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  • Wide product selection
  • Hemp Authority Certified
  • Organic Hemp Extract
  • Third Party Labs
  • Founded in 2015
  • Wide product selection
  • Hemp Authority Certified







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American Shaman CBD

  • Extraction method: CO2
  • Full spectrum AND THC-free
  • lab-tested. 
  • Hemp source: Colorado and Kentucky

Medical Benefits

  • Ease joint and muscle pain
  • Improves mood
  • Ease headaches
  • Hydrates skin

About The Brand

Many CBD companies promise high-quality products, but only a few fulfill such promise. Which American Shaman belongs? Find the answer from CBD American Shaman Reviews made by its users, for new users.

American shaman is one of the leading CBD brands and CBD providers in America. They have a wide selection of CBD products including CBD pet treats, CBD edibles, CBD sparkling water, bath bombs, and water-soluble full spectrum CBD. Their products also have different specifications. You can choose from different flavors that can satisfy your tongue, bottle sizes, and potency level.

One of their most and best-selling products is American Shaman CBD oil. It uses non-GMO organic hemp, proprietary nanotechnology, and CO2 extraction methods. All of their products are also tested through third-party laboratories. So if you are looking for CBD oil products to consider, American Shaman CBD oil might be the one for you.
If you want CBD products for your pets, you can also look for CBD /Pet Care on their website. However, before you purchase one of the American shaman CBD products, we are glad to give you our American shaman review.

Who is American shaman?

We have mentioned a little bit of information about American shaman, but we did an in-depth research from several CBD American shaman reviews. Out of those reviews, we made our honest analysis of both the brand and their products.

Before we dive into what we like about American Shaman and its products, it is also best if we also know the background of this company.

American Shaman has been founded and is now managed by Vince Sanders. His passion for helping people through CBD products including CBD oil began when he lost his uncle.

Sanders’ uncle died because of an illness, and then he found out that CBD has many benefits to offer. Thus, he built American Shaman. He is now working with a team filled with researchers and doctors specializing in CBD products with a mission, “to bring wellness to the world through ultra-concentrated terpene-rich hemp oil and CBD.”

American Shaman’s Pros

  • CBD American Shaman is Authority Hemp certified. It means that they pass the standards that every CBD company must maintain.
  • All their products go through the process of proprietary nanotechnology. It makes their product more effective. 
  • CBD products do not contain pesticides or any harmful chemicals
  • Third-party lab testing. 
  • All the results of the test are then published on their website.
  • Offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, whereas other companies only offer 30 days for a refund.

Top Product

CBD American Shaman Water Soluble

American Shaman CBD Water Soluble

  • Fast effectivity
  • Many flavors available

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What You Like About American Shaman?

Wide range of products 

American Shaman is the one that has the largest selection of CBD products. Their most popular product is their American Shaman CBD oil tincture. Their VG Cloud Tincture is also often purchased along with CBD Topicals, gummies, capsules, and hydrating body lotion. 

Because of these wide options, people are constantly coming back to shop products. They do not only care for a single need. They even have CBD oil for pet care like canine CBD.

In every product they sell, it comes with a different potency level and size. They also offer both full-spectrum and THC free CBD hemp extract CBDs. You will know more about these products in a later section.

Hemp source

American Shaman plants and harvest hemp plan from Colorado and Kentucky. These places are known as the healthiest hemp plant because of the climate present in those farms. According to them, they only use organic farming practices to ensure that they get the most beneficial hemp.

All their products are said to be containing non-GMO and organic hemp oil. They derive their hemp oil extracts through the method called CO2 extraction.

They also apply proprietary nanotechnology for their American Shaman Water Soluble Full-Spectrum CBD, a product that is more times more bioavailable than other CBD products. You will find more information below.


American Shaman makes a big difference from its competitors by providing an absolute unique product. They are the first CBD manufacturer to employ Proprietary Nanotechnology, enabling their products to be more effective. 

Nanotechnology was developed by a physicist Richard Feynman. It enables American Shaman to see and control CBD molecules. What American Shaman does is breakdown the CBD molecules so that your body can easily absorb all the needed chemicals.

Moreover, they are also the first ones to produce water-soluble CBD products. The combination of the two (Proprietary Nanotechnology and water-soluble CBD product) gives a more powerful effect on your body.

It has been said that the water-soluble CBD is ten times more bioavailable than other CBDs. Moreover, there are other following companies using Nanotechnology, but they end up in Nano CBD, which turns them to produce non-full-spectrum CBD oil.

You do not have to worry about the dosage. All CBD American Shaman products undergo lab tests and secure their quality and your safety.

Third-party lab Testing

All American Shaman CBD products are being sent to third-party laboratories for testing. This is to ensure that their products follow the standards set by the hemp authority. Specifically, they make sure that any of their CBD oil and other products contain only less than 0.3% of THC. That includes DO-THC and THCA.

