free shipping and delivery.

For best results, use it as a meal replacement for one or two meals per day, depending on your individual goals. 

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USN Diet Fuel

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Multi-GI 5

  • It is a protein meal replacement shake.
  • Available in four sizes.
  • Available in three flavors.
  • USN diet Ultralean makes high-protein shakes.
  • It can be used for weight loss and weight loss management.
  • The ingredients are proteins, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.
  • It can be consumed at any time of the day.

Does USN Diet Fuel Really Work?

USN Diet Fuel is a meal replacement protein shake designed to support weight loss goals, promote muscle growth, and in some ways, help with blood sugar regulation. It’s important to consider a few key factors to determine if it works.

First, USN Diet Fuel contains 25 grams of protein per serving, which can help support muscle growth and maintenance while reducing calorie intake. The protein blend has whey protein concentrate from milk, whey protein[1] isolate, milk protein isolate,[2] and soya protein isolate.[3] The product also contains 7 grams of dietary fiber,[4] which can aid digestion and help keep you fuller for longer.

The mineral and vitamin blend fosters good immunity and provides weight loss benefits. This blend includes ascorbic acid, chromium picolinate, folic acid, ferrous fumarate, d-alpha tocopherol, potassium iodate, zinc citrate, and others. We shall highlight what each significant ingredient offers later on in the text.

Finally, USN Diet Fuel may be a useful tool for those practicing intermittent fasting, as it provides a low-calorie option for meal replacement during periods of fasting. You may use it to replace one or two meals daily to see results.

Overall, USN Diet Fuel can be an effective tool for weight loss when used as part of a comprehensive approach that includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a calorie deficit.

Is This Meal Replacement Suitable For Everyone?

USN Diet Fuel is generally suitable for most individuals looking to support their weight loss goals. However, it’s important to note that this meal replacement may not be suitable for everyone.

USN Diet Fuel is a great milk, whey, and soya protein source. It’s good for lactose-intolerant individuals because it contains lactase enzyme, which helps to break down the lactose. 

Unfortunately, some individuals may find the product’s taste unpleasant, making it difficult to stick to as part of a weight loss plan.

USN Diet Fuel also contains a relatively low amount of fat at 7.5 grams per serving, which may not be suitable for individuals who require a higher fat intake for various reasons such as hormone regulation or protein synthesis. According to research, consuming fat may further promote the anabolic response of muscles to protein ingestion.

The difference between protein synthesis and breakdown in response to the consumption of protein alone or in a mixed meal is known as the anabolic response[5] to nutritional protein.

USN Diet Fuel may also benefit individuals looking to manage their blood sugar levels. The product contains a vitamin complex that includes chromium picolinate, which is known to help regulate blood sugar and even prevent type 2 diabetes.[6]

Overall, it’s important to consider your individual needs and preferences before incorporating USN Diet Fuel into your diet. If you have any concerns or medical conditions, it’s always best to consult a healthcare professional before changing your diet.


  • Weight loss support.
  • High protein content.
  • High in fiber.
  • Suitable for intermittent fasting.
  • It may help regulate blood sugar.
  • Contains a vitamin-mineral complex.
  • Renowned brand.
  • Contains Tolerase™ L, a pH-stable Lactase.


  • The 15-day return policy is short.
  • Returned products must be unopened.
  • Low in fat.
  • High in sodium.
  • Contains maltodextrin, glucose syrup, and sucralose.

USN Diet Fuel Ultralean Meal Replacement Ingredients

Here are the ingredients listed in their respective groupings:

Protein Blend:

  • Whey protein concentrate: milk.
  • Soya protein isolate.
  • Milk protein isolate.
  • Whey protein isolate: emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, milk.
  • Hydrolyzed whey protein isolate: emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, milk.

Carbohydrate Sources:

  • Maltodextrin.
  • Polydextrose.
  • Inulin.
  • High amylose maize starch.

Fat Blend:

  • Refined soya bean oil.
  • Glucose syrup.
  • Milk protein.
  • Stabilizer: Pentasodium triphosphate.
  • Free-flowing agent: Silicium dioxide.
  • Natural flavor.


  • Tri potassium citrate.
  • Milk minerals complex.
  • Magnesium oxide.
  • Sodium chloride.
  • Chromium picolinate.
  • Ferrous fumarate.
  • Zinc Citrate.
  • Potassium iodate.
  • Sodium selenite.
  • Copper bisglycinate.


