Unhealthy culture around anal sex encouraging coercion and pain

Greater openness needed to challenge harmful attitudes and expectations about anal sex between men and women.

Child health

Review of Clinical Treatment of Bronchiolitis in Infants Reveals Overreliance on One Test

(Boston) – An editorial published in this week’s JAMA highlights the importance of physicians using all available clinical assessment tools when considering how to treat patients. Written by Robert Vinci, ... Full story

Digestive System

Research explains how cellular guardians of the gut develop

Even the most careful chosen meal can contain surprises. To defend against infectious microbes, viruses or other potential hazards that find their way to the intestines, a dedicated contingent of ... Full story

Geriatrics and Aging

Are Patients Being Discharged from Hospice Care to Save Money?

New Rochelle, NY —About 1 in 5 Medicare patients is discharged from hospice care alive, whether due to patients' informed choice, a change in their condition, or inappropriate actions by ... Full story

Lungs and Breathing

Drugs used to treat lung disease work with the body clock

Scientists from The University of Manchester have discovered why medication to treat asthma and pneumonia can become ineffective. The findings, published recently in Nature Medicine, were identified as part of ... Full story

Male Reproductive

UC Helps Develop Standards for Safe Use of Histotripsy Therapy

University of Cincinnati researchers are working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to develop a set of regulatory standards to ensure the safe and effective administration of histotripsy therapy ... Full story

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