All products’ lab-test results are available on their website. American Shaman provides this to the public for them to be more transparent to its customers. You can look for the results of all the products you have purchased using their batch number.

If you want to check the lab test results of an American Shaman CBD oil or any other product, just go to their lab reports page and enter the batch number of the product you want to examine. You can also see the instructions they provide on how to easily interpret the results.

Reasonable Price

American Shaman CBD products have a reasonable price given that their CBD products (From CBD oil to their water-soluble full spectrum products) are effective. They only release products that passed the standards as well as  third-party lab testing. You can also get some coupons to get a much lower price.

Did you know that they also offer franchises? According to American Shaman franchise reviews, you can get a franchise for as low as $39,600. It already includes the working capital worth $10,000 and initial franchise fee with the same amount as your capital. It is a great offer, isn’t it?

If you are just a simple CBD user and you do not want to get a franchise, you can sign up for them as an affiliate. Being an American Shaman’s affiliate will let you earn more discounts.

Customer’s Service

We understand that in any company, customer service is important. If you have concerns, you can contact American Shaman through their website in their contact form. Alternatively, you can email them directly at [email protected]

If you want to contact them via form, you have to fill out the necessary information. This includes first name, last name, email, phone number, and your message. Do not also forget to provide a subject line. This is important because your message will redirect to their email.

In most cases, email without a subject is put into the trash. Therefore, they might not process your email if it will not contain a subject. In addition, it will serve as their basis for the importance of your message.

If you have an order number, do not forget to input them into the corresponding field. This will help for a faster transaction.

Top 5 Best american shaman Products 2021

CBD Oil Tincture

American Shaman CBD Tinctures

With coconut oil as the carrier oil, American Shaman CBD Tinctures contains no other substances.

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American Shaman CBD Tincture is one of the best CBD products on the market. They ensure that their CBD Tincture has higher bioavailability. Specifically, they use nanotechnology, ensuring that all healthy cannabinoids are present.

Like their other products, their CBD oil tinctures also come in different flavors. Flavors include blueberry moon, cinnamon, and grape.

To make it possible, American Shaman uses coconut oil as a carrier oil, dissolving CBD while adding their natural flavors. Unflavored CBD oil is also available, so you can still grab one if you would like.
Upon using American Shaman CBD oil Tinctures, many customers report that they gain certain benefits[1]. That includes easier dealing with pain, acid reflux, and sleep problems.

CBD American Shaman Water Soluble

CBD American Shaman Water Soluble

CBD American Shaman Water Soluble full spectrum acts faster than other products.

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American Shaman’s popularity in terms of their concentrated hemp oil CBD product is unquestionable. The same goes for CBD American Shaman Water Soluble. The product does not contain any toxic chemicals, insecticides, or heavy metals. It is a 100% organic and gluten-free, non-GMO CBD hemp product.

Many people choose Water Soluble CBD because of its faster effect in a person’s body. In fact, its bioavailability is ten times higher than CBD oil.

Aside from that, you also have flavor variety to choose from. Such flavors include Cherry Limeade, Grape, Lemon, and Piña Colada. Choose whatever your tongue favors.

Moreover, American Shaman Water Soluble CBD contains the lowest amount of THC, and even close to becoming totally THC free. Having said that, you can choose to have Water-soluble CBD with 0.3% THC or 0% THC content.
What people like most about American Shaman Water Soluble CBD is the benefits they gain from it. Since Water Soluble is more refined and liquid, it directly interacts with our endocannabinoid system[2]. As a result, a person using the product like you will be able to maintain a balance or stability within your body. There are also researches that prove that it can even let you feel relaxed and peacefully fall asleep without feeling tired after you wake up.

American Shaman CBD Pet Care

CBD American Shaman Dog Treats

American Shaman CBD Pet Care tastes good and non-toxic — best for your Canine and other pets.

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What is awesome with American Shaman is their total wide variety of CBD oil products. They do not only care for humans, but also for your pets. 

They have something to offer for both dogs and cats. Their CBD Pet Care can help dealing with your dog’s skin problems, joint and muscle pains[3], and stresses. They also have different CBD for dogs that you can include as additives for their foods.

The bestselling American Shaman CBD Pet Care products include equine, feline, and Canine CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures. They have two different flavors — beef & cheese.

Canine CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures consist of CBD Terpene Rich Hemp Oil and Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil. The flavors (beef & cheese) are also natural and organic. There are no additives found in it.

If you want less hassle , American shaman also provides eggs, milk, sausages coconut, and peanuts. All of these products have CBD inside. All you have to do is to feed your dog.

If you have a cat, American Shaman still has something to offer. You can use their catnip flavored CBD on your cats as a supplement to keep them healthy. Your cat can take it even they are undertaking other medication for a disease if any. We just recommend checking with your veterinarian for guidance.

CBD American Shaman Topical Cream

CBD American Shaman Cream

American Shaman Topical creams are pure and heal minor pains.

