Unhealthy culture around anal sex encouraging coercion and pain

Greater openness needed to challenge harmful attitudes and expectations about anal sex between men and women.

Alternative Therapies

Should First Responders Use Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine in Natural Disasters and Battle Zones?

New Rochelle, NY — Delivering traditional emergency medical care at ground zero of natural disasters and military conflicts is challenging. First responders trained in simple integrative medicine approaches such as ... Full story

Blood, Heart and Circulation

Mapping blood flow with bubbles and ultrasound

Microbubbles are being used with ultrasound to create microscopic maps of blood vessels, in a new technique being developed by King’s College London and Imperial College London. This new approach, ... Full story

Immune System

On/Off Switches for Inflammation

(SALT LAKE CITY)—University of Utah scientists have identified two microRNA molecules that control chronic inflammation, a discovery that one day may help researchers prevent certain fatal or debilitating conditions before ... Full story

Metabolic Problems

Optical control of insulin secretion

LMU researchers have chemically modified an anti-diabetic agent so as to make its action dependent on light. The resulting prototype compound, termed JB253, induces release of insulin only when pancreas ... Full story

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