  • Ascorbic acid.
  • D-Alpha tocopherol.
  • Folic acid.
  • Nicotinamide.
  • Manganese ascorbate.
  • D-Calcium Pantothenate.
  • Retinyl Palmitate.
  • Cyanocobalamin.
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride.
  • D-Biotin.
  • Cholecalciferol.
  • Thiamine hydrochloride.
  • Vitamin K1: riboflavin, phylloquinon.


  • Thickeners: guar gum, xanthan gum.
  • Stabiliser: cellulose gum.
  • Creamer: high oleic sunflower oil, glucose syrup, milk protein, free flowing agent — silicium dioxide.
  • Sweetener: sucralose.
  • Color: beta carotene.
  • Tolerase™ L — pH-stable Lactase.

USN Diet Fuel Ingredients

The list of ingredients is too long for us to cover each individually in the USN Diet Fuel review. That said, here are a few main ones and what they offer the human body concerning weight loss and management.

Whey Protein

This form of protein is an excellent source of high-quality protein that helps build and preserve muscle mass. It also increases satiety[7] and can help reduce overall calorie intake. Whey protein is milk-based and typically contains a significant amount of lactose.

Soya Protein

This plant-based protein source helps build and preserve muscle mass[8] and may also have additional health benefits, such as reducing cholesterol levels.[9]


This ingredient is a complex carbohydrate easily digestible and provides a quick energy[10] source. It’s common in weight gain supplements, but you can use it in moderation to provide energy for workouts. The downside of maltodextrin is that it may cause gut dysbiosis.[11]

Chromium Picolinate

This mineral has been shown to regulate blood sugar levels, which can help reduce cravings and regulate appetite.

D-Calcium Pantothenate

This is also known as a vitamin B5 salt[12] that metabolizes carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and can help improve energy levels and reduce fatigue during weight loss.

Other Ingredients

Since we cannot get into the details of every ingredient, let us say that the rest of the protein concentrate blend provides a combination of fast and slow-digesting proteins, which can help promote satiety and keep you feeling full for longer periods. 

Milk Protein Isolate

The milk protein isolate combines whey and casein proteins which may help slow food digestion and promote satiety.[13]


The carbohydrate sources in the product, such as maltodextrin and inulin, provide energy for the body. While inulin may stabilize blood sugars, maltodextrin has a high glycemic index equal to that of sugar and may cause sugar spikes.[14] High amylose maize starch may improve insulin sensitivity[15] and reduce appetite. 

The fat blend in the product contains a combination of healthy fats and stabilizers that help provide flavor and texture. The fat in this product comes from soybean oil which contains essential fatty acids necessary for daily metabolism and health.

Vitamins And Minerals

The vitamins and minerals in the product are essential for overall health and can help support metabolic processes that promote weight loss and management. These vitamins and minerals are important for energy production and can help to support a healthy metabolism. Not all the vitamins and minerals are in their most absorbable form, such as magnesium oxide, where only 23% of the magnesium is absorbed. The thickeners, guar gum, and xanthan gum help to create a thicker and more creamy texture in the meal replacement shake, making it more satisfying to consume. The stabilizer cellulose gum is added to prevent the separation of ingredients and maintain a consistent texture throughout the product. 

The creamer, made from high oleic sunflower oil, glucose syrup, milk protein, and a free-flowing agent — silicium dioxide — adds creaminess and flavor to the shake, enhancing its taste and making it more enjoyable to consume. The glucose syrup adds 2.5 grams of unnecessary sugar to the mix.


The sweetener sucralose is used in place of sugar to provide sweetness without the added calories or carbs, helping to reduce the overall calorie count of the meal replacement shake. Recent studies, however, have shown sucralose[16] to alter the gut microbiome and elevate blood sugars adversely. Monk fruit would be a better sweetener option and safer, too.

Finally, Tolerase™ L is a pH-stable Lactase enzyme that is added to the protein shake to help break down lactose, making it easier to digest for people who are lactose intolerant. The colorant beta carotene gives the shake a visually appealing and consistent orange color. 

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Alternatives To USN Diet Fuel


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  • Vegetarian formula.
  • Gluten and soy-free.
  • Contains digestive enzymes.
  • Contains sucralose.
Naked Whey

Naked Whey

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  • Delicious tastes.
  • It’s gum and soy-free.
  • Has lactose.
  • Very expensive.
Personalized Protein Powder

Gainful Personalized Protein Powder

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  • Personalized protein powder mix.
  • Access to dietitians.
  • Subscription guarantees free delivery.
  • Expensive.