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Another good product of American Shaman is their CBD Topical Cream. It also contains high-quality hemp oil extracts and is a non-GMO CBD.

Like American Shaman CBD oil tincture, CBD topical is also an ultra-concentrated CBD hemp oil. Therefore, it can also be described as an all-natural and terpene-rich cream. 

Although some users might think that the price is a bit higher than their other products, the health benefits[4] you may get may also be priceless. It helps in dealing with muscle pains, joint pains, and smoother skins. 

American Shaman also sells other types of Topicals, but the bestselling topical is their American Shaman CBD Face Cream. Other Topicals include topical serum-like eye serum.

American Shaman CBD Edibles

cbd gummies american shaman

If you love cookies, organic American Shaman CBD Edibles can be your best choice.

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American Shaman CBD Edibles is another product of American Shaman derived from high quality and terpene-rich pure hemp extract. They have a variety of CBD Edibles to choose from. It ranges from gummies and candies going to cookies and brownies. 

Like their other products mentioned above, these CBD edibles are also made from non-GMO hemp extracts. These products also go through the process of proprietary nanotechnology and lab tests through a third-party lab.
As for its benefits, research found[5] that CBD Edibles might help in certain mental health issues and minor stresses. It may improve a positive mood, increase energy and decrease fatigue. It may also relieve bodily discomfort.

Other American Shaman Products

Since American Shaman truly has a large variety of CBD product selection, we provide you their other products, which we think might interest you. However, for a complete list of real-time available products, we recommend you go to their website. Nevertheless, here are some of their other products.

CBD Honey

This is often used for food as a sweetener. The honey they use is harvested as raw honey, and then they infuse CBD on it. For a 2-ounce bottle, you will have 120 mg of CBD. Therefore, you might consume less than 0.02 ounce per mg.

CBD American Shaman Black Tea

CBD American Shaman Black Tea is flavored with lemon. The same as Honey, CBD hemp oil is also infused in it.

CBD Gourmet 

CBD Gourmet is a type of gummies from American Shaman. You can get one bag of Gourmet for every 250 mg of CBD. It also has a variety of flavors with two categories. The categories are sweet and sour. The primary flavors are watermelon, blue raspberry, Blackberry, and Tropical.

Tropical Punch Cloud Tincture

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Punch Cloud Tincture is also one of the bestselling American CBD products. It can be taken orally or you combine them with foods or liquids. Similar to other products, VG Cloud Tincture is also called rich hemp oil tincture because of its oils and CBD terpene-rich hemp. You can also choose between full spectrum and THC free.

American Shaman’s Cons

  • CBD Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent illnesses.
  • No evaluation from the Food and Drug Administration

Where To Buy American Shaman?

American Shaman has its own website. You can directly purchase CBD products in it. After placing an order, they will arrange how they will ship CBDs to you. They are shipping all throughout the United States and are currently planning to expand up to the international level.

If for any reason you would want to buy products right from American Shaman CBD stores, you can still go to their website. Look for the store locator and find the nearest one from you.

The bottom line

We have examined many American shaman CBD oil reviews and extended our research with articles with facts. Here is a summary of what we found.

There are various CBD oils available from different brands. However, only a few are having quality like what American Shaman offers. 

American Shaman has a wide selection of products, which many people like. Their product includes Topicals such as topical serum/eye serum, face cream, and body lotion. They also have CBD oils like tincture and CBD water-soluble oil. All their products have different potency levels and spectrum (Full hemp extract and HTC free).

They employ a unique method of making their CBD products through their proprietary nanotechnology and CO2 extraction method. They also bring all their CBDs to third-party lab for testing. You can access it directly at their site. If you are not satisfied with their product, you can avail their money back guarantee within 45 days.

However, the company made a disclaimer. None of their products will give you the guarantee to diagnose, cure/treat, or prevent any disease. Furthermore, young people aging below 17 years old should consult their doctor before taking any CBD products, especially the CBD water-soluble oil tinctures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is American shaman CBD legit?

Yes, American Shaman is legit. Their products are of high quality, and all are being tested in third party lab tests. Moreover, their products are also Hemp Authority Certified.

Who owns American shaman?

American shaman is owned and was founded by Vince Sanders. It all started when he lost a family member who died because of an illness. He found the benefits of CBD, thus he built American shaman.

Is American shaman full-spectrum?

American shaman has a large product selection. Indeed, they sell products with CBD full spectrum and CBD with THC-free.

Which is better CBD oil or water soluble CBD?

The answer to this question actually depends on your preference. However, water-soluble CBD creates a faster bodily reaction because it directs to your system

What is Nano CBD?

Nano CBD is the type of CBD isolate. It removes some chemicals of CBD hemp oil like terpenes. Its result is a non-full spectrum hemp oil.

What is the difference between full-spectrum hemp oil and THC free oil?

They only differ from the THC content. Full-spectrum CBD hemp oil contains all the chemicals present in the hemp while the other one does not contain HTC. Thus, it is called THC free.

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