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7 Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services Of 2023

Lindsey Desoto

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Splendid Spoon

  • Meals are gluten-free
  • Highly customizable
  • One-day reset offered

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purple carrot

Purple Carrot

  • Meals are 100% vegan-friendly
  • Free shipping
  • Add ons available

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bistro md


  • Choose your own meals
  • Custom weight loss plan
  • Personalized support available

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As our lives seem to become busier every day, many of us are searching for ways to free up time to spend with our families and relax. For those who don’t enjoy planning and preparing meals, the kitchen is often the first place we look to cut out time. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for those following a vegan diet to find healthy, convenient plant-based options.

This is where meal delivery services come in. Food delivery services have taken the market by storm since the pandemic and have taken note of the plant-based diet trend.

Whether you’re a long-term vegan, looking to improve your health, reduce your carbon footprint, or incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, a whole food plant-based meal delivery service may be your new best friend.

Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services On The Market In (June. 2023)

What Are The Benefits Of Plant-Based Meal Prep Delivery?

Plant-based diets are, understandably, soaring in popularity. A lot of this can be attributed to the fact that mainstream news has shifted its focus to highlight the benefits of eating more wholesome, plant-based foods. 

To put it simply, plant-based meals consist of whole grains, vegetables, legumes, beans, nuts, and seeds. Though it does not mean animal protein is entirely restricted, it is discouraged. Those who follow plant-based eating avoid meat, animal products, and processed foods. 

According to a recent study published in JAMA Network Open[1] consuming more low-fat, plant-based foods can reduce body weight, increase metabolism, and lower overall cholesterol levels.

Additional studies[2] show that plant-based diets can lower mortality rates associated with heart disease, reduce the amount of medications needed to treat chronic diseases, and lower hemoglobin A1C (HbA1c) levels.

In this article, we will share with you seven of our favorite plant-based food delivery services to help you decide which one fits your lifestyle best.

7 Best Plant-Based Meal Delivery Services

Splendid Spoon

splendid spoon

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Splendid Spoon offers over 50 prepared plant-based meal options to choose from. This delivery service is a great option for picky eaters.

  • It offers a one-day reset
  • The menu is 100% plant-based
  • Large selection
  • Meals arrive fresh
  • Zero prep time required
  • Pricey

Splendid Spoon offers a large selection of grain bowls, smoothies, soup dishes, and noodle bowls that arrive fresh, never frozen, and require zero prep time. All meal options are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

The company offers over 50 meal options, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. They also offer the option to purchase an additional reset day where five-light soups are provided.

For those who aren’t into subscriptions, you can also choose their signature On-Demand Box where you can order in bulk without a monthly commitment.

Breakfast options include low-sugar smoothies with ingredients like avocado and almond butter. Lunch and dinner options include a sesame noodle bowl, tofu and veggie noodles, kimchi fried quinoa grain bowl, roasted cauliflower grain bowl, and green tomatillo chili soup. 

Meals can be shipped weekly, every other week, or monthly. Prices range from $65 to $165 per week and all meals ship free. 

Purple Carrot

purple carrot

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See Purple Carrot Reviews

Purple Carrot is a 100% vegan food delivery service that you really can’t go wrong with. They offer meal kits that allow you to channel your inner chef while preparing healthy, wholesome dinners.

  • Natural ingredients
  • All meal options are vegan
  • Optional add-ons offered
  • Highly customizable meal options
  • Affordable
  • Some dinner recipes take a lot of time to prepare

Purple Carrot is an industry leader in vegan meal delivery services, for a good reason! The company offers meal kits to provide you with all of the plant-based ingredients you need to cook delicious meals. Most meals are simple to make, though some require a little more preparation than others and can take around 40 minutes from start to finish.

You have the option to choose between two or four servings and select how many dinners you’d like to receive each week. You also have the option of choosing add-ons with your order, including breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

Some of the popular meal options offered by Purple Carrot include sesame orange tofu with roasted green beans and sticky rice, charred broccoli tacos, and alfredo with spinach and artichoke bread crumbs.

There isn’t an option to filter meals to exclude certain ingredients, but certain meals are labeled as gluten-free, high protein, low calorie, or soy-free.

Purple Carrot also recently announced some good news for those who don’t enjoy cooking! Beginning next month, they will begin offering prepared meals that require less than two minutes in the microwave. 

Meal kits start at $9.99 each. Prepared meals will be priced at $12.99 each. You have the option to cancel, modify, or skip orders at any time, and meals ship for free throughout the United States.

Bistro MD

bistro md

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See BistroMD Reviews

If you’re looking for a selection of plant-based meals to help you lose weight, Bistro MD is an excellent option.

  • Great for weight loss
  • Developed by a board-certified bariatric specialist
  • The support team includes Registered Dietitians
  • Large meal selection
  • Limited vegan meals offered
  • Meals are delivered frozen

Bistro MD is a weight loss program that delivers fully prepared meals directly to your door. The process starts by selecting a program that works for your dietary needs. You’ll find meals designed for diabetes, heart health, and menopause as well as a gluten-free option. 

At this time, there is not a plan that is strictly vegan, nor are there plant-based meal plans listed on their menu page. However, Bistro MD can accommodate those who follow a plant-based diet. 

According to their website, you’ll need to sign up with one of their standard programs and contact customer service, and they can accommodate your request prior to your meal shipment. 

The company offers over a selection of plant-based chef-prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for as low as $7.50 per meal. Meals arrive frozen and are ready to eat in less than 5 minutes. You can cancel, modify, or adjust meals as needed.

You’ll also have unlimited access to a team of Registered Dietitians at no cost.

Fresh n’ Lean

Fresh n’ Lean is a great option for someone who is not a picky eater and looking for affordable, vegan meals delivered to their door.