Health Benefits Of USN Diet Fuel

The proclaimed health benefits of USN Diet Fuel are:

  • Weight loss and weight management.
  • It may help regulate blood sugar levels.
  • It may optimize overall body health.

Please note that there may be extra benefits from one user to the next. One user might experience better bowel movements, while another may suffer stomach upset after using USN Diet Fuel Ultralean protein powder. This is because weight loss supplements react uniquely with different people based on factors like overall health, age, medical history, and the use of other medications.

To ensure you remain safe, always seek medical advice before use and read through USN Diet Fuel weight loss reviews to confirm it works as intended.

Potential Side Effects

While the product is generally safe for consumption, some individuals may experience side effects.

Some potential side effects associated with the ingredients in the product include digestive discomforts such as bloating, gas, and diarrhea, particularly if consumed in excess. This is particularly common with inulin, polydextrose, and certain protein sources. Reactions may also develop in response to the maltodextrin or sucralose in the product.

In addition, some individuals may be allergic to certain ingredients in the product, particularly soy or milk protein. It is important to carefully read the label and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns about potential allergies or sensitivities.

Finally, certain ingredients in the product, such as chromium picolinate and potassium iodate, may interact with medications or underlying health conditions. So it is important to consult a registered dietitian before taking the supplement for any potential drug-nutrient interactions.


Two scoops — 50 grams — of the supplement should be taken daily, combined with 250–300 milliliters of cool water. Before consuming, the mixture must be shaken vigorously for 30 seconds, then let to settle for 60 seconds. It is advised to have one to two portions of the mix daily.

USN Diet Fuel Review AU: What Do Real Users Say?

We found positive and negative remarks when we looked at the USN Diet Fuel weight loss reviews on Amazon. On this platform, the positives win.

Some outstanding features the users loved about the product are its effectiveness in weight loss and good value for money. The taste of chocolate flavor received a bit of backlash from one of the clients.

The only negative I have is the slightly fake taste to the product: regardless if you use water or milk, the chocolate flavor isn’t quite there. I’ll be going back to fuel strawberry: it might be more expensive, but it’s better alroubder.


This client did give the product a 4-star rating meaning they were still pleased with the results, and the taste was the only issue.

The comments we found on Ultralean were generally positive on Trustpilot.

The product arrived before the delivery date, and I was text informing me of the delivery. The product is tasty, and all ready I feel comfortable with it.As its a meal replacement its a bit thicker than the usual training products so a good shakeing is needed (I use a hand blender) I will be ordering more of Ultra-lean, and would recommended this prouduct to others.

Bob Marshal

Nonetheless, generally, the brand had a few negative highlights like bad service, non-refunds, slime in supplements, and the use of containers that are not eco-friendly.

Final Thought

Meal replacement supplements are now a staple in most gym-goers’ homes. This is because of their versatility in recipes and tastes and their effectiveness in helping one lose weight while developing muscle mass.

USN Diet Fuel Ultralean may help you lose weight, but here is the catch: you cannot use it as an all-day meal replacement. You still need at least one full and nutritious meal with all the necessary nutrients, including fiber and healthy fats. A healthy diet and an active lifestyle will optimize its effectiveness.

The meal replacement supplement works, as evidenced by customer reviews. But you must still be aware of the company’s shortcomings and the supplement’s potential side effects. Once you have these in check, you may celebrate your weight loss a few months after using the supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does USN Diet Fuel do?

This weight loss supplement helps users lose weight and gain muscle mass.

How does USN Diet Fuel work?

This formula has 25 grams of protein to help nourish your muscles and a fantastic vitamin, fat, and carb blend to support a nutritious and well-balanced diet. However, it does not provide essential fatty acids, which must be obtained daily. Tolerase pH-Stable lactase, present in USN’s Diet Fuel Ultralean, helps people who have trouble digesting lactose by improving lactose digestion.

Can USN Diet Fuel help you lose weight?

Yes, it can if used with a calorie-deficient diet and exercise.

How long does USN Diet Fuel last?

If you get the 1-kilogram tub and take the supplement twice daily, it will last around nine to ten days since a two-scoop serving is just over 100 grams. The 2 kilograms will last 20 days, and the 2.5 kilograms 25 days. If you use it once a day, it will take you double the duration.

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