Unhealthy culture around anal sex encouraging coercion and pain

Greater openness needed to challenge harmful attitudes and expectations about anal sex between men and women.

Child health

Hugs, not hits: Affection better than spanking in encouraging good behavior

ANN ARBOR—Children who are spanked may become aggressive—not compassionate or caring, which is often the case when mothers use affection or guidance to correct a misbehavior, a new study found. ... Full story

Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgeons develop innovative microsurgery technique for reconstructing breast after mastectomy

Dr. Nicholas Haddock, Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery, left, and Dr. Sumeet S. Teotia, Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery, developed an innovative microsurgery technique for reconstructing the breast after mastectomy. ... Full story


Early detection of allergies – especially in children

(Vienna ) People can become allergically sensitized straight from birth. "Early screening is therefore important to detect allergies early so that steps can be taken to prevent serious forms of ... Full story

Eating Disorders

Mindless to mindful eating

Eating mindlessly may be contributing to the ever-expanding waistlines across the globe. Research into mindful eating has largely focused on weight control and helping people to develop a better relationship ... Full story

Ear, Nose and Throat

Vocal sequences of monkeys, humans follow common pattern

ANN ARBOR—A new study of geladas—a species of monkey living in Ethiopia—has revealed that their long, complex vocal sequences follow a pattern seen in many human languages: the longer the ... Full story

Geriatrics and Aging

A vitamin that stops the aging process of organs

By administering nicotinamide riboside to elderly mice, EPFL researchers restored their organs’ ability to regenerate and prolonged their lives. This method has potential for treating a number of degenerative diseases. ... Full story

Immune System

Does Freeze-Thawing and IV Delivery Affect the Therapeutic Potential of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells?

New Rochelle, NY — Before the therapeutic potential of using human tissue-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) to treat immune and degenerative diseases can be fully determined, the effects of freeze-thawing ... Full story

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