  • Affordable
  • Zero prep required
  • Gluten-free meals
  • Meals arrive fresh
  • Meals are pre-selected

Fresh n’ Lean offers chef-prepared meals that require zero preparation straight to your door. You can choose between vegan or low-carb vegan meals. The menu items change weekly and are pre-selected, which may be a deal-breaker for picky eaters.

Though you cannot select meals, you may omit up to three ingredients each week. You also have the option to purchase meals a la carte if you’re not keen on surprises. In order to hand select meals, you must spend at least $85.

Meals arrive fresh and can be heated in under 3 minutes. You have the option of three meals a day for five or seven days.

Vegan meals offered by Fresh n’ Lean include roasted vegetables with cilantro cream and plant-based chicken, tomato coconut bisque soup, and sweet and spicy zucchini with brown rice and Beyond Burger patty.

Meals start at just around $8 each, and shipping is free. You can skip a week, modify, or cancel your order at any time.

Sun Basket

Sunbasket is an award-winning meal delivery company that offers both prepared meals and meal kits with a large variety of vegan options.

  • Uses fresh vegetables
  • Large meal selection
  • Offers both prepared meals and meal kits
  • Offers vegan versions of traditional favorites
  • Some meal kits involve a lot of prep work

Sunbasket offers a large selection of highly customizable vegan meal options. Simply choose the vegetarian meal option and choose meals labeled “vegan” to sort through your meals.

You can also filter your meals by additional options such as low calorie, low sodium, and high protein.

All meals are made with organic ingredients and use seasonal fruits and vegetables. They offer both meal kits and prepared meals. You can select between two and four recipes per week with either two or four servings per recipe. Sunbasket also offers add ons, including breakfast, lunch, and snack options.

Meal options include chickpea gyros, vegan yogurt, and tempeh burrito bowls with basmati rice, black beans, and guacamole. 

Meals start at $9.99 per serving, and orders over $90 ship free. 

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is great for those on the go. They offer a large selection of vegan-friendly meals that you can store in your freezer.

  • Freezer-safe meals
  • Free shipping
  • Affordable
  • Minimal prep time
  • Large selection
  • Small portions
  • Meals arrive frozen

Daily harvest is a 100% vegan food delivery service that is an excellent choice for people looking for individual meals. All meals come frozen and can easily be heated on the go with zero prep time required.

Daily Harvest offers smoothies, harvest bowls, soups, and plant-based ice creams that come in convenient portable containers.

You can choose between nine, 12, or 24 items delivered on a weekly or monthly basis. You can sort your meals by specific health benefits such as anti-inflammatory or immune-boosting.

The meals are also pretty low in calories for those looking for weight loss. However, the portions are pretty small for active individuals looking to gain or maintain weight.

Prices start at $6.99 per cup. All meals come in eco-friendly packaging and ship free across the United States.

Green Chef

Green Chef is a great option for those who want to cook their own meals while keeping prep time minimal.

  • Certified organic
  • Family kits available
  • Minimal prep time
  • Large meal selection
  • No option to remove common allergens
  • $10 shipping

Green Chef offers easy-to-follow plant-based meal kits with a large meal selection to choose from. The company allows you to create your own meal plan based on your food preferences.

Each meal kit comes with detailed instructions and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. The company offers family kits with kid-friendly meal options available.

Meal options offered include cajun chickpea power bowls, cheesy corn and potato chowder, sesame-ginger glazed tofu, and ginger-turmeric cauliflower bowls.

Green Chef allows customers to select weekly, biweekly, or monthly shipments. Meals range from $10-$12 each, and shipping costs around $10 per box. You can modify, cancel, or pause your subscription at any time. 

Choosing The Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services

When choosing the best vegan meal delivery service for you, you’ll want to take into consideration your budget, lifestyle, and food preferences. For example, if you enjoy eating only organic ingredients, you’ll want to choose a company like Green Chef that is certified organic. If you have certain dietary restrictions or allergens, you’ll want to choose a service that can accommodate your needs. 

Another important thing to consider is the prep time. If you lead a very busy lifestyle and are wanting a food delivery subscription to avoid cooking entirely, choose a service that offers meals that require zero prep.

Final Thought

Vegan meal delivery services offer a convenient way to stick with a vegan or plant-based diet. They take the guesswork out of planning, shopping, and preparing meals day in and day out.

Thankfully, there is an impressive selection of companies that can deliver plant-based meals directly to your door. It’s likely that you’ll find one that better aligns with your lifestyle and budget more than the rest. 

Whether you’re looking to add in more plant-based meals or have been a die-hard vegan for years, you can rest assured knowing there is a service for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will following a vegan diet help me lose weight?

Eating more plant-based foods can help you achieve your weight loss goals as long as you are consuming high-quality meals and avoiding processed foods with little nutritional value while eating fewer calories than what you burn..

Are there any benefits of following a vegan diet?

Yes. Following a vegan diet typically increases the amount of fiber in your daily diet so you may notice better digestion, reduced cholesterol, and overall improvement in your quality of life. However, you can also achieve these benefits by incorporating more plant-based foods while enjoying lean animal protein in moderation if you choose.

What are the benefits of a whole food plant-based meal delivery?

Plant-based meal delivery services can help those following a vegan lifestyle stay on track and reduce time planning, prepping, and cooking healthy vegan meals.

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Lindsey Desoto

Medically reviewed by:

Kathy Shattler

Lindsey DeSoto is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist based out of Coastal Mississippi. She earned her BSc in Nutrition Sciences from the University of Alabama. Lindsey has a passion for helping others live their healthiest life by translating the latest evidence-based research into easy-to-digest, approachable content.

Medically reviewed by:

Kathy Shattler

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