New WHO guidelines to improve care for millions living with female genital mutilation

GENEVA | COPENHAGEN - New WHO recommendations aim to help health workers provide better care to the more than 200 million girls and women worldwide living with female genital mutilation.

Ovarian Cancer

Stacking the deck against ovarian cancer

Nearly 70 percent of ovarian cancer cases are detected after metastasis, which is the development of secondary malignant growths distant from the primary site of cancer. Understanding ovarian cancer metastasis ... Full story

Child health

Two children in every class experience language disorders

Approximately two children in each Year 1 class will experience a clinically significant language disorder that impacts learning, according to a UCL-led study on language impairment at school entry age. ... Full story

Eating Disorders

With Food, Similar Substitutes Are Less Satisfying

Sometimes the one thing we want isn’t available and we have to settle for second best—instead of picking the closest substitute, new research suggests we’d be better off picking a ... Full story

Drugs Approvals and Trials

Cutting-edge Findings in Cannabis Research

New evidence for the clinical efficacy of cannabis therapy is presented in the latest issue of the Journal of Basic and Clinical Physiology and Pharmacology (JBCPP), a De Gruyter publication. ... Full story

Female Reproductive

Why inequalities in reproductive health make a difference

A University of Adelaide researcher whose work aims to highlight and resolve inequalities in reproductive health for Aboriginal women has today been awarded the inaugural Healthy Development Adelaide Women's Excellence ... Full story

Genetics and Birth Defects

Unravelling the genetic secrets of Huntington's disease

One of Monash University’s doctorate students, April Philpott, was a finalist in the Victorian Young Achiever’s Awards. April undertook her PhD in the Experimental Neuropsychology Research Unit, School of Psychological ... Full story


Antidepressants: rise in off-label prescriptions

Antidepressant use in North America has increased over the last 2 decades. A suspected reason for this trend is that primary care physicians are increasingly prescribing antidepressants for nondepressive indications, ... Full story

Metabolic Problems

What foods can help fight the risk of chronic inflammation?

A new study by the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease has identified food stuffs that can help prevent chronic inflammation that contributes to many leading causes ... Full story


Diabetes patients should be offered option of metabolic surgery

In a joint statement endorsed by 45 international organizations published in the journal Diabetes Care, diabetes clinicians and researchers are calling for metabolic surgery to be recommended or considered as ... Full story


No link between eating dinner after 8pm and obesity in children

Researchers at King’s College London have found no significant link between eating the evening meal after 8pm and excess weight in children, according to a paper published this month in ... Full story

Oral and Dental Health

Viewpoint: High sugar drinks named in tooth decay drive

Reader and Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry at the University’s School of Dentistry, Dr Sondos Albadri, is supporting a new campaign to encourage parents to swap their children’s sugary drinks ... Full story

Surgery and Rehabilitation

Is Laparoscopic Repair of Ventral Hernia the Ideal Approach for All Patients?

New Rochelle, NY —Laparascopic repair of ventral hernias has advanced and overcome many challenges during the past two decades, and patients who are obese, diabetic, and have a hernia no ... Full story

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