European region most sceptical in the world on vaccine safety

Largest ever global survey of vaccine confidence maps attitudes across 67 countries

Blood Pressure

Lowering blood pressure’s top number could prevent 100,000-plus deaths a year

•Aggressively lowering systolic blood pressure to 120 mm Hg or less could prevent more than 100,000 deaths yearly. •Current medical practice is generally aimed at lowering systolic blood pressures to 140 ... Full story

Bones and Muscles

Study reveals joint replacement surgery inequities

The provision of publicly-funded hip and knee total joint replacement (TJR) procedures varies between District Health Boards (DHBs) and national rates have not increased since 2007, new University of Otago ... Full story

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Physio intervention helps arthritis pain management

Pain, it turns out, is not a terribly accurate measure of whether or not something is wrong with our body, says Associate Professor Romy Parker of UCT’s Division of Physiotherapy. ... Full story


Why does Alzheimer’s disease affect more women than men?

Supported by a new grant from the Alzheimer’s Association, USC researcher explores a key Alzheimer’s gene and how it disproportionately impacts women ... Full story


Refining the genetic causes of schizophrenia

An international study involving UCL has made advances in understanding the ways in which genetic risk factors alter gene function in schizophrenia. ... Full story


Severe Headaches May Increase the Risk of a Thyroid Condition

CINCINNATI—Sufferers of migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches or other headache disorders are at greater risk of developing a thyroid condition called hypothyroidism, according to a study by University of Cincinnati ... Full story

Prostate Cancer

Duke Team Identifies Blood Biomarkers in Drug-Resistant Cancer Tumor Cells

By Duke Medicine News and Communications Contact: Sarah Avery Phone: 919-660-1306 Email: [email protected]:// DURHAM, N.C. -- While searching for  a non-invasive way to detect prostate cancer cells circulating in blood, Duke Cancer ... Full story

Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgeons develop innovative microsurgery technique for reconstructing breast after mastectomy

Dr. Nicholas Haddock, Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery, left, and Dr. Sumeet S. Teotia, Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery, developed an innovative microsurgery technique for reconstructing the breast after mastectomy. ... Full story

Digestive System

New research delimits the possible causes of celiac disease

The amount of gluten could be a more important clue than breast-feeding or the timing of the introduction of gluten for continued research into the causes of celiac disease (gluten ... Full story


Sleeping and waking up: Anesthesia and the brain

Woodruff Health Sciences Center "The brain is in some ways one of the final frontiers of science," says Paul García, MD, PhD, Laboratory Director and Principal Investigator of the Neuroanesthesia Laboratory at Emory University School ... Full story


Sleep is key to curing chronic pain

◾Link between chronic pain and lack of sleep identified ◾People with pain who believe they won’t be able to sleep are more likely to suffer from insomnia, thus causing worse pain. ◾Pioneering ... Full story

Geriatrics and Aging

People with intellectual disability taking multiple medicines with side effects

Research from Trinity College Dublin and Aston University, UK finds difference in prescribing practices for older people with intellectual disabilities compared to general population of older adults. ... Full story


Flu vaccination can offer protection across the generations

Autumn marks the official start of the seasonal flu vaccination programme for 2016/2017, so the Public Health Agency (PHA) is urging people to ensure that all eligible family members get ... Full story


Broadly neutralizing HIV antibodies pave the way for vaccine

A small number of people infected with HIV produce antibodies with an amazing effect: Not only are the antibodies directed against the own virus strain, but also against different sub-types ... Full story

Life style and Fitness

Multifaceted genetic impact of training

Endurance training changes the activity of thousands of genes and give rise to a multitude of altered DNA-copies, RNA, researchers from Karolinska Institutet report. The study, which also nuances the ... Full story


Health experts report US$246 billion cost of workplace depression across eight countries

New data released today shows that workplace depression is a major issue across different cultures and economies, with “wide and devastating” consequences for thousands of organisations worldwide. ... Full story


Ouch! Avoiding Failure Leads to Missed Opportunities for Children with ADHD

Growing up is a challenging task full of great achievements and missteps. Sometimes it is not clear what the best course of action might be, but people around us – ... Full story

Bipolar disorder

Group psychoeducation offers 'early intervention' for bipolar patients

Structured group psychoeducation sessions could be more successful in treating patients in the early stages of bipolar disorder than standard peer-support offered by the NHS and the voluntary sector, research ... Full story


NTU develops quick test to detect inflammation in diabetic patients

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have developed a new kit that will allow doctors to find out within minutes if diabetic patients are suffering from inflammation. ... Full story

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